Top 10 Heroic Moments in Anime

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“Guys don t let anything stand in the way of doing the right thing welcome welcome to watchmojocom. And today. We ll be counting down our picks for the top heroic moments in anime last time. I ran into you i couldn t fight because i had to protect my friends.

Now also if you re feeling a little glum with season 3 of hero academia over why not go. Plus. Ultra and head over to our companion journal mojo plays check out my review of the new video game. My hero wants justice that s right my quirk is shameless plug for this list.

We re looking at the characters in anime that overcame all manner of hardships in order to do what s right whether it be defending the innocence. Or protecting someone they cared about prepare to feel inspired. As well as see plenty of epic spoilers down the line number 10 broken hearts noble spirits. The seven deadly sins yeah poor poor jericho.

It s not hard to see why she would fall for the fox s sin of greed. After all man isn t only quite the looker. But has an overall suaveness that would melt the heart of any maiden. But unfortunately for her he s only got eyes for a lane and a pocus no sonic.

It s painful to watch. Yet she doesn t think twice about saving the pair of them. When the commandments showed up to murder them unable to move their bodies jericho carries. The two lovers despite the oncoming attacks refusing to ditch them and run.

You re a true knight jericho. Number nine eye for an eye mugello barks or mainly you to show coachman issue. You decided to know what you be coach..


Nanbu has never stood at the pinnacle of decency after all he used to make a living by staging rigged underground boxing fights. However has both he and joe made their way towards magalona he finds himself torn between paying off. What he owes to a fearsome gangster and helping his protege take the championship what i know she s you know cuckoo kenny i touch she do camilla reserved during a critical moments nanbu makes his choice by cutting out his own eye in order to square his debts. Anton dough.

He may not have gone to see joel and that winning punch. But it s fair to say. He was the one who laid the foundation number eights. A chef s chivalry food wars.

I will use my rights as head chef to cut you loose along with your girlfriend. What d you say that s enough for the most part soma is a pretty chill guy who ignores all insults towards him and prefers to let is cooking do the talking however when his friend and best gil megami is humiliated by alumni. She no meah due to unfair. Circumstances soma isn t gonna let that fly well i am not very satisfied that was totally out of her control.

Because you had produce in there that had already turned bad with her expulsion imminence. The chef gloves come off and so much challenges him to a shokugeki does that rule a totes key still apply after a student has already graduated. What are you talking about i m challenging you channeling his inner gordon ramsay sohma s overwhelming determination to save his classmates from an unwarranted punishment is nothing short of epic will you take back your decision to expel megami. Number seven defending noel black.

Clover. Aster is pretty used to mages giving him crap about his lack of magic. But don t think for one second you can talk down to one of his friends without earning a demon soul to the face. I really don t player punchers huh.

Oh wow. I m not used to after noelle s own vile family. Taunt..


An assaulter asked a pretty much declares war on the whole silver lineage lashing out with pure ferocity. You don t need to run away from people like v. Noel needless to say watching him wipe. The smug look off their royal faces.

He s an absolute delight to behold anything for one of modern animes best soon. Dear. Days. I m gonna get results like no one has before thanks to become the winter king number.

6. The guts to never give up naruto back off that s enough already you traitor no matter. What you think of the numerous overpowered skills. That there s ninja developed during shippuden.

There s no denying the one trait that s remained consistent throughout naruto s character growth is his unwillingness to ever back down stay out of it or die oh yeah. With kabuto going in for the killing blow again tsunade naruto throws himself to intercept the strike all before showing the results of his training by releasing his first ever resent gun. Even when he was a little shit. He sure knew how to take a punch or you do me guts number.

5 execution interruption bleach. Hey. The mad dash to rescue rukia from her unjustified death sentence made up the bulk of what many believed to be this animes highlights. All of which culminated in this spectacular show down just as rukia is about to be turned to ashes ichigo arrives on the scene at the last second war ting her execution.

I ve come here to rescue you got it these substitute shinigami. Then proceeds to rank the gotei. 13..


With his overwhelming strength all before clashing blades with captain flowerpower himself byakuya. It s a brilliant payoff to the meticulous build up and care that went into this iconic arc. I can see your mood byakuya kuchiki. Number.

4 saitama versus meteor. One punch man who sent you i m just a guy who s a hero for the fun of it as the singular. Most powerful being to ever grace. The medium saitama has managed to knock down a whole slew of villains.

Monsters and will the ender s with minimum efforts. However. Probably the best example of saitama acting like a hero would be when he single handedly punched his way through an incoming meteor you re not gonna fall. My leaping into the sky.

Like a bullets watching saitama destroy the approaching cataclysm is like something straight out of the silver age of comics. Even if no one thanked him it just further proves that beneath that dopey exterior lights. The heart of a true hero. I guess that takes care of that number three the flag one piece.

We all know that luffy wants to be the king of the pirates living for adventures with his crew and occasionally kicking the crap out of swashbuckling scumbags. However it was in this scene that we saw just how much the straw hat captain respected piracy in all its aspects. Do your worst you can t break this flat. When the wicked weapon tries to blow up the flag belonging to choppers foster father lif.

He stood his ground and took on the explosion. Full force keeping the flag safe while declaring its immortal importance it stands for something that you jackasses will never understand in a million years number two goodbye. One for all my hero academia could buy one for all not only is this clash between the symbol of peace and his nemesis..


One of the most epic battles in recent memory. But it also perfectly encapsulated everything endearing about all mites even as my party rotten grows frail. Even as you expose my weakened state in my heart. I remain the symbol of peace.

There s nothing you can do to take that from me with his quick waning in the face of all for ones mesh of stolen superpowers. All he can do is push himself beyond his last limits in order to finally bring an end to his most hated enemy this not only results in him unleashing. The united states of smash. But also signals the end of his time as the world s greatest hero.

Losing the last of his strength to pass on a message to his young successor. No is shorter number one lelouch is sacrifice code geass lelouch of the rebellion r2. The only ones. Who should kill are those prepared to be killed.

All this member of the britannia in royal family ever wanted was to make a change as the masked vigilante zero lelouch certainly came close. But only when he became the emperor of britannia was he able to achieve his dream. The emperor has allowed us to complete the grand task of unifying the world glory to his majesty lelouch. Oh hail britannia whatever mistakes he made along the way he still managed to succeed in uniting.

The world through the zero requiem wherein. He made himself a figure that everyone could despise lucien is this what you wanted what you set out to do to control the world as prime target number one lelouch passes friend suzaku done the mantle of zero and end his life finally bringing peace to the world i destroy the world and create it no do you agree with our pigs check out these other great clips from watch mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos. ” ..


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