The Walking Dead Season 10 Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Story

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“Walking dead saw some drastic changes nduring its ninth season raising. Countless questions about season season 10 with the season premiere arriving soon. We ve ngone ahead and pulled together you need to know heading into the tenth year nof dramatic complex. Gruesome.

Zombie madness for those wondering what the walking dead nhas in store. For its tenth. Season. An extensive trailer was released at comic con in july.

N2019. One of the primary themes of the trailer was nfear not of the undead. But rather of the very much alive. Alpha and her army of nwhisperers both of which featured prominently throughout season.

9. The animalistic villains appear to be a central npart of the new season. And could lead to an all out war at some point down the road before we dive into any new additions to the ncast. It s worth taking a quick trip down memory lane to remember the primary characters nthat the show lost in the catastrophically violent course of season.

9. Rick grimes may not be dead. But he disappeared nearly on after he successfully blew up the bridge to stop a horde of zombies from gaining naccess on top of that there was the mysterious disappearance nof. Maggie rhee adding to the list.

We also have jesus who nwas killed off in the fading moments of the mid season finale and finally there s season 9 s penultimate nepisode. Which ended with ten heads on pikes on alpha s creepy new border wall. Including ntara. Henry tammy and enid s season.

9 of the walking dead was highlighted nby. The departure of major cast members like andrew lincoln and lauren cohan. And it turned nout that was just the beginning months before season. 10 s premiere.

It was nalready a well established fact that danai gurira. Who plays the fearless michonne would nbe leaving the show at some point during the upcoming season at this point reports seem to indicate that nmichonne will be present throughout most of the season which should give viewers plenty nof time to prepare for her exit. There are only two main characters. Not counting nrick.


Who have made it from the dark days of season 1. All the way to the decade mark ndaryl and carol season. 9. Had a massive six year time jump nthat drastically changed.

The status quo for both characters post time jump. Daryl. Was seen living off non his own while king ezekiel and adopted henry as her son by the end of the season. Daryl is drawn out nof seclusion and back into the unraveling events with the whisperers and carol loses nhenry breaks up with ezekiel and abdicates her crown.

The season 10 trailer seems to promise even nmore changes for the long time fan favorite characters season 9. Had plenty of different plotlines nto follow. But one that stood out from the bunch was the interesting parallel between ncarol and alpha. The two mothers have been to hell and back nagain ever since the apocalypse hit both are powerful indomitable characters nbut.

They ve developed dramatically different philosophies about post apocalyptic life. This was already interesting to watch as their nchildren. Met and became infatuated with each other on the one hand alpha watched as her daughter nwas converted from the whisperer. Ways and ultimately taken under carol s wing on the other hand carol faced trauma.

Yet nagain. When her adopted son. Henry was abducted by alpha and then decapitated for her gruesome. Nborder wall.

All of these. Similarities and grievances set nthe pair up for an epic showdown and it appears that season. 10 is where that clash of wills nis going to take place actress. Melissa mcbride has already declared nthat.

She thinks there should be a confrontation telling the hall h audience at san diego comic con nthat on top of that showrunner. Angela kang. Has nalso expressed excitement for the two women to clash. Adding that of this kind of epic struggle that is happening nbetween our people and the whisperers.

So there s just some really cool stuff up nahead season 10 looks to promise plenty of problems nfor. The heroes of the walking dead in fact there are not one not two. But three nprimary villains already in the cards first off there s negan season 9. Revealed a character that was both nhumbled and even a bit heroic season.


10 promises to continue the conflicted ncharacter s storyline with showrunner kang confirming that he ll be released from prison on the talking dead. She said. He s definitely not in the middle of things negan drama aside the show also has to deal nwith. The new baddie on the block alpha.

The horrifyingly calm leader of the whisperers nshowed. Her villainous chops. Throughout the previous year on top of alpha. And her musclebound sidekick nbeta.

The new season is also set to debut gamma. A whisperer who is ultra loyal to alpha nand. Her agenda along with a host of other changes season. N9 showed that weather can play a serious role in the walking dead storyline.

The season finale revealed a picturesque winter. Nlandscape dotted with rotting bodies and shuffling corpses. All of which provided some nchilling new territory for the serial thriller. The change in scenery was a fun twist to the nshow s typically hot southern setting and the good news is it s not the last.

We ll nsee of environmental challenges. Showrunner. Angela kang. Told entertainment nweekly.

