Tire Review on Renegade R7 M/T

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“What s up guys. I want to make this quick video for you guys on on a review on a tire. They are made by radar and they are renegade t s i ve had them probably for about three years now and i m just gonna answer a few questions that you might think of if you re considering these tires first of all they wear awesome. I think i put somewhere between fifteen to twenty thousand on them i marked this coin maybe the back tires aren t the best buy mac.

I did this coin probably a when they were brand new and you could see that they ve worn a decent amount. We still probably got another ten thousand on them you know pi another summer or two will probably run them for this summer. And then we ll be done and then we ll get a new set. But for the price for these tires.

They re not bad at all we paid 800 for all four of these tires..

And as you could and we ve only rotated on probably a couple times as you can see they re not cupping bad or anything like that they re wearing really nice really even have had zero issues sometimes you see with these uh cheaper tires or non brand tires is that they ll be you know having blowout issues or reviews won t be that great. But these things are spot on they make thirty threes for the 20s and they also make thirty fives and they also do 20 inch. Rims also they don t have a huge selection as far as in this style of tire. But they do have other styles of tires and i couldn t recommend these things more they have your standard speed rating.

I think it s like 100 miles an hour or 120 you re a good load rating. I ve used that i pull my car trailer with my jeep on it and i have no issues. It s got really good traction and snow rain. I mean i didn t get the video.

But last year..

We d had an issue in the mud pulling our 14 foot trailer behind us going uphill and we were we were bogging this thing and it did awesome they self clean really well the noise is actually pretty low they didn t they just started making paw be a little bit more of your average. Much rain noise. I would say but that s the thing you know like some people asking like well how do they ride. And you know are they loud like well first of all if you re worried about most that stuff you shouldn t be doing a much rain and i wouldn t recommend a mud terrain for your daily vehicle.

But this isn t our daily vehicle and again like i said actually these things were really quiet. They weren t bad at all when we first got them and they re still not bad i ve still there s a you know mickey thompson mt z s on the woman s jeep and those things are probably louder so i highly recommend these tires as far as so the where s. Good you re gonna get pied about 25 to 30000. Miles on them.

Which isn t bad because if you think about what you re paying for an all terrain tire that s name brand..

You re gonna be more pile up 12 to 1500 bucks for anything on a 20 inch rim while at least this your 800 bucks and actually for the 33 on 22s you re gonna be i think i ve seen 896 for all four and that s with shipping. Too that s to your door. So you honestly can t beat them and for anybody. That still you know enjoys the nice.

You know white letters and all that it s really hard to come by on the 20s. So i i like the white letters. So it was hard from once i seen these i knew exactly that these were the tires that i wanted so alright guys. So that s pretty much my overall review on these tires is that you know they we re good they are not loud.

They have a decent ride to them really good ride for a mud terrain low vibration..

No blowout issues and i definitely plan on buying these things again. This time. I might put them on some aftermarket rims this time we put them on stock wheels. But you know other than that if you have any questions.

I mean definitely hit me up in the comments itty happy to help you know sell you guys on these tires got loved them especially with the white letters and all that so yeah hit that like drop. Me a comment. If you have any questions and hit that like and subscribe thanks guys. ” .


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