Top 5 BEST Games of 2006

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“Is bearing for skier with a top five video hero show you my picks for for the best games of 2006. This year was definitely better than the terrible 2005 more interesting games released and i would love to show him off let s go old street racing. The ford racing franchise. Unfortunately is not very well known or talked about a mesh a big fan of all four racing games.

Yes. Even the so called terrible fork racing off road released in 2008. You just haven t seen the games on my list. Because much better games released in those years for street racing was the first game in the franchise.

I actually hated severely when i started playing it it s definitely not for everyone and non patient people would dismiss it immediately. I m so glad i stuck with it because honestly. This is one of the most creative games ever made seriously it looks awful the colors are bland. The driving is stiff and to drive on straight roads.

All the time. What is there to like well. If you can look past that you ll see that this game is actually mixed between single player and multiplayer essentially you play as player 1. And player 2.

And control two cars at the same time when starring race. You pick one of the two cars and try increasing your position. The other one in your team will drive on his own since. The driver is a big fat dummy you get pushed to last place.

Almost immediately well. Since one of your cars. Is leading you need to transfer over to car number to take it to first spot and wait now car one is on last. What the heck yep there s a lot going back and forth.

And that s the charm of it the constant micromanaging your best bet is to change every two minutes and always finish on second and third you still get lots of points and can win a championship a very unique addition to the franchise. And i would love to see more games duras need for speed carbon. This is a direct sequel to most wanted again beloved by everyone except for me yep. I don t know what s up with me both games are very similar and carville looks like a watered down version of most wanted however again the other game did nothing for me carbon is where it s at we have a story here.

And it s what you would expect from an nfs game. Cheesy uninspired with boring characters yep. Let s toss. It aside like it never existed.

Let s look at something which i did like and as the music. It s like listening to the soundtrack of previous nfs titles. And even the fast in the furious movies speaking of that it sure feels like they took inspiration from them street races at night various characters tuning vehicles. The tunic is vastly improved you can slap a spoiler on a car and call.

It good..

However if you re like me. And like perfection. You would spend hours fine tuning each individual part to your liking this is a vast improvement from the previous titles. It feels like you have complete control in how the vehicle would look speaking of vehicles.

We have a lot of them they are separated into three different classes muscle. Which have good acceleration exotic which have good top speed anti best ones tuner. They have great handling. Which for me is the most important thing when racing this game is definitely not one of my favorites.

And i won t revisit it again. But i had some great moments while playing so it deserves a spot on this list grand theft. Auto. Vice city stories the worst gta game.

You know how much i love the franchise gta. 3. Got me into gaming vice city fought me how to mod and script missions san andreas. Fought me how to edit videos and introduce me to hundreds of people via stunting gta.

4. Was my biggest disappointment ever but showed me how impactful a fictional character story can be to you what did vice city stories give me frustration frustration and even more frustration. Oh now you may be asking. Why is this piece of crap on my list.

The thing is if you cut out half the game. It s incredible this story atmosphere music mission layout characters and handling are seriously. Some of the best right up there with san andreas. What i take issue with is the progression here s the situation you have difficulty passing a certain mission and of course you do because you have to the controller.

I want to make it easier by completing a side mission side missions have always helped you in other games from making a fireproof to spawning infinite ammo for your weapons. You spend 10 to 20 minutes doing a side mission and the game is much more fun. How does vcs can do it they make you grind for hours. One particular side mission takes about two and a half hours to complete and all we do is fly around the map.

That s it no excitement just pick up people and drop them. And it s not only that we have fire copter beach patrol. And more oh and don t forget that instead of twelve levels for a majority of them now you have 15 or let s make you grind a bit more don t get me wrong this game is great and all i mentioned could be avoided completely not for me because i m a completionist. But still you don t have to do it every time you play the characters are extremely likeable you have a girlfriend an idiot brother scary mob guys you have a i don t even know what the hell this thing is and even few colons.

The voice actors splendid job and as the best part of the game. Why sir stories could have been a much better game. Sadly i cannot give it a better spot on my list. Jeff left episode 1.

I was hesitant of putting us here since it s technically an add on not a fully fledged game..

But i think it should get a mention. I have never really been a huge fan of the half life franchise. I mean i played half life once campaign for the first time in 2014 16 years after its release. It s similar to half life 2.

I played it with a much more modern outlook than most people who played it at release lots of better much more fleshed out games were already out and half life. 2. Was nothing more than a fun experience. And that s it i see wise liked so much though the atmosphere is the main thing the crazy alien infested to loot is spooky dangerous and intriguing you have many weapons to choose from even more than the base game the big change.

Here is as throughout the majority of your play time you ll be accompanied by alex. She adds a lot of spice to the gameplay and is a nice companion and again i played it years after its release when other games did the companion formula a lot better like bioshock infinite. But i can t fault it too much all the time it was great episode 1 is in my opinion. I needed improvements to the base game.

It s a shame the story did not go anywhere the legend of the lost girl juarez has been passed from one generation to the next since the time of hernando cortes call of huarez. Oh yeah. A western shooter. We don t get many of these we really don t westerns.

Which take place in the cowboy era are my jam that s most likely my favorite time period and call of juarez does a great job showcasing it this is a very unique game in its storytelling. You play as two characters billy and reverend ray. However unlike the game on the number five spots here you don t work together. But one tries to find and kure other this allows for some great encounters you cause lots of commotion with one character and plop.

