Unboxing The Walmart Exclusive Overwatch Loot Box

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“Welcome back to another video. So we went grocery shopping today. We were adults today today and we went to walmart and we walked by the like funko and like of toy section. And we saw this overwatch loot box thing i don t really know what is it maya culture fly you never heard of them.

But they have a bunch of different boxes. There but the only one that was really intriguing to us was the overwatch one because obviously we re both huge overwatch fans. We already know a couple of things that are inside of it. But there is a mystery item and you know us have any idea.

What it is but we re extended. So we re just gonna unbox. It yeah. So excited there s a couple things in here.

Yeah that we already know what they are was really really cool i don t think it s gonna get funky pop. But who knows because we re so like into all the funko pops that we would know if there was a funko pop in there. But built by culture fly ooh 50 off our first order on culture fly calm. That s pretty cool okay so first up we have a lucio hat.

Which is pretty sick. But that s actually really cool..

I didn t think i was gonna like unless you had as much as like do i know it s actually really cool fantastic i m gonna click nice it wasn t expecting this to be like a super nice material but it s actually and it s the good bag. I don t like this that bad stretchy. One yes like the snapback ones this i m really excited about me totally styrofoam. Oh gosh.

Everyone cover your ears. Oh that s so nice okay. It s a pint glass overwatch on one side and then reaper and wraith form on the other that s so clay decided for that the two could have these are so cool so they came up the little jump rat and road hog. A few little symbols as chip clips is there stuff on there.

A little god mystery item up umbrellas is so stupid really it s so stupid. These are really cool. I love these will definitely be using these yeah. It s awesome more fun little chip clips.

I m disappointed yeah yeah. So there s all silicone rolls. Oh. So like if you wanted to make like a giant ice cube.

Snowball or like something like that you can um maybe like a cupcake. They re kind of cool..

Though they re cute like i feel like we can make a video actually i m making some snowball mold let us know below. If you want to see us make like something out of snowball. I don t know yes snowball maybe is another overwatch. So i think you re kind of cool.

Okay. Yeah. That is the missionary that looks like a little ice mold firm. No last thing is which i was excited about it s just some decal stickers sometimes different heroes and stuff.

Which i wanted because i just got a new water bottle that i m gonna put stickers on it somehow tracer machree oh winston soldier stephanie sheets you know i see people in sake yeah that s cool it s pretty cool nice well. So i mean the whole box retails at walmart for like 20 bucks. So i mean for what you get actually really don t think it s bad shuttles already. I had to make that money anyways.

Though yeah it retails for 20 which is like kind of a lot. But i mean for what you get if you get a really nice paint glass would i feel like by itself would be like ten to like fifteen dollars anyway soon with that yeah if you got like a nice little ice mold. I mean i don t think this i don t really know how much this would be worth. The hat is like actually a lot like a really.

Nice mint here. That s really nice and then we ll check clips and some stickers..

Yeah. So i mean. Oh. No.

I don t think. The price point. Is horrible. Um.

Do i wish that the ice thing was something different a little bit. I think they re cool. But i think they would have been cooler as just like an item and then also the mystery mm yeah. Yeah.

They re cool. Though i like them oh great. Well that was just gonna be a short video unboxing. This on camera for fun.

Yeah. You re wearing the hat..

So i feel like a head. Two or something okay. Thank you guys for watching let us know if you wanna sees do more. Random unboxing videos.

We want to eventually like order a loop box or a loot crate thing that comes like once a month. I m trying to find the best like subscription thing for what we want to do it s just the fact like certain things send like a bunch of different video games and like i only want like certain video games or like certain companies to like send us things. So i don t want to get one random loot box. Where it s like stuff that we don t care about at all so eventually when i find that we ll do that.

But yeah for now at least. We ll just go to find random stuff to open. Cool. That s all for now folks.

Later fungus. Oh. That s all for today later buddy later buggers. ” .


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