The Witcher 1 In-depth Story Recap

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“Years ago. Marked the end of the great war with the empire nilfgaard and the the death of the legendary witcher geralt of rivia. But this is video games so that gerelds alive and he s running through the woods. All tuckered out our boy goes down.

But his fellow wolf school witcher s had some good lookin out lucky for geralt. His little midnight frolic had taken place near kara morin. The witcher s homebase post up for some r r. Geralt.

Hooks. Up with triss merigold. Who s excited to hear all about what her old friends been doing until geralt shuts her down saying. He doesn t remember anything from his past life.

But right when things start getting good a bunch of filthy peasants raid to keep and kill the moon in between incinerating plebeians tris manages to catch a glimpse of the leaders of the attack. Some harry potter looking dork named the professor and the angriest hawaiian. I ve ever seen the two had used the battle as a distraction to roll dirty to the basement and snag up all the secrets to the witcher s mutagens. The resident fng little leo tries to shoot back.

But he ends up getting put down the remaining witcher s pour one out split up and go on the hunt ready to track down. The men who attacked them and reclaim their secrets geralt locks down the south heading to the city of vizima and tameria immediately upon reaching the outskirts. He already knows he s in for a treat. Demon dogs are eaten people out in the middle of the street and that rhymes geralt catches.

The young boy alvin barely escaping a pact by the skin of his teeth and suddenly this kid starts floating around glowing talking about the ice age or something this was cool and all but girl really didn t give a shit at that point he was busy trying to track down. The group that he now knew is salamandra scoping out the area geralt hooks up with some of his legacy buds shawny. Don t you recognize me whatever happened to you and the dwarves zoltan chivay to whichever died came back to life nobody seen him for five years. And he wants to know something s wrong geralt of course having no idea who they are takes their word for it and pals around with them ending up the errand boy for the bigwigs in the outskirts community geralt manages to scrape together that he was preceded by another witcher named berengar also seeking salamandra.

But nobody s seen or heard from him since carol got into town with the dirty work of half. The village under his belt geralt aside. One final task finding the source of the hellhounds. Being told to start with the witch.

Abigail. Because witches must be evil garol works with her to possess the small boy alvin with a demon who s going to tell him where the hellhounds come from it s a great idea they deduce at this point that the creatures are created by the malice of the very people garrels been working for finally given the location of the salamander hideout. Our boy rolls out to make some waves mid ass kicking session. He s given the surprise of learning that most of the locals had been working with salamandra.

All along and also that the pissed off hawaiian from kara morin. Was actually named as our javed who s asura javed. A powerful mage you re no match for him ready to pack it up he runs into abigail on his way out the townspeople were rousing for a classic witch hunt post up just outside geralt has then given the option to serve her up or protect her from the angry mob. Either way scoring himself a pass into the city of the zima.

But on his way in his chops get busted by some meyer and scrub and shipped off to prison abso fucking lutely beautiful not about to just stand around geralt bargains to hunt. The cockatrice in the city sewer in exchange for his freedom knee deep in shit he bumps into siegfried a knight of the order of the flaming rose. The order was a group dedicated to protecting the citizens of tameria..


Even hunting monsters for them in act. That threaten putting the witcher s out of their job. The two squat up and take down the cockatrice getting out of the sewer asap. Now in the beautiful plague ridden city streets geralt makes a stop at the house of raymond collar pop and bad boy and detective extraordinaire.

Racks up a list of names whose personal space. He believes geralt should invade and invade. He does eventually excusing vivaldi. The dwarven bank owner who doesn t own his bank taller at the shady fence.

Who s actually to marion secret intelligence guard captain vincent who s investigating salamandra just as hard and the merchant levar dhin. Who actually invites geralt to his anti salamander secret society. Leaving only the too obvious crime. Lord ram s meat and the turbo nerd calx team doing a little extra credit though reveals that java has been bending you over a barrel murdering and disguising himself as raymond halfway through your investigation.

And the only way to repay somebody when they do you dirty is to give it back twice as hard. But as everyone knows even amidst life threatening chaos there s always time to get fucked up with your bros shawnee reuniting. Gerald with who used to be his best friend dandelion. The bard although just a brief respite dandelions share stories from gerelds past and helps rekindle his search for his former identity.

Collaborating with his former suspects geralt devises. A plan to lead java to the magic tower in the nearby swamp. Where as fire magic will be useless. But while preparing gerelds caught between the skirmishes of knights of the order and scoy attell anti human freedom fighters geralt can choose a side or ignore the conflict.

But refocuses on javac once. It s resolved finally ready for a throwdown at the tower. Javad goes. Full bitch mode.