The other one shows up from nowhere and tries to get you he fails. And you separate again the hunt continues and you play the same sequence of events from another perspective both characters are very different one has a dual wield ability can hold heavier weapons like shotguns. He has a slow mo draw. Ability and can duel certain people.

The other one being a kid has a lot more stealth oriented playstyle using a bow and your trusted lasso. This is one of the best storytelling. I have ever seen that with the combination with the western theme amazing gun barrels climbing section and great voice acting make this one of the best games ever made and that s it from you guys those are my favorite games of 2006. If wanna see my favorite ones in 2005.

And 2007. Then click right here or subscribe to my channel for more gaming videos. Thanks for watching. And i ll see you in the next one k so oh my word one of them is avoided it who avoided it violate avoids it how takes the hit losers almost well more than half of its overall hp.

That s insane. A sense who goes for recover. Restoring the hp. It took from that pursuit earlier in the battle.

So suddenly the tides have shifted for power form..

I did not expect that to happen. But hey that s the beauty of the metronome fusion flare from our choreo ballet going to be souped up by that same time attack bonus massive damage half damage to our acorrea sense. Soon my word parting shot from powder form who s gonna hit it s gonna be pom pom form losing its attack and special attack each by one stage power form of course isn t gonna switch out with parting shot. Because there s no one to switch out to pom pom.

How you gonna respond to the parting shot chip away not the kind of attack you need to be using in this kind of metronome battle oratorio by late barely felt it house power. We re gonna put perform now fell stinger now that s not going to be very effective and no one s close to death so i ll record your sin. So just gonna eat that right up especially with it being a ghost type as well and here. We.

See pin missile. Another bug type move from oratorio by lay gonna do a tiny bit of damage each of each time two are only two times two pom pom form so pop on forms looking pretty good right now what about sensu what since you re gonna do gonna go for a leah lowering the defense of vile a form okay so i ve both pokemon of course leah in a double battle will hit both pokemon. Let s remember that young liam here. We go with sense you again starting off the turn my word iein has it s gonna be neutral damage on our choreo power woo.

All my word power. Who is looking to be in a tough spot right now as we see pom pom go for soft boiled gonna restore 50 of its hp and it s barely even been touched this battle so or a choreo pom pom is in a great position as well oh. My goodness this could really go either of three ways the moment nature s madness from violate form on our choreo bump. I m gonna drop it by 50 of its hp.

My word so effectively that soft boiled mate nature s madness madness. Technically more powerful but here we go with a power split from by lay on to pom pom. Sorry up from power onto pom pom. It s it s so confusing with all these forms.

There s just so many in there. All words that i just don t know we see for sight from pom pom on to power. I m not used to saying power or by lane. Normally pom.

Pom and sin sewer. A little bit easier to say. As sensu comes out with quick attack again chip damage on by lay by ladies sit. And pretty right now not really a lot for by later worried about as we see power with vena shock.

How s it going to do on oratorio pom pom. A fair bit of damage nothing to complain about power lose still on the offensive power is still in a good position electric terrain comes out the only pokemon. The benefits from this right now is our choreo pom pom because those electric type moves. If it gets to use them will be powered up.

I m really hoping someone uses a move that s affected by dancer because that would be incredible power goes for defense curl gonna raise the defense back up after that lea chopped. It down so there s now only bile. A form that is suffering with the lowered defense at the moment. What sense.

We re gonna do to retaliate triple kick okay on to bile a form it s not very effective is it s a fighting type move..

But it s three little bits of chip damage so by late isn t looking as pretty as it did at the start the battle. But it s still in the driver s seat. I would say what s bilayer to come out with superpower not going to be very effective on anyone and gonna lower the defense. A further stage and the attack a stage bye bye lay so vile a you have put yourself in a very strange position at the moment.

I don t think you wanted to do it. Here. We see razor wind coming out from pom pom. Now pom pom has to be careful.

Because it s not going to use metronome next turn it s gonna go straight in for razor win. But it gets to move first that s very lucky takes out power form and brings bile a form down to less than half its hp. How is by they responding to this because it s now outnumbered being on that side of the field goes for a peck. It will be super effective and it will take out pom pom.

This is now one on one sense versus vejle that was a very impressive move even though it was only peck. It certainly turned the tide in favor of by late or or from sensitive gonna do a hell of a lot of damage and of course you re now locked into opera. Oh my god how is by they gonna respond by layers in a very difficult position here. What s it gonna do what can it do ancient.

Power. That s gonna be super effective. Oh. My goodness.

Oh. My goodness. Oh my god three hp and of course sensors gonna use gopro and win the battle against on a courier file a buyer has brett sensu with 3 hp pulls it out of the bag that was an incredible forum fight. Oh my word so you ve already heard my opinion.

You ve seen these pokemon in battle. Now. It s time for you guys to let me know. Which of these are record forms as your favorite is it by late pom pom paulo or sensu leave a comment down below and make sure you explain to everybody why your pick is the best of the dancing birds make sure you follow me on twitter.

So you don t miss out on me making a fool of myself on a daily basis. And if you d like to support the channel. See your name in the credits of these videos and also see these videos before anyone else consider back on patreon. It literally just cost 1 a month of course don t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications that you never miss another video.

But until next time. I m a strainer liam keep on training. ” ..


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