This is how you should mount your CPU cooler! I think??

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” s up guys welcome back to the channel. Today. I am. Exploring a frequently talked talked about topic within the pc.

Diy community. That has still managed to amass two opposing sides of an argument and that is which way should you mount your tower style err cpu cooler in your system whether it be horizontal with by that i mean a horizontal airflow path with the fan blowing air at the back ear case and exhausting it out the rear or a vertical airflow path with the fan. Exhausting it out the top of your chassis. The idea to test this comes from user eggs are to be crushed to left a comment on my recent radiator placement video which you should watch if you haven t already so thank you very much eggs.

If you guys happen to have a suggestion yourselves on what i should test in the future. Please send me an email to the address right here eka made it just for you and with the subject line test this in all caps with a bunch of exclamation marks. Just because they re fun don t leave a comment. If you have a suggestion just because it s a little bit more difficult for me to sift through that but moving out of the topic at hand.

It is going to vary. The results that we re getting here today is going to vary based on the hardware. We re using so allow me to introduce the parts that we ll be using for this rig starting with the core i7 7700 k. From intel.

Which is their flagship chip under their kd lake family this is going to be running at stock speeds today. But that s not really to say. It s going to be slow by any..


Means because it starts with a base clock of. 42 gigahertz out of the box and turbos 245. Pushing it any further would probably overheat due to the cooler that we re using. Which is the hyper 212 evo from coolermaster.

It s a very popular very reputable cooler. But it s more on the budget side and i didn t want to push it too. Hard i think 46. Gigahertz on the cpu is going to be plenty to put a load on it and really test it and put it through its paces.

But it is a more entry level economical cooler that still does have a decent amount of thermal dissipation performance to it it s a great bang for the buck option. It s incredibly popular and well known within the community. Which is why we re using it today we re also going to be using the z2 70 gaming pro carbon from msi as our motherboard of choice along with 16 gigs of corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3000 megahertz windows 10 and the rest of our applications will be loaded up onto a 250 gig sandisk ultra 2. Ssd.

And we ve also got a newton 600 watt power supply from fractal design as far as graphics card goes. I m going to be taking a similar approach to the radiator video and testing two different types of video card gpu shrouds. Including the founder s edition. Gtx 1070.

Which is an enclosed blower style card. Which will be injecting hot air out the back of the case exclusively as well as these otech and position gtx 1070. Which is a more standard adding board partner card with an aftermarket cooler custom pcb and it will be ejecting and circulating hot air within the chassis which could potentially warm up our components..


So testing both of those with each of our cpu. Cooler orientations will give us a bigger clearer picture of what s going on overall and finally. We have the defined s mid tower case from fractal design. This is the case that i really like to go to for these types of tests.

Because it has plenty of mounting options for fans and radiators at the top and front and so forth the actual chassis fans we re going to be using is pretty extensive here we ve got three 120 millimeter fans as a intakes at the front of the chassis. Those are going to be nzxt paste fans that i ve pulled off of the s340 and the manta. I believe we ve also got a 140 at the back from fractal fractal design. This is one of their venturi fans again a 140 and finally we have a second 140 millimeter exhaust fan at the top from be quiet this is one of their peer wings to fans.

We ve got a smorgasbord of fans going on here. But i really wanted to stack the case full of fan. So that we are not bottleneck by case airflow in any way for this test that way we re we re good to go. We ve got plenty of positive air pressure going in the case and that way we can just focus exactly on how the cpu temperatures themselves are affected by the cpu cooler orientation.

So on that note let s go ahead and finish up the test that i ve already got running in the background here we re going to be doing a half hour run of unigine heavens 40. For each of our four tests and those four tests again are going to be each of the orientations for the for the cpu cooler and the two different types of gpu shroud. I m going to run those we re going to circle back again as always and compare and contrast. The results and draw some closing words and conclusions sound good sounds good.

I m excited i think i think my wife just brought home cinnamon rolls. So i will be right back mmm. Oh my god mmm alright guys..


I have the results here and it s going it s driving me insane right now i don t know what to make of it all some of the numbers make sense and others are just way opposite of what i was into paiting so maybe you guys can help me out here the first test. I ran was the horizontal path of airflow with the cpu cooler blowing hot air towards the back of the case and ejecting. It out that way and a enclosed blower style cart the founders edition. Gtx.

1070 and we found 62 degrees celsius on the cpu package with that configuration. But when we switched the enclosed blower style card with the open air shroud. We actually dropped four degrees celsius on the cpu. Which is weird.

I would have expected the opposite where we re starting to circulate more hot air in the chassis. It s going to warm up the cpu because that s where the heat sink fan isn t taking all of its air from so i don t know how to really explain that guys i mean i guess maybe this video needs a part two or something or or something went awry. Or maybe. The answer staring me straight in the face.

And i just can t see it so let me know in the comments. If you have an idea or theory on why that might be the case. The other pair of tests that we ran featured the cpu cooler mounted in a horizontal path position where the airflow is traveling upwards and outside the top of the case with the cpu heatsink fan actually parallel with the graphics card pcb and actually underneath the heatsink as opposed to on top of it pushing air upwards through the thin array. And what we saw with the closed blower style card.

Was 57 degrees celsius on the cpu and we went up five degrees celsius when swapping to an open air shroud graphics card like the zotac amp edition. So that this makes sense it makes sense that if you have more hot air circulating in the case walking off of your gpu. That your cpu temps would be affected negatively..


So i m perfectly fine with that that makes sense you know my brains like yes okay. But the first to test the results. There does not compute did. I do something wrong is there a theory that i m not seeing that maybe you guys can.

But if these results are accurate. And there is no you know margin of error or user error then at the end of the day. We re still only seeing a 5 degree celsius variance between our coolest and our hottest results on the cpu 57. Being below and 62 being the high definitely not nearly as alarming or as concerning as the temperature variance.

We were seeing with the radiator placement test from last week and to be honest guys. I really wish that i could have given you a definitive winner for today s testing has been like clearly this configuration in this setup is superior in every way shape or form under these circumstances and you know case clothes and all that jazz. But i simply can t and i m not going to skew the data here just to get a favorable ending. That s more dramatic or whatever.

So that s the best. I got for you for now again love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below. But that s all i got guys so be sure to like this video. If you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel for more tech stuff.

More tests like this will be coming soon in the near future so stay tuned for that have a good one guys. I love you all be safe be kind to each other and until next time i ll see you ” ..

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