Crying at harry potter for some backup. Even 2v1 geralt gives him an extra spicy dicking. But of course a pervert like hp s always got some chloroform on deck knocking out geralt long enough for the two to escape fuck geralt wakes up to a half naked triss merigold. Much more shit could have happened after stretching his legs.

A little bit tristan forms geralt that the two have been invited by lu vardhan to social at the end and that she s been detecting some weird magical anomalies within the city and she d like gerelds help in finding the source after establishing a triangulation field fortress geralt shows up down to party. He rubs elbows with the 1 and even gets to meet princess. A de whom he cured the curse of the strega on years ago. She says a bunch of words to him.

But then they fucked so geralt forgives her eventually meeting with levar dhin himself. He tasks geralt with destroying salamanders drug network. Their primary source of income harold s super hype to get his dea on but gets his flow jacked by a disgusting street urchin master. Richer.

What boy the bank s been robbed master villa right so we should fetch a witcher apparently shit hit the fan over at the bank with scoy attell held up inside with everybody loving to get the witcher in their business. Carol can decide. If he wants to help the order slaughter..


The nonhumans or assist in the sky. Tells escape now free to bring down the hammer on crackhead degenerates across the land geralt destroys drug operations. One by one as he s clearing out the final batch of salamanders. However he witnesses them communicating through a hartman s mere geralt then claims the mirrors power source and catches a glimpse of who the salamanders were speaking with as he exits the area back in the street.

He watches as a werewolf tears. The remaining salamander apart after the slaughter. He s approached by the beast who claims to be guard captain vincent geraldton has the opportunity to attack vincent. But if you don t think having a werewolf or a bro is the tightest shit.

Then you can get out of my face returning to la vardhan and tris geralt hands over the mirrors power source tris discern. She ll most likely be able to open up a portal into a salamander base using the stone. But in the meantime. Geralt should gather allies to assist him in the assault leaving once again the choice between the order and the scoy tell before he leaves triss also tells geralt.

She s located the source of the anomaly. The young boy alvin who s entered the city of zima alvin was in the care of shawnee. But she wouldn t hand him over to tris. Most likely because she knew garret was macking on that but she doesn t have much of a choice as alvin s kidnapped by salamandra right before geralt shows up only with dandelions help girl finds the boy and it marks the beginning of the great waifu war geralt is then given the chance to bring alvin back to either shawnee or tris marking them as his waifu for the rest of the game.

With his bro. Selected and matters resolved. Geralt is then ready to attack the salamandra geralt goes balls deep into the underground base with javad once again true to form running like a bitch. The professor not so lucky this time is forced to stand and fight with little effort.

He sends harry potter to hell to meet his parents and finds a note on his corpse incriminating princess atta as the primary collaborator with salamandra looking to stage a coup and her father s absence chased from the caves by a pissed off queen kiku. More geralt ends up in the city s dike. Where he s surrounded by princess. Atta.

And her men resigned to his fate trista s intervention saves geralt. Once again as she teleports and boy. Gerald s magical one way trip sends him way out into the boonies near the small town of murky waters hiking into town he s received by none other than dandelion dandelion speaks as a messenger fortress and explains that the two of them had been sent to murky waters to look after alvin who along with trysts was attacked while garrett was away and in a panic used his powers to teleport to a random location that place being murky waters tris even sending a diameter you ma am eula with dandelion that would suppress alvin s magical powers. While she wasn t around wanting to keep busy and more importantly get paid geralt gets himself caught up in local affairs.

Most of which revolved around the girl elina and her upcoming marriage to the merchant julian from ko veer. But like with all good love stories it ends with everybody killing each other elena s murdered by her jealous. Sister selina. Who is then in turn murdered by adam.

The man who loved elina. But wasn t going to be her husband and well you really got to know as they turned into ghosts and julian the world s ugliest man and elena s fiance once geralt to do whatever he can to free the girl s soul with dandelions aid. He helps the spirits move on earning julian s thanks who secretly probably really happy all this shit happened before he married into it with their one cause for joy. Thoroughly stamped out geralt decides to help the town with the one other thing he can the townspeople in the void.

I annoy along the haven t been getting along and apparently the village had already hired somebody to deal with this but with no results investigating these rumors geralt comes across a ghost. The witcher who s been one step ahead of him since the outskirts berengar berengar. Admits that he was the one that was supposed to resolve the conflict..


But had no interest in completing the task and when questioned about his association with salamandra all he admits is that he was forced to participate in their experiments geralt figures. If he s just gonna act like a buster he ll just leave him be and leaves to meet the lady of the lake. A respected boy you know a leader the lady claims. She s not down with any of the violence going on and in fact.

It s the sea monster dagon leaving the void annoy to attack the people of the town geralt then front straight to dagon psalter and props him for showing up. But he still got his ass kicked. While departing berengar had tracked geralt down his guilty conscience finally getting the better of him. He divulged that he was the one who sold out kara morin and alvin and pretty much caused all the trouble for geralt throughout the entire game hating his fate.