That so there will be some other new stuff to look nout for the promotional material has already hinted nat a couple of new natural phenomena with one scene showing what appears to be some ncharacters in front of a forest fire oceanside and its waterfront location also nseem likely to factor into the new season opening up the doors to some aquatic adventures n. Something that the walking dead s sister show fear the walking dead already explored nin its second season. The massive six year leap in season 9 had nfar reaching repercussions it introduced the mysterious issue of michonne nand daryl s scars aged judith grimes into a force to be reckoned with surprised everyone nwith her little brother and saw a growing divide among the communities with all of the shifting around one would nthink the show would settle down to a regularly paced timeline at some point. But that s not nhappening yet and amc isn t even trying to make it a surprise.

This time season 9 ended with a jump forward into the nwinter. Now season. 10 is poised to start with yet nanother jump months ahead into the following spring. While the constant shifts are a bit jarring nit does accelerate the age of the younger generation.

This could serve as a perfect catalyst to neventually tie in with the second spin off series. Which will be set far in the future nand will follow the lives of the first generation of humans to grow up in the post apocalyptic nworld. As you probably recall season. 9.


Saw. Rick ngrimes. Removed from the flagship walking dead series. But not killed off instead.

The intrepid hero found himself washed ndownstream along with a host of walkers. Only to be picked up by a mysterious helicopter nand flown off since then the question of what happened nto rick has come up over and over again. Michonne was still struggling with the loss nsix years later and daryl seemed ready to head off into the sunset. Looking for his friend nat.

Any moment. The hints are likely to continue coming in nseason. 10. As the world gears up for the planned.

Rick grimes trio of films. This is especially likely since the hero s nstoryline has even been spilling over into the spin off series fear the walking dead nwhere. What looked to be the same helicopter was spotted in one episode whatever the time and place. It s certain nthat.

The rick grimes saga will continue at some point whether it ever crosses back into the flagship nseries or not though. That isn t stopping the hint happy production team from penciling nin. More clues about the hero s whereabouts. While the situation remains steeped in mystery.

Nthere is one meeting. We can hope to see once again. We re talking about a reunion between rick nand. Daryl.

The two brothers in arms shared a very emotional nlast. Few episodes together spent tussling trapped in a pit and finally making up the connection between the two characters nis tried and true and the possibility of their finally finding their way back to one nanother. Again is certainly in the cards at this point. In an interview at san diego comic con former nthe walking dead showrunner scott gimple was asked if daryl would ever see rick again.

He responded by saying have you seen a little film. When harry met nsally that s how they re going to rejoin again in related news. There s also the juicy potential nfor season 10 to feature the return of absentee hilltop commander maggie actress lauren cohan s brief excursion to nher own show on abc looks like it may end with a quick round trip right back into the narms of the undead. While the failure of cohan s new show to get noff.


The ground isn t necessarily enough of a reason to assume that the fan favorite actress nwill return there s reason to hope angela kang went right ahead and poured fuel non the fire by making it clear that they re doing their best to make her return a reality. She told ew that i ll just say that we re working on it clearly they haven t given up on re integrating nmaggie back into the story like rick. She was never killed off in fact. She was referenced multiple times.

Nthroughout season. 9. And appeared to be off on other business in an undisclosed location. If that s not enough promotional material nfor season 10 seems to be hinting to a return appearance one sneak peek shown on the talking dead directly.

Nreferences wasn t anything. There whatever the show has in store for cohan s ncharacter it hardly seems like she s going to shuffle off this mortal coil anytime soon another factor to keep in mind going into nthe tenth season is the soon to be lack of source material for the show to follow there s no doubt that the onscreen version nof the walking dead has already charted a course all its own the comics have always served as a grounding npoint from which the show could draw inspiration characters and storylines. But the truth is the showrunners have never nshied away from altering things as they go along carl s death. Michonne and rick s relationship.

Nshane s extended lifespan. The very existence of daryl were all cinematic alterations that ndon t have their origins in print. That said one question. Worth asking is how nthings would look if there was no source material at all the answer may be forthcoming sooner than nexpected just months before the season 10 release date nthe walking dead co creator robert kirkman.

Shocked fans with a one two punch that no none saw coming in the comic series. Spoilers. Incoming first he suddenly and unexpectedly killed noff. Rick grimes.

Then he followed it up with a final installment. Nand. The announcement that the comic book series was officially over with this sudden imposition of a hard ending nto. The source material.

It will be interesting to see how amc handles their ten year twd nuniverse plans. We ll just have to see what that looks like nwhen. The new season arrives on october 6th check out one of our newest videos right here. Plus.

Even more looper videos about your favorite nmovies are coming soon. ” ..

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