Top 4 Best Starting Classes in Black Ops 4!

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” s economist ace and with the launch of black ops. 4. I ve had a a lot of people asking me what are some of the best classes that you use when you re first starting out on the game. And you haven t really leveled up too much you don t have everything unlocked.

What kind of classes are good today. I m gonna be going over for excellent classes that you can make within your first 15 or so levels of leveling up in this game. Now of course. There are going to be better classes out there once you start unlocking things and you get further into the ranks.

But for those people that are just getting into the game. These are probably going to be your best bets at least in my opinion. So first up we have kind of my go to class you can use this on any map and mode. It s very very versatile.

This is with the icr 7 for attachments. I really like using a reflex sight on this although it s not necessary it has decent iron sights. But we have reflex fmj which counters anybody using armor it completely negates armor. So that s awesome to have on and quick draw just you can snap on a target.

A little bit faster with this one. We don t have a secondary weapon. Our gear is going to be a stim shot. Which you re going to be seeing throughout most of these classes.


If not all of them equipment is going to be special issue. Which is what we re gonna have for all of our classes. And the simple reason for this is it s free to have on your class. And it gives you whatever piece of equipment that the specialist that you re using currently has 4 perks are going to be using 2 tier 1 perks.

Which means you will need perk 1 greed. We re gonna be using engineer. Which is excellent for seeing enemy equipment place on the map. This is really really helpful you re not really going to be using it to shoot down uavs or anything like that but just seeing someone censored art for instance is very very valuable in this game and scavenger just because with this class you can actually get some streaks going pretty well for tier 2.

We have mobility just helps us get around the map a little bit faster and finally for tier 3. We have ghost which really only works when you re moving. But it can be really effective. If you re trying to get onto the flank of your enemies.

So that s the first class. And honestly if there is just one class that i could pick out of all of these for this would be the go to it s really good for basically any situation make sure with the icr you re landing at least one headshot. Though because headshots do matter with this gun. And it will significantly reduce your time to kill if you land just one bullet to the head moving on to the next class.

I have for you guys. This is an smg class and with this we re using the mx. 9. Our attachments are going to be an e low or a reflex sight fmj once again to negate that armor hybrid mags because i tend to burn through ammo fairly quickly with this especially if i m dealing with multiple enemies at once and finally long barrel on there which means.


We will have to use the primary gunfighter. One wildcard once again we ve got sim shot for our gear as well as their specialist. New equipment. Our perks as well are going to be pretty much the same story as the last class.

We have scavengers so we can go on longer streets without running out of ammo. We have lightweight. Which this helps us get around the map super fast when combined with an smg and finally we have ghosts which just helps us flank. The enemies much more effectively after that one this is a super underrated class.

I don t see many people using the augur with the augur here. If you use high calibre. It will reduce the number of shots. It takes to kill if you just hit one bullet to the head.

Which is really really nice and once again we are using fmj i really like having fmj on my class. Because anytime. I run into those teams where you have like two or three people running armor. I completely negate their armor with it and it s just an excellent feeling with this one.

We do have a secondary and that s gonna be the launcher and with this that means we can take out uavs and things like that really really easily. This is also really good for taking out barbed wire and barricades and things like that i don t see a lot of people using launchers for that but it s super super effective for clearing those sorts of things out with this one since we re hanging back a little bit. I like using a contact device this allows me to turn my streaks a little bit more effectively. I don t feel like i need stim shot because i m not like right up in the action.


All the time i m kind of hanging back picking people off from a distance and therefore. Comsec device is an excellent option here especially if you re going for some higher end streaks for perks. We ve got engineer and scavenger once again for our first tier. Then we ve got cold blooded.

Which is just really nice so that enemies scorestreaks ca. N t see me i also will often switch to this class to take out enemy streaks. If somebody calls in like an attack chopper. I can switch to this class of that chopper won t target me and i can take them out with my heli and salvo and finally we have team length this class isn t really designed around flanking your enemies.

So ghost doesn t really work all that effectively and since we don t really have too many other things with we re looking at very low levels team link is great for just helping you find enemies. Because it gives you the full radius of the fog of war around you as well as your teammates. So finally this brings us to an lmg class. And this is using the titan which i actually quite like the titan in this game.

With this one. We re using quick draw fmj and stalk once again for the secondary. We have a launcher so this one s really good for taking out streaks as well as like barbed wire and barricades for instance for gear. We have sims once again i really really like using stim.

I kind of feel lost without it on most of my classes. So i will be using sims out on this one for perks first up engineer. This just helps to see that equipment through walls. As well as take down our streaks.


A little bit easier. Lightweight is great to make up for the fact that the lmgs will be slowing you down. Quite a bit so lightweight kind of fixes that at least to an extent and once again. We re gonna have team link here mainly just for a change of pace.

But also because ghost isn t gonna be all that effective with an lmg class and without that s gonna wrap it up for the top for beginner classes that i have for you guys. When you first hop into black ops. 4 of course feel free to play around with a few things if there s some things that you don t really like and you don t feel suit your playstyle definitely feel free to substitute it for something else. But those are the top 4 classes that i would personally recommend now keep in mind.

I will be doing updated class setup videos. As time goes on with this game. Actually. Throughout the entire year.

Because the meta will change and of course. I m gonna be doing better class setups for when you actually ranked up and have a bunch of things unlocked because there are some better options out there if you manage to put the time into the game before i wrap this up. Though i ve left it on the comments section below. What is your current favorite class to use in black ops.

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