As an outcast and a mutant berengar had done all this in hopes that salamander could reverse the process of being a witcher geralt can choose to show a little mercy and understanding or hit him with a little slap and tickle before leaving the island returning to the mainland dandelion becomes. The bearer of bad news. Telling geralt that local squirtle had taken over murky waters and are holding alvin. There as a hostage with order forces approaching in the town about to become a battleground geralt is given the opportunity to join either side or remain neutral.

And just try to get his friends out alive. Whichever side is taken alvin loses. His shit once again teleporting himself out of there even through the deterrence of his amulet with no trace of the boy left to follow geraldton dandelion bounced out of there heading by boat back to vizima you leave for five minutes and grandma falls asleep smoking in bed again but to be fair the fires are the least of the x mas problems right now all out war is broken out between the scoy attell on the order of the flaming rose king foltest is back on the scene. However.

And he s down to grind booty on both sides for making a battleground of his city chancing by geralt as he enters. The city full test brings him back to the castle to post up and discuss a proposition with him well maybe a little less proposition. Maybe a little more do what i say i m the king foltest confides that a de has relapsed into her curse. Becoming a stringer once again and he wants geralt to fix her stupid bullshit even if that means killing her geralt promptly re enters.

The city and begins his search. His first stop a combat clinic established by shawnee while still objectively a garbage to your waifu. Her clinic treats victims from both sides of the war. So i guess she has that going for.

But this also has the more aggressive of both sides shooting flames straight at her clinic geralt hooks her up with a freebie then heads to the nearby swamp cemetery. Just outside the wall continuing his search for a de upon entering the mire geralt has his first encounter with the grand master of the order of the flaming rose jack east. At jack a jack. Jackie alder.

Berg. Jackie don t want no trouble and the to part ways. But not before imparting the impression of being a huge creep finally arriving at the crypt. Where at us holed up surrounded by grown men.

Who are apparently too afraid to go in after garel makes his move killing her on the spot. Or occupying her until morning to rebreathe accurse. Geralt solves. The problem of full tests.

Trigger for the time being and the king shows his appreciation by divulging. The location of the salamandra headquarters. An old manor in those very swamps geralt drops bombs breaking his way to the heart of the mansion..


And with nowhere else for him to run finally gets the chance to fight and kill as our javad. But before leaving geralt confronted by a familiar image on the hartman s muir and javad slab the grand master of the order of the flaming rose himself the order and salamandra had been in bed. Since the very beginning with java directly corresponding with the grand master upon his return geralt relays. What he s learned to the king hearing.

What he has to say bull test offers geralt eight thousand us dollars legal. Tender to bring him the head of the grandmaster getting money s all geralt ever knew so he makes one final push to the order headquarters and confronts jackie jackie fears. The dick so he starts trying to explain his motives to garel that as a powerful mage. He has had visions of if lynnae s prophecy in apocalypse known as the great white frost with the entire world freezing over even pulling geralt into his vision with him.

He had been using salamandra to breed. An army of super soldiers akin to witcher s. But lacking free will or morals. He had planned to use these soldiers to shepherd the people s south to safety when the cold hit.

But jackie was naive to think he could escape the dig disagreeing with jackie s ends. Justify the means mentality and sick of his disneyland nightmare. Bullshit geralt unleashes. A hot load of justice upon the grand master.

Before they can finish their battle. Though the king of the wild hunt in the form of an apparition appears. The specter claims that he and geralt have history together and that he desires to take jackie s soul geralt can comply with this request or he could take on the king. Himself and remind him why not only man must fear the day delivering the final blow to jackie himself.

Geralt finally awakes from the illusion with dandelion there waiting for him the two collect themselves from the ordeal. They ve just went through and while this is never confirmed geralt finds a diameter mamelon the exact same as the one he gave to alvin. But older and worn on the body of the grand master and the grand master s morals change based on the things that geralt teaches alvin earlier in the game leading many to believe that alvin had teleported into the past and grown into the grand master of the order of the flaming rose. The two flatter the thought but agree that they ll probably just never know you re exaggerating again something ends something begins.

I ll take the last of the stolen secrets take. A deep breath and move on psyched to be finished with this game. Shitty combat system. Geralt snags his dinero from the king and hits the road.

But on his way out realizes something ain t right some sperm burglar had broken into the pal. Who s looking to get at the king. Carol yells at him to assert his dominance. Then cuts his arm off fuck.

Yeah. The to pull back the assassins mask to get a look at his pretty face and boom. There s 30 hours of your life. Gone you this leads glance to do the logical thing and completely flips or shit.

His seven year dead incest baby has risen from the grave as a monster. How s that ” ..

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