Top 50 Overwatch Map Tricks & Secrets For Every Hero (Advanced Guide)

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“See those clips of streamers just nending up in crazy spots of the maps today. Today. I m going to show you all the best nmap jumps shortcuts tricks secrets more that work for every hero. My name is nnate and welcome to blizzard guides.

So i ve been playing overwatch for nearly nthree years now. So i know a ton of really insanely good map spots. I ve ncompiled thirty of the best ones that i use pretty much every game that work nwith every hero except for a few tanks on a few of the jumps. I also have an nextra 22 or so rocket jumps and widow spots that you may not have known about ni.


Know that you won t know at least one of these so make sure to watch through ni. m not gonna overdo the vo either unless. There s some secret tip to ngetting it right i m just gonna roll the clip also please if you can ask your nfriends to subscribe and share this video. We re so close to 100k and i want nto finish this year strong it would mean a lot to me neither way though let s get into this video to start us off let s do watch npoint gibraltar.

Following that junker town following that i can wold the kills anyway. South korea has swapped neska over to the reaper now which i think is a good change. The reaper ngenerally doing a little bit better in the third part will it pay up. Though looks like it is nso far kids coming.


Here. There s a dragon play the mana boots on our honda. They nabsolutely wrecked us now. We ve got temple of anubis now.

We ve got illios. This one s pretty neasy just to make sure that you take a bit slower and whenever you land on the nedge don t move around and then just go straight for the jump now we ve got nepal s next up hani mourra. This one i actually njust discovered so i don t actually use it quite as much as i said i did but nthis one is actually pretty insane. I didn t realize you could do this next up blizzard world after that hollywood after that busan nthese two are pretty simple.


But i included them because they are very nuseful and not a lot of players realize that you can actually do this. Following. That li. Zhong next up kings nrow after that oasis after that i m bringing you dorado next up rialto.

Now we ve got new bonnie. Then route 66. And last. But not least walsh kya.


Anyway. That s it for today. If you guys nknew every single one drop. A comment and i ll definitely 100 send you a cookie nif you guys really enjoyed this one drop a like and if you want to see more be nsure to get subscribed.

I really want to hit 100k before the end of the year. But nanyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this one ” ..


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