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“Who use their what jimmy get over here unless you guys want the belt. I i would not advise you guys to try and steal. But above all else do steal from your mom and don t steal our credit card for four nights skins for that but not five kids who use their mom s credit card to buy skins. This is real this is real this is actually okay all right well.

I m being instructed or told that this is apparently a thing so uh. Let s just let s do it not five kids who use their mom s credit cards to buy yeesh number five using my mom s credit card to get v bucks. She got pissed you know honestly this video. It s probably a prime example of what not to do to get content with word.

I being so popular and youtube careers popping up everywhere. It s no surprise that more and more people are trying it out for themselves continuous phases where a lot of youtubers are making videos on the same subject especially for tonight s camera get scammed hackers glitches. You get what i mean. But sometimes these types of videos that go viral can encourage others to perform similar stunts and when that involves spending money on your mom s credit card.

It s not exactly gonna end well for you especially. If that result is you don t even get to play the game. Anymore can you imagine no for tonight. Port.

And i important think about it you can t hit the default dance with your friends or the high pins. You won t even get to use the money that was spent or perhaps they just get rid of your console or pc. Altogether. Kevin here appears to be making this type of video purely for the sake of use.

He s most likely seen his video elsewhere and thought it would be fun to do so himself. That is until his mom finds out. Oh. My gosh.

Okay yeah. I just got all these new books right now. What do we get oh crap. My god yeah look what my mom s right near me.

But whatever we got come on guys oh no no mom no now i have it i don t i don t know what kill you wait mom. It s not like you think give me it we don t know what happened to kevin after that he was never heard from again. Actually he appeared a couple months later. But the video got cut out pretty quick and you can imagine how the mom must have responded.

He said earlier in the video that he s for doing it is because mom let him spend the same amount of money on another game..

But come on man. You know you were gonna get trouble the moment your mom asks about the credit card and you do die every. There s better ways to get content come on number four mom freaks out. So you probably all know faze rug by now or at least.

Have heard of him a few times. Well. He does some blogging videos and one day. He decides to visit his cousin junior who helped with fortnight when face rug first started who s junior.

That actually carried face rug to victory in his first duo win well face rug goes in to say hi and watch him play out a. Match when he noticed his junior has. 44000. B.

Bucks like how does this kid have 44000. Biba hold on hold on let s return to this how do you have 40000 v. Bugs money for all that i know i mean you re my cousin i know you very well you don t work where do you get your money from really yeah young businessmen. He says he was selling shoes that s just brilliant days rug definitely isn t buying it though even though he can t help.

But laugh this definitely lets junior know that it isn t okay and if junior didn t get the message. Then you can be sure he got it when his mom comes through the door after receiving an email. Saying. Her cards been declined and charged 400 for four tonight.

Doing power lay. I m wearing me that you tweet the charge for 100 for the game. No i don t know yeah the game. No you re not i called it didn t i it might take away the console.

Together and sure enough juniors mom was about to take the xbox away. I m plugging. It straightaway. But here phase drugs jumps in and offers to pay up the money for juniors sake essentially a win win for everyone.

Except now juniors on mom s watch list gotta behave if he wants to keep that xbox maybe his shoe. Selling business will kick off and and he can get a place of his own who knows number three bought v bucks on mom s credit card. Why do you guys do this to me eh. I can t just asked her mom hey mom is it alright.

If i buy some v..

Bucks. Or perhaps you need to haggle with them a bit. Hey dad. Any chores around the house.

You want me to do so. I could buy some b. Bucks or perhaps like jr. You could sell shoes and by v bucks.

With your own cash all right. I know it isn t always that easy we do do giveaways on this channel. Though so look out for those if you re broke when they spend money on fortnight with someone else s money and without permission. How is that gonna help at all the only way you re getting away with that is if the parents are a complete pushovers.

Which most the time isn t the case and the punishment will always most likely make everything worse for you than it was before in this clip. We ve got brendon who s somehow managed to get his mom s credit card and is making multiple purchases to get over 2000 v. Bucks hey guys when you and guess what once in i can t use ebooks but now and i be purchasing that so like i m scared like i hope lies on the wall. Just just taking the money out of her account.

So hopefully. I don t get in trouble. I went about i m gonna end it well. I am gonna buy the better path.

