This Money Tree Trick Will Change Your Life In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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” re probably sitting there thinking that you know everything that there is to know about about money trees and animal crossing new horizons. Well today ladies and gentlemen. I m to tell you that you in fact do not know everything there is to know about money trees and today. I m gonna be teaching you a guaranteed method to make significantly more money out of your money trees throughout the week in animal crossing new horizons.

I do hope you all enjoyed today s episode. There is a very distinct pattern that these trees function and to be able to get a more fertile tree. So we re gonna go ahead and start this process out it s gonna be a little bit of a long a process to explain so that you fully understand how this works and how to figure out your own islands pattern for getting a significantly more fertile money tree so that way you can make a maximum of 99 thousand bells per bag from that tree so traditionally you would go ahead and just dig up that hole and then you would select it denomination of like ten thousand bells and put that back in the hole now with this method. Ten thousand bells is technically the most that you are guaranteed to make every single day throughout the week where you can get thirty thousand bells back from the tree.

But if you didn t know this there is actually throughout the weekdays where your tree will be more fertile and you will actually be able to get all the way up to ninety nine thousand bells in the tree world 99999. If you had that available right now only only of ninety nine thousand. So i m just gonna go ahead and stick that in this particular hole here so we re gonna bury that now if you are doing this method. I do not recommend starting off trying to figure out your pattern by sticking ninety nine thousand bells in there because there s gonna be about two to three days during the week where you have a more fertile tree.

You ll technically make money still doing this if you do it that way. But what i recommend for your own ease of mind while trying to figure out what your island specific pattern for a fertile money tree is is to every day when you log on put like eleven thousand dollars. In your wallet. And then you can use the top button to separate that eleven thousand bells and then stick the eleven thousand bells in the money tree hole now if it s not a fertile treat we ll give you back 30000.


Bells. When you harvest it if it is a fertile. Tree it s going to give you 33000 bills. So that way you can mark that as the day that has the more fertile tree now it could be a certain day of the week or it could go in a certain pattern like every other day every two days or every three days or a pattern in between now at the end of this video.

I will be showcasing exactly what my pattern is for the entire month of april and then you can use once you figure out what your pattern is not only can you month map it out for an entire month you can map it out for literally an entire year and be able to play throughout the week and know exactly what day to plant more money in the money tree hole to make the most profits believe this is the friday tree and we re moving them all into one spot so that way we can kind of figure out which ones are going to be in what pattern. So your patterns can be a different depending on your island so it might happen on a certain day of the week every single week or it might happen every other day the goal of this is to figure out what island or what pattern your island has and then once you figure that out all you got to do is just pay attention to your pattern and put more money in the money hole. It sounds weird on those specific days. So let s see here just in case.

It is a certain day of the week. We got wednesday thursday and then we re gonna put friday right here and yes ladies and gentlemen you can move your money trees. I know a lot of people probably don t know that but you can move them just got a plant them first pick them up and you re good to go texe. What do you think you re doing checking out my money trees man.

We got a full week s worth of money trees. So we should be able to tell what pattern. We re getting from this and then we can verify it the following week. So let s go ahead and shake wednesday s tree here we are back on a wednesday oh there we go so got 99000.


Bells from our tree on wednesday. So let s see what we get out of this one we get excuse me game can you let me pick them up all right so we re only getting 10000 per bag on thursday let s check what we re getting on a friday was that ten thousand bells wait nope that s another is that ninety nine thousand bells again yeah. It is alright so thursday is sorry friday is also ninety nine thousand bells okay. So this is saturday.

Ten thousand bells check out sunday sunday is another ten thousand bells monday. There we go another ninety nine thousand bells. There s not enough room in your wallet. Oh no so so far.

We re getting ninety. Nine thousand bells per pick up on wednesday and friday and monday. So what we need to do is now that we re on another wednesday. We need to see if this indeed is another ninety nine thousand bell money money tree then we got to verify friday and monday or it might have a different type of pattern and that s what we re gonna figure out on the second week all right we ve got our wednesday tree fully grown.

So there s a chance that this one is going to be ninety nine bells or it s going to be the tuesday tree that s going to be ninety nine bells. But we re gonna find out here real quick. And okay so this wednesday tree is ten thousand bells this time and i believe what the pattern is going to be is every two days and then every other so basically a two day gap and then a one day gap. So every other day and then two days and then one day and then two days.


So this should be the ninety nine bell tree here and then we ll have another one i believe on let s hear this will be thursday friday saturday. Then that means sunday should be a money tree and then it ll revert back to wednesday. I think we ll see all right time to see what our tuesday money tree is and will it be ten thousand bells yay okay for there to be any pattern that would make sense this tree here has to have ninety nine thousand bells on it and wham bam. Thank you ma am i m pretty sure i just figured out what our pattern is so that means that this tree is gonna have ten thousand this one is going to have 99000.

And then these two are going to have nothing on it and then this tree again on wednesday would go back to being a money tree and then we would have money tree here and so it s yeah i m pretty sure this is how it s gonna work. It s gonna be great all right. So let s see if this actually works. This tree should theoretically be ten thousand bells and there it is that s ten thousand bells.

There this one should be ninety nine thousand there it is so ninety nine thousand on this one and then both of these should be ten thousand apiece. Ten thousand and ten thousand perfect. So we got this method working a hundred percent now we figured out our pattern for our island. Now everybody else s pattern may be the same it may be different.

But that means if this method is a hundred percent working we re gonna plant this money tree in here or right there that it could go there i guess. But this money tree that we picked up today should be a ninety nine thousand bell apiece money tree so basically one week you re gonna get three ninety nine thousand on this island and then the next week. You re gonna get two and then it s gonna go to three and then it s gonna go to two and vice versa and it s just a second. I m gonna put up on the screen exactly how this all works we re gonna verify that this tree is in fact that expensive tree that we wants and wham bam.


Thank you ma am we got ninety nine thousand bells from this tree so here is hopefully a nice easy visual representation of how this process works. I have the entire month of april mapped out on here for when money trees are going to give me the most money and those are the gold circles. The red x s are going to be the trees that will only give you a maximum of ten thousand bells left and you can see it does a very very simple pattern on my island now your island may share this pattern or you may have a different pattern. It s important for you to figure out what your pattern is before you start smashing 99 bells in each of your trees.

But what i have is two. Days where i have trees that only give me 10000. Bells and then i ll have one day where i get the ninety nine thousand bells per bag and then i ll have another day after that where i don t get ninety nine thousand bells like at ten thousand and then it ll go back to ninety nine and then i repeat so two days big money tree one day of nothing big money tree and then two days money tree one money tree so it s pretty easy it just goes in a pattern like this and you can map that out for literally an entire year from here and know exactly when you re gonna be able to get three hundred thousand bells per tree well ladies and gentlemen i do hope you found today s video useful and if you do find yourselves getting the same exact pattern that i got on my island definitely make sure to let me know in the comments below and also let me know how the process went for finding your own pattern. And if you find different patterns.

Make sure to put those in the comments as well because then we might be able to figure out what all the patterns for all the islands are and we ll all be able to make significantly more money with our money trees. But thank you so much for watching thank you for all the crazy support on the animal crossing series got lots of really good videos coming up. I ve been doing a ton of testing in this game. And finding some really cool tricks to help you make significantly more money or just have a better time in animal crossing new horizons.

But thank you all so much i hope you all have a wonderful day ” ..

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