Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Issues Solved?

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“I m making a video about these stealth 700 for the playstation. 4. This is is ps4 pro and playstation because they work for all the playstation. 4.

Consoles. Obviously are really good listening wise. They have the surround sound. And it s really good everything that they advertise here is really good.

I m not gonna i m not saying that there it s really a trashy set of headphones there. But there is a problem and the problem is that they cut in and out. And i don t know what it is but i tried everything like changing the settings on the playstation. I m going from though by surround sound to dts.

I mean i ve tried everything putting the volume up lowering the volume resetting heart resetting going into the windows app to have it set up so that you can restore these the update they ve already updated. So really there wasn t anything else to do now. What i m thinking is that the the actual headsets are bad and i m going to do is i m gonna return these and get a new set and then see if that is if that s a problem because if then the new set that says i come in have the same problem then i m not getting any i m not getting this brand of headsets again now i m not the same turtlebeach or anything like that for my peripheral. My preference is that what i m playing i want to listen to what i m playing i want to listen to those footsteps.

Where the shots are coming from when i m playing out first person shooters and this thing right now. It s not helping out because it keeps cutting in and out. And i wish i could show it to you and what s going on. But i mean i can t duplicate it because it s on the phone and you re gonna have to hear it from here.

But basically what happens is you are playing a game whichever game. It is and you are shooting or getting shot at or just normally playing and the audio will cut out so you can t hear anything and that s a big negative or that s not really a good thing. While you re playing cuz now. You don t know who is shooting at you word is shooting at you and anything what s going on and it cuts doesn t cut off for a second or two cuts off of one or two and the longest.

I ve had it cut out was for three seconds and then you think that s not a long time. But here is three seconds. That s three seconds right there and imagine you walking into a room and all of a sudden. The audio cuts out and you really don t know what s going on so anyways.

I m gonna return these see if i could get the same hit set for this brand new..

I wanted to try it and if they keep cutting in and out. Then i m done also look up. Stealth 700. Turtle beach s on google and search for cutting in and out.

And there are various videos of these headsets having that same issue and basically. It s a hit or miss. If you get a good set you have a good headset. If you have a bad hit set then use yours done.

That s it today s late. I ll do i ll go tomorrow to target. That s where i bought them from and get a return or exchange exchange. Ease and then i ll get the new one tomorrow and then i ll review those but deed.

They are really good they sound really good i can t say no to this sound. But i just wish they sounded get longer instead of cutting in and out all right well here. We are now this it s been a week since i made that video maybe two weeks my bad i returned it to target target gave me a pair of new ones. And they didn t have a problem at first um after two or three hours or maybe two hours of prolonged plane.

I started encountering the same problem and it would cut in and out about two seconds. And you cannot hear anything so the thing with this headset is that here. You have the game volume right and here you have the chat volume so you could mute or lower your shack. If you don t want to hear people talking over while you re trying to listen to the footsteps or listen.

If somebody s coming or you these lower the volume on the headset. Now the only way to get this done or to have be able to do this that s because they have this is an optical in so it goes to the back of the console. And it hooks up to this and this allows for i guess game audio or game audio or whichever way it goes it just allows for two sets of audios to go in and out also this thing bends and i don t know if you can see it right there. But it s really bent and this is brand new and i haven t really done anything to it just have it here and i don t know how that bent and others because of the heat of the console.

But it bends so yeah so that s how he gives it this is the optical audio in and then this is just a bluetooth transmitter that hooks up to your console. Now. Whenever you have the console setup. Make sure you have this facing directly to you or else.

It will start cutting in and out alright and i was showing you how far my chair is from my console..

And it s right here and i here s the console. And it will cut in and out. And i know why it did that one too recently in our explain. Why and back to the headset.

So these have a certain amount of time. I mean i don t know how long it is on to the battery dies. I really should have looked at that before i started this video but two hours in of gameplay. The battery will start dying.

Now the app will say that it has three quarters of a battery right look. Just you see a little bit of battery that has been discharged from the headset. But once that happens they start cutting in an hour. So you could only play it at least two hours until these start to cut in and out because the battery is dying.

