Toshiba 42RV530U Regza Full HD LCD TV

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“About a 1080p toshiba rexha. This is a 42 inch 1080p and you know these these guys they re fighting because it s awesome. I don t know what that. But yeah we re taking a look at the hulk here on this tv.

Just to show you well how awesome it looks now. It s 1080p meaning. 1920. By 1080 that s the highest resolution.

Available for tv sets. Right now. And one thing. I like about.

This tv. Set it has a 14 bit image processor on the inside. And an 8 bit display. And what that really means is that you re gonna get over 4000 levels of gradiation between the different colors and also between the blacks and the whites and that really helps a lot that s a good contrast ratio for an lcd.

Because if you noticed in the in the black areas. A lot of times in some sets with lower contrast ratios or less contrast ratios. I suppose or less of a contrast ratio. You ll notice that the black areas just tend to be black.

Well in this one even in the black areas you see different gradations you see shades..

You see colors. It s more like it originally wasn t a theater. That s a nice thing i mean if you notice here in the different black areas. It doesn t just turn all the way black and the white areas they re not just all the way white you see a lot of differences in colors and a lot of differences in the different shades also i wanted to show you an action movie on this set.

Because it has an 8 millisecond response time and that s quick and a lot of the older sets. Again. They have a slower response times and you start to see something called ghosting where the characters move on the screen. And then you ll see like a little fragment of a shadow behind them kind of catching up to them.

And you won t see any of that with this set plus. It also has several different modes that are really cool it has a gaming mode and in the gaming mode it heightens the response time even more so when you re playing your games. You really want accurate response times. Because that can mean the difference in being dead or alive.

And so that s a game to see how i tied that together erik. You paying attention over there you better be this is 1080p. These guys are not messing around with the set. Now this has a lot of really cool technologies.

One that i think is really cool. It s something that s called dynamic light. It s a backlight control. And what it does is it basically detects every scene or every even every individual frame.

It goes through and detects..

What the lights doing it says like oh. This area is too dark or this area is too light. And if the background is too bright. And may the subject faces a little darker.

It helps to even that out it makes the face a little brighter. So you can see it and it does that to every individual frame to make sure you get the best image quality. Possible and you can turn that on or off you can even lower and raise the different level and just to get it perfect for you that helps a lot when you guys have the handheld camcorders or whatever you want to watch it back on this it ll really help your picture look a lot smoother for some of the movies. And that sort of thing sometimes i leave it off.

But hey. It s up to you there s a lot of different modes and methods you can use with this now i want to add one more thing you re actually watching this from a computer right now that s right i m playing a dvd on a computer that s in the floor. So you can hook up your computer to this can you imagine using this as your monitor if your business put this in your lobby. Maybe some information going about the business.

A little video that s way more compelling than just a picture or a poster or even a powerpoint presentation. You can you imagine having a little dvd those you know you can get it made they don t cost that much to make a little dvd made information about your business. Always playing on this set put it in the front window people that walk by are gonna go hey you re really gonna catch a lot more attention then like i said just a standard poster would so there s a lot you can do with it now let s talk about what you can plug into this unit. I m gonna turn it around and show you all the different ins and outs on the back.

There s some ins and outs located right on the side. It s just you can also mount this unit. I ll show you that when i turn it around as well. But if you do mount it on the wall.

There s some inputs on the side and the restaurant..

The back alright. Let s take a look at those ports turn it around it s actually very light when i add that it s very easy to pick up and the base also swivels. I m gonna go ahead and unplug the pc. There so i can really turn it around and show you without jerking the cord out now.

This is convenient right here on the side. We have an hdmi port. That s full high definition video and audio in one cable service port there moving on down. We also have a composite input right there that s great for your video cameras and that sort of thing alright let me grab it and turn it all the way around to the back and like i said this thing s not very heavy.

I can lift it up it s much lighter than a plasma and also lcds are very good for bright environments. Now as you can see here we have mounts there so you can mount this on the wall alright. Let s move all the way over here and take a look at all these sports now first thing you re gonna notice right here on the back three hdmi ports right there above that we have a digital audio output that full surround sound that s a s pdif in one cable you can send that over to your surround sound unit. Like i said these three are all high definition video and audio and one cable alright.

There is the pc input. And there s the pc in from the mother actually the pc audio in moving on down. Here. We have s video and composite.

In right there we have two component inputs. That s nice and right over. Here. We have an audio output as well so we ve got a lot of ins and outs right on the back also beside all the ins and outs.

We have the antenna or the cable input right there on the bottom..

So you can plug that up so again this set has some great technology with the 14 bit image processor. You re gonna get 4000 levels of gradiation. Which looks awesome the gaming mode really helps and plus. Since you have a pc input you can play games.

On this thing from your pc or your consoles. And they re gonna have a better response time it s also 1080p meaning. It s the highest resolution. You re gonna get in a set.

And it s 42 inches. Which is like the perfect size for a lot of the living rooms and also it s not too big to put in maybe. An office or a bedroom. So think about it there as well if you got a big kitchen hey it d be awesome in the kitchen.

You imagine cooking you never you never get any cooking. Done you ll be watching this i ll see you next time for more information on this 42 inch 1080p toshiba tregs lcd tv go to copy us acom and type 224 4 2 4 into the search box. Or call. Us.

24. Hours a day 7 days a ” ..

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