ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth Introduction – Xbox

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“Breaking it you know i m new. But i gotta get busy gotta do it it good announcer back to felicia is in the hood give it up give it immensity seho for the greatest rep around the djcj ah damn girl your head is spinning like a bball can t stop it can t even slow it down yard. You know you got no choice you gotta dance. When i get going move to the rhythm of the when i get flowing gotta give it up toejam is the hood.

Damn i m good let s do it is the camera on no is the camera on no i can see the light earl. I know it s on is it on no funkotron earl come in earl. Oh yeah. Its own just give me the camera earl get me the damn camera.

Oh yo yeah. Thank you i m trying to keep the lights on upstairs. Earl yeah. I m saying no more falling asleep.

I this is a very important movie earl we got to document this up what you call it what a posterity of the universe. And all that yeah. I m saying yo yo. What s up errol chill with the camera man.

We got to do this right now point. It over here right all right now greetings in various epipolar cetaceans..

The name is toe jam or dj. Tj. You know i m saying my homeboy big earl and myself. That s toe jam with a capital t capital.

J. Also known as master t have been called upon to say the universe and all that we just got to get latisha and then we can go and get busy. Yeah. I m saying wow come on latisha.

It s me and earl we kind of gone save the universe. Again. What we ve been called by the great potamus to go. And do something important for the universe just come out i what the hell you talking about so damn the universe.

And you got that camera again and you playing at me. I m like kick. You this is my girl latisha get a close up earl am not your girl toejam nobody s gonna be your girl cuz you re not gonna live past tomorrow you hear me i m gonna take you right now. When we get to the funk of potamus.

You just let me do the talking yeah right like we could stop you come on earl let s go. And told..

Ann would you put that camera away. You ve given me a headache come on cj hurry up you don t want who got me out here. And now you re gonna make us late toejam. What the hell are you doing nothing just filming some flowers you better be filming flowers.

I m not gonna tell you again toejam you better watch where you point in that camera hila tisha. Go getting all worked up and all that there s just some fine flowers around here that s it i think you knocking smooth dog. The teacher he just lucky. I was in a good mood well we still got to go see the funcle potamus.

Why don t you go ahead. And meet willie and i ll stay here with toage empty. He wakes up. Why do you mess up with that camera again told jam besides it looks like it s gonna fall off for there.

The camera is fine leticia. I m fine earl s fine you re fine well you got that right at least alright so let s get to it why don t you fill us in on what little amon had to say now don t you go disrespecting the month. He s the great funk of pot. I m a source of all funk in a known universe you not even a potamus.

I you re right. I m sorry you could say that again young leticia..

Why don t you tell us what the man had to say and do it with your leticia style. Okay big girl. I ma lay it out on you and dofus boy all right now. I m gonna play a little hollow movie or what lamont said try to pay attention.

I ll be right back leticia. I gotta go and get some popcorn. I can t watch a movie without popcorn. You want me to get you something i ll pop you you don t sit down and be quiet.

I ll shut up and watch this. Hi lamar here listen up y all. I have big big news. My vinyl collection has been stolen that s right you heard me that 12 secret albums of funk are no longer on funkotron.

They have been pigging to earth and i scattered around get me dirt on them instead even worse they are being drained of their vital functions. I don t need to tell you that that is bad very thing whoa that is messed up your job is to go to earth and get my vinyl collection back you got it you got to find my 12 sacred albums of funk. That s all you got to do then you can come on home now why are you down there. If you want you can convert some of them are things to the ways of you know i m saying funkify.

The situation and bring them over to our side this part is optional and you can t get them all so don t sweat. It just convert as many of them as you can i piece of tape looks a little bit dangerous if you ask me..

But you know looks to me like funkotron needs us. Never fear dj tj is here whatever to help y all. Out. I m.

Giving you some special powers and all of that you know like fools. Yeah. Now that s what i m talking about good luck and may the funky went yeah come on now well i hope you got lemans message oh we got it all right didn t we earl you ride. So we re posed to go to earth and do some what d you call it pre emptive vacation.

What i can t understand though is why he s sending us. I mean of course. I understand why he wants to send me he wants to bring in the big guns and i mean big yeah. I m saying i don t think i want to know what you saying come on earl let s go.

” ..

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