And then you will have to charge them fully charge them right. And it s not a usbc is the old usb. Think is the micro usb and then you have to wait a couple hours until they charge again. Until you could use them now you can play through the cutting in and out.

But it has happened to me that i m playing and i go into a house or something while i m playing call of duty and audio cuts in and out for four seconds and then i get shot at now i don t know if i could have prevented that with it didn t cut out. But it did now i m not saying they re all bad what i m saying is in two hours of play time you will start encountering dad breaking in and out like i said in the previous clip. It could be an isolated problem. But this is two headsets now that i ve had where it is happening all right and i don t think it is a play state.

My playstation. I think it s the actual headset. Because if that would have been in the case. If the bluetooth transmitter.

It s bad on my playstation. Then while i m playing with my remote. I think it wouldn t happen. Because the remote is connected through bluetooth.

And i my headset..

When i connect it to it not this one. The one that i bought for nineteen dollars on amazon then that will cut in and out also but it s not doing it this is doing it and i think. It is because the battery is dying. And it s not allowing for a connection stay blake stable connection while the battery is dying.

But with that being said these are by far. I ve had a couple since i ve been trying to get a good headset. These are the best i ve i can t say it enough they are really loud you could hear footsteps you could hear everything you could hear flies you can hear all the things that the game wanted you to hear. But i would have loved them more or liked them more if they would not cut in and out.

While i m playing because the whole reason is that you get these sets of headsets is to be able to play and hear the game at all times. Now i would have liked also if they do an update. Where it starts. Telling you that the battery is getting low.

So that you could charge them and also if there s an update that would allow you to take away the whole chat. Because i really don t look at if i own this i m playing with my client mine and my friends. I really don t use the chat. Much i just want here if in an update you can just remove that all by itself and only use audio of the game.

Now i don t maybe does allow it into place. They change the setting there you can just delete it and not have audio. But by far that would be a good addition that you could just turn that off here and be done with it the enhanced audio thing that they have here that s trash. I ve tried it in s trash.

The bluetooth is great while you re trying to talk to somebody on the phone you can just down all that all the games. The game volume. The chat volume and it s talk on the phone or listen to music whatever you want on and off obviously thought and you know what that does i seen beware. I ve seen this mic break on a lot of pills online.

When i was trying to shirk troubleshoot. The audio problem that s a big deal with these guys they break him to see them you can get them on analyst and you can get them on ebay. Not amazon for 40 bucks d status without the transmitter because this broke. But you can still use them as headphones.

And that s another thing and then also this transmitter..

I ll be careful where you place that at because mines bent and i don t know how that happened so still works. I don t think that s the issue. But yeah also these are really comfortable ultra comfortable. I don t know how much i could say that they re really comfortable.

They are plastic yes. But still like never gues plastic is better in have you metal on your head. And that s it well there you have it i ll keep an update on these if anything bad happens on them like if they die or the mic breaks. Which i m sure it s app is going to happen for some time.

But they have it if they cut in and out. And you have a pair of these charging charger and fold. Until. The light turns green and then play for two hours and then charge them again alright.

If you like it like this video. Please give it a thumbs up if you like videos like this. I. Do a lots of videos on technology.

Cars. I do funko pops stuff like that please give it a like subscribe and for those that are waiting on how did i install the lights on the rav4. It s i ve been playing too much call of duty 1. And i ve been playing and i ve been working too much and i haven t got a chance to go and do that but for sure i ll get to it before the end of the year and i may post that on youtube.

Whenever the year ends or buy it before the year ends. So it s really easy. It s nothing huge there s a hole in the bottom of the cult or where the cubby is where the wireless charger pad. Is there s a hole right there and you could put a hanger through the inside of the word a glove compartment is you put the hanger through it and then you make a hook at the end and then you put the cables up through there and then the hook grabs the cables and then you just rot it and then hook.

It up to your interior lighting. But i ll make a video just to show you guys where that s at alright. See you guys later in the next. ” .


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