Unboxing Toshiba Touch Screen Laptop (i7/12GB/1TB) Satellite L55W-C5320

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“Out the ucmj to get back with the shabbat buses can laptop. So before i i go to review this laptop let s see the key feature of this laptop the model number is toshiba satellite fusion el double 5w see 53 20 so these are model number and i screen size is 156. Inch full hd and come with the touches seen. So.

This is a touch screen laptop. The resolution is 1920 by 180 pixel. Processor is in. Charcoal.

Arrived core i7 and expiries 24. Gigahertz. Okay. The ram is to l.

Gb. Of ddr3. Ram. Yeah.


It has 2 l. Gb. Ram. 1 tb of sata hard drive.

In delhi geographic 5500 ok tv sb of 30 one usb of 20 it also has a wi fi bluetooth etc etc so now come to the main feature so here the port lock and a power and is a hajime wood full size are two years b of 20. All in one code reader ok so the right side lock or on to usb card reader so in a frontside. There is nothing except the wi fi and battery indicator led indicator okay so it has wi fi bluetooth speaker webcam all this thing okay here first is the lock or creating the dog button and the volume rocker combo of our doing mike one more usb of 20. And is a power so overall.

It has two usb and the batteries are t s our battery finishing is silver color and looking very nice in design and claria build quality design. Look is really very nice the finishing is very nice so is a core i7 laptop from toshiba. Now come to the main thing. The touch performance and the keypad performance.

The touch is same so keypad and the touchpad is face big area so as you can see a touchpad is bigger let me check. It okay working fine so touched by working fine. No problem is a touchpad and a keypad. Okay.


So this is the full size keypad and each has very good and we ll be right back lights okay. This is a look at at the backward is we ve nice of this laptop is very strong so nice keep idea fine whatever you find okay so. So. The batteries either send our t cell.

Battery. The touch. Okay yeah. So nice touch is rotten.

Verify. So good design. Good look. Good touchpad.

Good. Keypad and good position performance yes. Very smooth really sensitive is performing like a tablet here so the convertible laptop. Okay yeah.


So now if you with the touch screen touch performer and i speed as i said. It has core. I see one profile and 12 gb of ram and intel high g. Traffic 5500.

So each mode. We perform very nice you can play your game you can do your heavy togs. No problem. Knowing should you do whatever you want in this laptop.

Because it s a highly configured laptop. So this laptop is made for heavy duty. Yeah so you can do a heavy tasks around your video editing software editing coreldraw autocad photoshop whatever you want to on this laptop. Ok.

Now the thickness. So the thickness you guys. Slim is calling shape. And the base is also a slim as you can see here.


But there is no optical drive g1 and there is no vj because you assume laptop and the way. It is i think two point three kg yeah so 2 point 3. Kg 156 inch full hd touchscreen touchscreen laptop. So these are quick view of this laptop for later spies and fully specification click.

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