Top 5 iPhone 8 Cases & Covers

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“And welcome to this video showcasing five of the best cases around for the iphone iphone 8 all of the cases found within this video are available globally and linked be left in the description. And the comments below first up. We have the exo shield clear case from elixir combining a non compromising transparent look and a rugged design. The exo shield represents an ideal choice for those who want to preserve the look and feel of their iphone 8 while still adding some decent protection to guard it from knocks bumps and shocks with reinforced corners the elixir exo shield guards your iphone 8 really well when dropped absorbing force from drops and bumps these callers relieve any damage and also protect the iphones precious screen.

Thanks to their raised design. The exo shield. Sleek design makes it fully compatible with wireless charging. So you can charge in the most modern way possible without having to remove your case.

The overall appearance is also very pleasing. It s slim sleek and ticks all of the boxes for me making. It a great choice for any iphone 8 owner who wants to protect their iphones..


Gorgeous fastback while still showing it off next up is the envoi series from case ology a great everyday case. The envoi series fits into any environment and situation perfectly thanks to its super sharp design. The combination of a carbon fiber style tpu. Inner butts then housed by a metallic gold polycarbonate frame.

Really does create a striking professional look that s ideal for use in the office and on nights out not just to look at the case. Ology envoi series. Also equips your iphone with solid protection. The dual layered nature of the case.

Ensure shocks are nicely absorbed. Keeping your iphone. In one piece..


And looking as good as the day you bought it for even longer. The case features easy press buttons and provides full access to all ports and features. It also works flawlessly with wireless charging. So you can quickly charge in the most convenient way possible with the m boy series.

Still attached. Now we move on to the otterbox symmetry case. Famed for their ruggedness otterbox continue to deliver unrivaled protection for the iphone eight one of otterbox is most popular options the symmetry series takes all of the tough ruggedness from boxes past. But refines it into a much slimmer and easy to use package.

This creates a case that can be used anywhere. And that gives you complete peace of mind thanks to its certified drop detection. More not the most exciting case to look at the otterbox certainly represents one of the more practical choices..


Especially if you work in extreme conditions. Or if you just want to add protection just in case. Just like the previous cases in our lineup. The symmetry series work perfectly with wireless charging despite the cases tough rugged design.

But ultimately we have the elixir sentinel case to take a look at provided with the case is a tough case compatible glass screen protector something. Which is a real nice touch from elixir as with this option you can effortlessly protect your entire iphone 8 without having to worry about over bulking it this screen protector being included is standard makes the sentinel fantastic value and what s great is that you re guaranteed. It will fit taking the hassle out of purchasing a case and then worrying about what screen protector will be compatible extremely easy to apply the protector can be installed within a matter of minutes once on it provides you with tough protection against scratches and scrapes. While your screen remains just as responsive as it was before the case itself is a very sleek proposition that looks great on the carbon fiber trims at the top and bottom sandwich in the brush back finish really does provide a superb modern look for your iphone 8 in summary.

The sentinel case from elixir equips your iphone 8 with supreme style and rugged protection in a very slim line package. It works perfectly with wireless charging allowing you to quickly charge your device in the most modern way. Possible finally we finish up with a duo guard case from prs design with a stunning two tone composition..


The duo guard case looks fantastic on the brushed metal style back feels great in hand while the matte black border frames. The case perfectly the sublime style complements the iphone 8 to 80 while still providing it with some decent protection against scratches and scrapes located at the rear of the case is a convenient pop out kickstand that can be accessed within seconds to provide you with hassle free viewing of media. No matter where you find yourself then when you re done simply push it back into place. And you re good go with full access to all ports and features the douro card from vrs design.

Works perfectly as an everyday case. It s also compatible with wireless charging just like all of the cases within its lineup. Allowing you to take advantage of this amazing charging method without having to remove your case for more information and to even purchase. The cases feature to administer then please use the links in the comments below.

” ..

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