Unboxing Sony KD49X720E 4K HDR LED X720E Series

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“Carl was apt and we ve got the sony. Kd 49. X. 720 ii.

Here here we re going to open up box and show you guys what s inside. I m going to put this on the floor. Because it s a little too high right now and we re going to cut open the top taketv out to show you guys everything that s in here grab our scissors and the first thing that pops out here is the setup guide take that out so you can see here. I m going to show you looks like how the cable management system works how to unpackage the tv and put it on its pedestal make sure you follow all these instructions here we don t go through step by step when we re setting up the tv s make sure you follow these instructions when you re putting the pedestal on the tv.

Because you don t want it to fall. So next up we have their remote this one does not have any voice command functionality built in but still kind of a similar feel similar shape to what you find on the xbr tv..

You ve got a power brick power cord to plug into the power brick. And i think that is it for what s no no take that back we ve got a piece of pedestal as well with an attic. Take a quick look. There s some screws that come attached to that so make sure you hang on to those they ve got some yellow tape on them.

So you really can t miss them throw that off to the side and the pedestal set that down get rid of the rest of the styrofoam here. And actually this part might be a little bit tricky. So we re going to stop here and then when we get back. We will have the tv on the pedestal here for you so stay with us.

We ll be right back. Hey everybody so we re back..

We ve got the tv set up on the pedestal and there were a few things left in the box that we found at the bottom there s a little packet that has your component video connection. You also get a bunch of manuals for instructions and some warranty information and such and then this little zip tie for some cable management. So and some batteries for the remote control. So we got the batteries in the remote set up the tv here you re taking a look at the picture.

It s a nice looking picture. Everything was really simple to set up you just lay. The tv down and attach the pedestal to the bottom with four different screws. Not that difficult to do the back of the tv is a little the material that they use on the back is a little weird.

It s very flexible. So i would say be very careful when you re setting this up..

But otherwise everything looks great sounds as most leds sound now. Which is not that great. But we re going to do another video on this one that goes into a little more detail. So make sure you guys stick around for that.

And as always we thank you for watching this video and be sure to like and subscribe to our channel on youtube. So you can see all ” ..

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