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“Welcome back to my channel integral troy. We are background stands for mod video and and today. We re checking out the ui cheats mod by we re best suit. The sit back relax.

And enjoy. This video alright y all. So all the past couple of weeks. I can t even ask me how did i do that and by that they either mean me increasing needs or adding money straight from the ui.

And that s what the ui cheats. Mod does so the purpose of the mod was to make it easier to do certain cheats or certain things on in your game. Without you having to know typing controller succeeds in like testing cheats on dadada. So it s only a couple select things in the mileage you can do and one of them is you can left click to gain money such as left click.

And at 1000 samolians to her household. If i right click..

I can go ahead and just you know put it in the amount. I once let s give her like a million simoleons one two three there we go one gimme roseburg game 1. Million smell is in a single house sold so there you go so she now has a 1 million simoleons. Just like that or i could just be you know just basic me like you get one dollar you get a one dollar.

So that s what you can do tomorrow you can also go ahead and up there needs to so for some reason. If you click in the faded. Part like here you can increase their needs and if you click like towards the back where it is filled in you can decrease their needs just like that that s pretty cool and there s nothing you can do you if you are like recording. A video or you want to be like a certain time and and like i m tired of wednesday.

Let s go to friday you can go ahead and click on the clock. And then they say set game time so it s in the 24 hour clock. So you make sure you neolithic 24 hour clock so if i say 13 it s gonna be 1 pm. Ok so but if i say you know 6 it s gonna be 6 am but 13 and say 18 it s gonna take me.

To. Hopefully 6 00..

Pm. 6 00 pm. So things like that so make sure you are careful when you re setting the game. Time just because their needs will be affected like anybody else in the household will be affected just cuz.

You re you know you re changing gay time and things like that let me go ahead and ignore fill bowl can t grace can t afford this oh my bed. There we go now she can t afford it fill a bowl. Yes. I know my pets are hungry crystal.

No not right now crystal hold on let me um cheat need make happy let me like cheat these knees. Real quick hold on see now they re all just messed up make happy. So again be careful winger like dealing with this game. Time cuz.

It could like bite you in the butt. So once you start messing around with time and stuff make sure you say..

4. Is just in case because i ve had a toddler be taken away and a sim died because like i had to museums and i was trying to no get them straight. But okay if you go to the sim and you right click hold on stu. Bob right click set you can set the relationship values for that sim you can go into the know to go to hurt you can go into the trades and you right click.

And you set the value for that set your skill level or if you have like a job. Which crisis. I have a team job let me see we can do this yeah. You can so.

If you right click on the from the task at hand you can go ahead and you know it ll you can t do it here. But you click on the task. It ll go ahead and fill it for you so. That s the kinds of things you can do with the ui cheats.

My description box below. If you haven t already go ahead and subscribe to your girls channel..

Because you know i have a lot more long videos on my channel. That you could possibly seem beneficial to your own personal game. But this is one month. I do have and i think i did a major video on it before i don t remember.

But yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know in the comments below. What you would use this mod for if you did get it me personally i kind of just use it mostly for the needs panel just in case. I made you know you d like an emergency and um. When i m recording videos.

I ll use the game time. But i use it like with i i m very cautious of using it so again guys make sure you like and subscribe and i ll see you on the next video bye guys. ” ..


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