THE SIMPSONS: Lou & Chief Wiggum s Relationship

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“And wiggum is one of the more incidental relationships in the simpsonville. Obviously they are aren t going to be a majorly important pairing in a show about the simpsons ant. The simpsons nara either of them among the highest of high profile side characters like opposed. Mr.

Burns. Landers are moe who each have landed a notable number of their own episodes. Even the bigger of the two wiggin who hits high up in the current eu state list. It s largely a bit player outside a couple of his own episodes like chief of hearts.

Sky police and were whodunit kinder and even then those are fairly recent episodes. He s mostly a senior too kind of character. But as i ll as they says lou and chief wiggins relationship still has a valuable place in the show simple. But i think worth pointing out a buddy cop joe in the mold of classic comedy.

Google apps. Where lou is the straight man chief williams incompetence. Foil that sounds like the testimony of crazy old. Lisa simpson.

Cecil just voluntarily confess chief..

That s some good work lou i m extracting for this area. I m sergeant chief perhaps you are but i say bob goes back to jail. But julie i mean i caught cecily maybe so. But lou here says you were resisting arrest.

No i didn t chief quiet low or i will bust you down sergeant. So fast it ll make your head spin walnuts. Only continued further in that vein as the seasons have gone on along with eddie. They used to be very much a trio of guy cups.

You know guys that s puddi puddi jokey for you. But i have always felt there was a stronger connection between lou and wiggins specifically. I m supposed to say that acting like the chief doesn t make you the chief. So it s acting like the cheese.

I need size 58 pants. Here we go with the fat jokes. You know i just wish it could hit the easy markets on the firing range so well harlow. Why don t we hurt each other show because sometimes.

It s easier to be cruel than to say what you really feel you permission to hug chief permission granted great it no thank you who s chief williams not gonna want to be friends with somebody who i ve slept with and since sometime in the mid teens..

Where they practically dropped eddie entirely who may as well be dead dead dead. He s rarely ever used so he ain t part of this conversation. Lou reluctant friends with wiggum they shifted the pair towards a straight up comedy double act usually popping up far a quick goofy joke. It s a cute we written back and forth commonly coming from sade.

I don t know homer driving past so it can naturally and quickly snap to the pair in a patrol car well what s going on ellie oh well if you ask me chief all right what does this mean it s like a cute let s all check in with the other residents of springfield. Breathing more life into the town these moments are shrewdly used and sharks. Yet so naturally effective at telling goes everything about the path you can easily tell that lose patience is constantly tested by wickham stupidity by wiggins jovial livius nurse. Getting cut down after results in char.

Like over the top hurt feelings. And with the show growing it kind of developed its own little act. Too with lou s frustrations being more and more pronounced. Which i think is interesting to me as i feel the relationship is far more focused on lou size than wiggins.

And lou doesn t get enough loss probably too competent seeing wiggum as an obstacle and a constant question mark next to the police along the years going from this kind of jovial request here we are one two three fake street. The home of knifey wifey hey chief can i hold my gun sideways it looks so cool whatever you want birthday buy two more recently something like this anyone ever tell you there s a safety on that good thing doctor trigger. So it s an act that can be read as lou coming to the realization over the years that wiggum shouldn t be chief before completely resenting his position and dealing with his idiosyncrasies best. He can wow wiggum continues in blissful ignorance.

I mean anyone with eyes are two brain cells to rub together can see their job should probably be reversed..

Looks like we got a 64 g. In progress armed robbery with a gun. Oh come on chief. You know this oh shooty steely.

Yes. This is all a small thing. But one i think is well worth pointing out. And you might be thinking a video for this this is nothing phil.

What are you talking about well. I think. It s worth highlighting the minor aspects of this show. Too especially when it s something that even now only continues to be a major bright spot somebody knew exactly where to rebel the tommy.

Oh. A police reenactment confirmed. The chiefs theory oh you gotta teach my wife to do this and yes. While the show wouldn t necessarily lose much if they were gone are different.

I do think it would lose an understated organics back..

Nonetheless hey there thanks for watching this very small niner video. I know it wasn t much. But i wanted to talk about lou and wiggum despite their very small stature in the show together at least william is a little bigger on his own because i thought it was i thought it was something interesting as small as it was to talk about because watching the episodes. I do sometimes miss they re kind of bouncy happy back and forth energy and the way it has evolved as which i pointed out in this video.

Hopefully. I think is something worth thinking gun because it s a very very nothing thing. But it s something that i think helps the current state of the show particularly because it is very much one of the few consistent very bright spots in terms of comedy at least for me when they pop up. I always feel like it makes the episode better so that s why i wanted to highlight it was just something i was thinking about as i was watching some episodes they pop up in some of the ones.

I ve showed here so yeah thanks for watching. And hopefully i ll see you next time for something a bit more substantial. I am going to be doing animated masterpieces don t you worry you just take time bye. ” .


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