The Sims 4 in Virtual Reality – Now with 1st-Person-Mode!!

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“Du de. What s up guys. Welcome back to virtual reality. Today.

We are going going to try a little experiment. We will play the sims. 4 in virtual reality. You heard right with the bob x.

Mod and the new first person mode of the sims. So this is gonna be great my name is woody and on my channel. You see the best and newest br gameplays hardware tests. And if you subscribe you won t miss anything now let s start with the sims.

4 in virtual reality. And let s go ok guys welcome in the game. And now this looks pretty normal nothing special. But the first thing you have to do is push the delete button to push delete button.

And then you you will see the verb x. Menu you change in the main settings. The play style to full vr. Mode and then you put a head thread head tracking sensivity to 020.

Then you click ok and save you will not see that because it s not recorded so this is it and now you have to push the key combination shift tab and here we go here. We go check this out. I can use my headset as my mouth..


And i can see everything and the first person mode. Even this nice girl here and holly bar zoom onis arrow. Let s let s go to the know. Let s check.

Just. Oh. Yes. Watch tv.

Watch tv. Hi. Oh. No that s not interesting.

What s going on. Okay. Let s go all of your day. I m really boring don t you wear any trousers at home my girl so let s go outside no.

I can t go outside of course. You can what is he doing what is wrong with him. He s not going there can you please go outside is that possible no it s not i don t know i don t know what he is doing let s check out if if he s going he doesn t why is he not doing that oh whoo. Our know he is going outside okay.

He was doing something um check this out isn t that cool of course. We cannot control our sim. I stay here steak god damn it stay here i hope this possible no it s not can i stop that no i cannot stop that let s go outside let s go let s go here or anywhere..


I know it s not possible because. Oh. No okay. Oh.

What a beautiful park here. That s awesome hi. There. Let s go there.

So we can control our sim. Just with a click of the mouse of course like you are used to the hyneman and we can watch everything check around and but of course. If our sim wants to go anywhere you have no control oh. It s still burning.

But i don t care about that let s go let s go here this is pretty cool of course you can t do anything anything you like because it s limited. The first person view is of course very limited of the game. But it s really cool to to walk around here and check everything out of here with your head and change view and stuff. But of course.

There is no really it s not really possible to play the whole game like this you you can t even see i m full 3d. It s not possible because the the game doesn t have a 4x profile. So you have to use any profile or just no profile. It s um not doesn t matter you can just start a game with vorpax running in the background.

What s going on with this oh all right. It s burning. I m sorry funded for the german text here it s it says that everything is burning..


But i don t really care about that i can t even talk to her because it s burning in another building. What yes. I i want to buy a hot dog oh some of this oh let s uh let s go here hello. Damn.

I can t do what s that so let s let s go home let s check it out hey. I can t do anything that s i ve never seen it okay so we have to care about fire. But i don t want to so everything you want to visit you can do in first person mode. And you can look around and stuff.

This is a really cool yeah you see that it s really good the tracking and everything you wanted to see with a vr headset in the sims. It s possible you ought you can also use that with with all of the add ons and perhaps you can go to a to a night club or stuff everything you want to do and this is really really cool. But you have to notice that this is officially not supported you need warp x4 that high and you can t see it in full 3d. You have you really have to notice that it s not possible to see it in full 3d holy moly.

Oh. It s getting dark now outside really cool so guys. I think um. If you want to try this um.

You should um get a vorpax. Oh. There s the folder. The whole house is burning no no i don t care um.

So let s get back to the studio and talk about it okay guys that was the sims 4 in virtual reality with the first person. But the problem is you need this program to work with it it s 40 bucks. 40..


Bucks. And it s called 4x. So if you ask me um. If you should buy this only to play sims.

4. Like i like i did it i would say no it s not worth it. But if you have bought eggs already and want to play the sims. 4.

With it you should try it but it s it s really cool you can you can activate the first person view and then look around and do stuff and control your symbols and mouse and send them here send them there um hit some guys or stuff. It s really cool um. You should try it if you are a sims fan. And i want to tell you again how to activate the first person mode in the sims.

4. So you are in the game you see your sim and then you hit the key combination shift tab okay guys shift tab and then he switches into the first person mode and then you can go around and check everything out of your head. The tracking is really cool. But it s the game is recognized by verb ex.

But i and you can also activate full vr mode. But there s no 3d effect you have to notice that there s no twitty effect. So it s it would be cool if if it was but it s it s not possible however. I i found it really cool you should try it and i hope you liked my try to run sims fork and virtual reality give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

And see you next time in virtual reality cr would it be ” ..

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