This Printer DOESN T Need Ink to Print

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“One is dedicated to all my photo lovers out there. Photos. Images pictures hey everybody everybody on instagram websites. Etc.

Have this clear case. I wish i could put like nice little small picture in there and you want to print. It out you want to put it on the wall you want to put it in your phone case etc. Anywhere maybe you have a picture of your girlfriend or your mom you could put it somewhere and call.

It a day. So this hp printer let s just get right into it i m excited. I know what you guys are probably saying. This one is probably for like grandma and this could make a good christmas gift to buy three inch this is a little nice little mini printer you can download it in the app store google play android and the special thing about this printer it doesn t require any ink.

So no ink is required i don t know what s the magic to it or the tech. But we re gonna find out right now let s open it up like a gentleman look the hell hp put some real tough stickers on this bad boy. My wife can t even open this thing right now yeah. That thing was a pain to get out no ink keep that in mind.

There s no ink. It also come in a nice little photo book okay nice little travel pouch so anywhere you go you can print out all your pictures. Alright. Let s take a look at the actual printer a nice little glossy finish what a nice sort of rose gold tent so if you have a rose gold iphone this will go together.

But that don t matter too much but i like the design alright guys so i changed the camera angle..

So you guys can have a nice little look of it nice little close up. I ll have my portable battery charger. Here for power. Oh i think this thing is dead okay.

Wallah voila. Okay. So let s plug this in okay. This thing is powered on socket socks or rocket rocket schrock your rocket remove the place blue sheet and printer under so you gotta push this back or slide.

It back just like that so you re pulling it back remove the front cover you put your paper in and guys. No ink. I know i keep on saying that so you definitely got insert this blue sheet. So you don t throw this away you have to actually put it into the printer.

Just like that all right and now we load it up we close back the lid and let s try it out okay. So as you guys can see the portability. Very very small right you can fit right here in my hand it can go in your pocket you have a nice little portable battery charger. This thing is good very very portable so let s download the app ios is gonna let you scan.

The qr code. Okay. There we go so thank. A fire os.


A lot of people don t know about that or yep. So okay from social to print and this is amazing print. The pictures on the go your sprocket. Oh good you could just tap on that now it s not optimized for the iphone 10 so keep that in mind now we re gonna need to connect our printer.

All right so we re gonna have to set it up you have a sprocket. We don t have the plus model. We loaded the paper make sure bluetooth is on it active okay there we go pop right up as soon as i press this button it came right up you can you know fix up the color. You can on the contrast.

You have all of that ports you can have you nice little borders. If you want pretty cool you have your nice little stickers that you can add so they have halloween themes. I have my wouldn t be surprising. I have a turkey a christmas stuff soon so i wish we can add like a picture like a pmg picture on top of this so maybe i might have like a youtube button.

But like i said that s pry access. But too much and of course. Most importantly you can print. So it s giving you the green dot.

Letting you know that the printer is ready to go i m pretty sure if it s red then it ll be unavailable so let s print this picture out subscribe today okay relieve your memories. I ll mentor reality vr. Oh. My god a lot of good features here make that person special by putting a nice little picture on the back of your phone.

Most load facing down okay okay now it s printing..

The real thing. I was looking confused like what is the picture. This thing is cute. I can t even i can t what would you this thing is pretty cute and the pricing and availability will be down below and look at that beautiful glossy finish small.

But this is only good for you know maybe put in your fridge look at that no ink required ladies and gentlemen no ink required and is ready to go subscribe today beautiful now. It s not the best in the world. It s not the best printer ever. But just the fact the convenience can just stop the case in oh.

I got i gotta put it in from the top ladies and gentlemen you guys get the idea this printer oops is not in all the way. This printer is gonna allow you to accomplish that not the best in the world. Just showing you guys a quick little demonstration. Oh so you can scan.

Oh. That s pretty cool. If you can find someone who ever have like a socket or a sock. Yeah.

I m gonna call. It a socket you can actually scan that photo. And you can see the time right or the date. I should say the date when it was taken you can actually pinch and zoom the picture.

If you like have you a picture lover..

You definitely want to check this out all right. So let s take a look at the album cover. And yeah. Even this is nice it matches.

Really well as you guys can see nice little close up and then al walla. Everything is right there and of course. You can put your second one right next to each other and then you have your main picture in the center. So do you have your i guess the others that you might want to put in there.

If you have many of them in terms of the travel case. Let s see what this is about and if you love pictures you re gonna love this let s print out this picture. So as you guys can see is working without a power. So no nothing plugged into it so wirelessly printing your photos.

Just like down the fly. So ladies and gentlemen that s the hp socket. I ma call it the socket is really the pocket and we ll call the pocket socket whatever you like to call it this thing is amazing i highly recommend it especially if you enter your pictures. If you want to collect the pictures or if you want to put a nice little photo in the back of your phone and showcase.

It this thing is pretty insane and the fact how you can never worry about the ink. You do need to buy the paper. This thing is a win comment down below. If you have any questions concerns answer them and other than attaboy pops and a catch guys on my ” .


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