So i m gonna come for my pictures real quick so guys you know what i m gonna do right now anybody the battle plans so here we go oh my holy books. I m johnny wick. Hey guys look i didn t get done with guys i m so up wanna go see what else i can buy real quick. Oh.

I can get these. People yes guys so guys as y all can see i just bought a thousand v plate mm v. Bucks. I m a mom s credit card and bought the battle bass sorry mom.

But these guys i can t believe it peace you may be excited about finally having v bucks. Now brendon. But i m not sure how long it ll last. I may be wrong brendon could get away with this after all it is a long the smaller purchases.

But it still doesn t make it okay and if she does find out then he s in for a world of hurt number two use this credit card to buy v bucks..

So we ve seen what it looks like when it s just maybe 20 bucks maybe a couple hundred. But now we re gonna be looking at one of the bigger cases that happen. Which actually made it newsworthy around late july. Single mother of two cleo was attempting to use the cash machine to grab some money.

But was denied and when checking her ballads found that it was only 8 pound in there which she found strange considering. There s definitely supposed to be over a thousand pound in there surely after clea also received a text message that she was now in her overdraft somehow even more money had come out when she went home. Though and was talking about it with her son that s when everything was revealed. Her son broke down.

And admitted everything he had taken her bank card and inserted all the necessary details into his computer and put the card back over the next month. He somehow managed to spend over 1200 pound in veba purchase how can you buy that much in a month. Maybe he was stocking up unfortunately. This isn t just a small grab for views like we ve seen with other videos on our list.

This is a serious amount of money that will deeply affect their lives cleo has admitted that to get by she had to take out of her son s savings. She had gathered for him and it all seems like a joke at first until you see it go too. Far. Number.

One kid. Spends 200 on fortnight and buys. Twenty seven thousand plus b. Bucks.

Okay. So this time. I don t blame this kid that much if anything this kid was just getting what he owed kind of so these two kids have essentially gone on to fortnight while moms out and dad s asleep and spent 200 worth on feed. Bucks now they do say at the beginning of the video that they were promised to be bucks as payment for video.

They helped mom and dad make previously that s why they re buying them like this they re like loan sharks for kids. But then they decide to wake up dad and play some fort night with them at first he doesn t even know why he s got new items until they all get killed leave the match. And he looks up at the top right corner. Did you buy b bucks.

How do i get twelve thousand five hundred much jagger did you go to baby. Bucks. Yeah. You did how much did you get come here did you buy me bucks how to be buck no you walk them through the battle class.

How much do you get for battle..

This we listen the only thing that i m concerned about as i said you guys could buy me bucks. Right but if you look 12500. That s worth like over a hundred dollars did down by the vbox. Wow.

Dylan. The only way i got that much as if i got a hundred dollars of e books did you spend 100 what you spent 200 when we told you to get v bucks. We were thinking probably like 20 or 40. But i m not complaining is that one of the skin bad at first dad was thinking he somehow got 12000.

V. Bucks for free until the penny suddenly drops and he realizes what happened dad seems pretty chill about the whole situation but when mom gets home it s not so great really interesting text messages from american express oh really friend we need to talk this is serious it says. Large purchase on american express. Look at the x whoops yeah.

There s me that s two charges 200 everything that you charge i get a text message during all of it you got some peter like doing sewing ever and you got you enjoy you re gone for the night. You you know it s about to go down. When you hear mom say this is serious and she quite understandably goes off about the situation. But dad it being awesome steps in for the rescue.

This is a special because we made the fort and video and it took 100 hours to make it was three days in front of the gries here the kids and we said they could get v bucks. And listen listen here s the thing we were gonna get like 40 each. But if you get a hundred each it comes at three thousand five hundred free nuts visit our 10 year anniversary s coming up in what four days. My anniversary present.

I want the v bucks. There you go it all i did well this time around. But brothers caused major problems for the present and their future. Just try and use some common sense out there people in a bit of consideration also don t steal silly goose click the like button if you ve enjoyed subscribe to the channel.

If you have not already pushed notifications on you don t hit that bell you might not get our content. You might miss out on some of the giveaways that we do regularly here on the channel also be sure to check out our series. The story of fortnight parts of 1 2. We have completed both parts second one didn t really get that much love.

But the video itself is just so so good super high production value make sure you guys check it out. But that has been our list of the top 5 kids who use their mom s credit card to buy fortnight s skins. Hope you guys have a wonderful day. And keep it here on top 5 gaming peace ” .


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