Top 10 AMAZING Cities Skylines Cities – Sci-Fi – Part 10

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“Skylines allows the users to create perfect landscapes and to create the most mind boggling boggling locations here are ten of the most incredible science fiction inspired cities made within skylines would you like to win yourself a city skylines dlc. I m giving away three codes to three winners for any dlc of your choosing to enter simply head on over to bitly tm city s drc and follow the instructions or click the link in the description selene made my jaw hit the floor. It doesn t even look like the same game. This is exactly what i d hoped for from this episode the sky walkways the juxtaposition of monochromatic buildings necks of neon buildings and the sheer verticality of the city make the sci fi feeling really come through in this.

Build another monolithic site. I build stellar city takes. The opposite route to celine by creating a very spaced out tiered city each segment of stella city is built in severe achill grips featuring a vertical downtown and residential suburbs. I love my son s blend of residential areas heavy use of greenery and ocean it ll work so seamlessly and really give stella a unique look radioactive doctor is not a man you generally come across in the city scholars community.

But this bill shows that there a name you need to pay attention to fifth element is one of the strongest sci fi builds. I ve come across a perfect representation of the classic futuristic city design the defining feature is undoubtedly the flying cars. Which radioactive doctor says they got to work using the invisible roads mod. While city of tomorrow is not the most complex build on this list.

It is still a marvel to behold and built exceptionally well conflict. Nerd has built the city inside of a mountain in a satirical grid. Which is something that frequently appears in sci fi builds the city of tomorrow is very cool and clean and gives a few topia vibes. The futuristic metropolis is a classic representation of wealth.

A futuristic metropolis an extremely vertical city built along the water in a similar vein to a future new york city. The vibrant colors. The sharp architecture and the flying spaceships are an absolute feast for the eyes astir gia..


Which etho dubs the world capital is built as a futuristic version of new york city. I ll be it a much cleaner in new york city similarly to many of the other builds on this list ester gia is very clean very bright and very vertical aster gia is much more eco friendly than other cities. We ve come across by far. A standout feature is the monolithic glass island cylinder.

Which can be seen in this footage rogue city is dirty. It s grim and sadly. It s the most realistic future city on this list rogue city is a walled city surrounded by large concrete walls to keep his inhabitant safe from the world outside. However the city inside feels like a city trying to survive slums surround.

The pristine skyscrapers and highlight the difference in life within the city truong city. Is by far the oldest city on this list. But it s also the biggest so much so that you ll see the fps you can achieve within the city is a solid tron city is a mosaic of circles and hexagons. The city grid pattern is one of the most appealing things about this city on ground level.

There s a crisscross of skyscrapers littering every inch of tron city by far my favorite feature. However is the robot fighting arena aranea isn t a hyper mega city like most others on this list. But it is a futuristic representation of a city trying to survive the white walled grimy city feels realistic when you look at the current state of the planet and how things will look in the next 50 years. Asteria is a wonderful giant mega city behind large white wall designed to protect the people of the city white is one of the clear themes of the city has everything glistens from the old style architectural buildings and the modern super skyscrapers to the temples while the city is not sci fi in the usual sense of being a hyper technological city.

It does offer an alternative reality of a peaceful nation with multiple regions living behind their protective walls free from outside influence asteria is without a doubt one of the most beautiful builds. I ve seen in city skylines. If you have a project as we ve included in this list or any of the previous episodes..


Then please do comment down below or drop. Me an email and your suggestions might make it next time. This series will return in two weeks with an episode on mountain towns and featuring two guest creators. If you guys support me on patreon then please visit bitly tm yt patreon.

My first three supporters will unlock a special perk by being able to select a theme for an upcoming city s prison architect. Or planet coaster episode or perhaps a different creative game that you d like to see thanks for watching i ll see you next time ry is a charm nwe re gonna be fine okay. There s no way that platform literally njust moved from under me. That s not even possible god bro.

When are the nnext updates coming out to fix. These bugs okay yeah. This game would definitely be kind of difficult for a kid. I guess.

But maybe i m just trying nto make myself feel better revisiting this game ntoday. I had a ton of fun having all the memories of the game coming back to me. As i nplayed was a cool experience. And it made it even more nenjoyable than it was before the characters and enemies nare.

Interesting and unique and the combat is simple nenough to get the point across. But not so complex that it takes away from other aspects of the game. It felt satisfying to defeat enemies even though..


It was only one nsimple move for the most part plus. These combat nmechanics get more complex as the game progresses and nit. Adds. A bit of variety to how you play the game.

Another thing that i really nenjoyed was the soundtrack. The music choice made you feel like you were a sneaky raccoon criminal. And there was even a tiptoe sound. When you were sneaking around in a barrel.

It was amazing. And it honestly nbrought a smile to my face to listen to it now these are things that i probably wouldn t nhave noticed back in the day because of my age. I probably went into ngamestops. Saw the pictures and used that as my deciding nfactor about buying it but it was definitely nenjoyable to go back and notice these little nthings.

Now that i m older playful guitar music. The tony hawk series is an insane accomplishment nfor. Any developer. There are over 17 games nspanning.

18. Plus. Consoles and almost every single one of nthem had a good review score anyways..


I played almost all of the neversoft tony hawk games and they were all pretty fun. But without a doubt underground was my favorite in the series. The other ones were good. But this one was just on na whole new level to me the map design was amazing.

Nthe missions were unique and everything had a n2000s grunge feel to it plus. It actually had a wild story that felt right on par with nevery other aspect of this game. And finally if you ever ngot bored of the story you could build your own nparks in the park editor. And my stepbrother and i nspent a lot of time in there making crazy creations underground was developed by neversoft and it was revolutionary nto.

The skateboarding genre. It was the first tony hawk ngame that had a full story full character customization nand. A park editor. It was meant to be very nindividual to the player.

And it was the most customizable ntony hawk game at the time neversoft even allowed nplayers to import their face into the character customization screen to make their skater look just like them. I did this when i was recording nthe footage for this video and the result was pretty accurate the level design. In this ngame was much different than other tony hawk games. And it allowed for a much nbigger range of skateable areas compared to the other ntitles in the series as stated in the initial nlook of the game by ign when making the levels.

The designers would increase nthe size of each location until the game couldn t nproperly run anymore. And then slightly ndownsize them afterwards this resulted in the best npossible design of ” ..

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