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“Guys and welcome back to logic language learning. Okay. So today s video is looking looking at the word and see as well as a seeker. Okay and see or seeker.

So this is a word that crops up. Quite a lot and most people aren t even completely sure how you re pronouncing. It so can we just have a little listen to how we would say the word bread. Which is pat yeah pat or certain.

Which is self tan. So we re looking at a. I n. As ah okay.

Unless. We have an e after it like sep. 10. Or semaine.

We re obviously going to be pronouncing that like an app. So a c or a seeker. Okay so this word is so useful. But i would really want you to think about it in four ways.

We ve got an see at the beginning of a sentence on its own and see at the end of a sentence on its own and seeker. Plus. A person doing something or an seeker plus. An object okay and by object.

I mean a thing. A non person or basically somebody not doing something all right. So. Let s have a little look.


So the secret to using this word or word with words. Without seeker is it s thinking of a synonym think even another word. Which means the same thing. And there are four synonyms for each of these situations.

Okay. There s one synonym so for synonyms. A synonym for each of these situations. So i ll see sorry i see on its own before a sentence kind of means.

What it sounds like in english. And so so it sounds like you think and so i see so it s like so i m i missed the bus and so i see you know it s it s gonna function like that okay. So i see in that way we could sort of say it means a ello ello donk. You know yeah i see at the end of a sentence means like that like this come.

See come. Sir. Or the word of the phrase doucette mannie in this way with a set vessel. So for example.

I did it well you need to put them you need to put things in alphabetical order you for could chew metal assures inaudible abed seek yeah. But i did it like that relief a and c and c. So in that way it would mean like that you know cancer or in this way. Decide man yeah or in that way.

This is man. Yeah. Like it then we move on to a seeker. So a seeker is basically going to be used either with somebody next after a who s doing a verb or not so for example if i said and seeker to d z.

Then it s going to be synonymous with like i was telling you so like the would come so similar to how we used it with comme. Si comme. Sir. And by comme.


Si. Comme. Sir. I mean come c.

Or come. Sir. Don t ever. Say.

Comme. Si. Comme. Sir.

So many french textbooks contain this phrase. Just ignore it we never say in french analogies. Jamie. We never say okay so like i was telling you that works perfectly for this situation and seek closure to dz okay.

So and seeker in this situation will be like so like i wanted to explain comes over exp key and secret of will exp k. In this situation. It would be like okay. The final use of a c co.

When we ve not got a person doing a verb after it is like saying and also it was c. So i came to see you and you offered me biscuits and something to drink okay dongs rejuvenative. Ah. Choo mouth fair found a discreet a calico shows a bra you could say gmail fetish was a agua what about jim a failed industry and seeker catfish reservoir.

So it s like and also so let s have a look at the for uses and see at the beginning is and so yeah. Ello and see on its own at the end like this yeah. In this way usually fancy ass seeker. Plus.


A person doing something means like gum like i was telling you yesterday. And i see plus somebody not doing something it basically means and including that thing yeah and including that thing so i really hope. This is useful so using a different camera today let me just see what s gonna come up on linguae. Let s see if we can find some interesting little examples and i see that i think might be useful for you some some just some random versions butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt.

Let s have a look some examples and i will pop these underneath obviously so yeah so for example. If we had a little look at word reference as well so as see on its own yeah so in this way like this like that yeah so. But i think it s more useful to imagine what other french word could i use in its place. So you know just hit menu or comes up okay.

That s when it s on its own. Okay. So when it starts the expression. That would mean and so yeah okay so it depends sort of similar feeling.

Know what i want about at the beginning. Is a similar feeling to answer. Okay. You ll often have it with an c and donk.

And see donk you ll often have both so as i was saying and cqg say like i was already telling you oh yes. This is quite common so are men. A men like religious. I agree is i see sweat sealed and so be it yeah.

I m suspecting. That s how it is it s like that sit down. See yeah. So that s using the an c that comes at the end.

It s like that let s look for some more examples linguae. Lovely lingua. See let s have a look so the sample monsieur monsieur please. Polyphony.


Sir for me who material aviles young and secure the pokemon you re a long time. Yeah. Ok so there you go so. The notice should include information about measures taken by the provider to ensure the bridge as well as yes.

Sir. That would be the as well as yet including yeah and seeker as well as including aoc. So that s a seeker when you re not then adding. A person le possibly due to easily forced could cure violence seek acceptance and to promote it s obviously possible to use structural funds as well as so again a lot of the time we sing and seeker plus.

A thing and that s as well as ok so like i said and when you ve got a seeker you re either gonna have an seekers. A purse of lesson plus. The person doing it so it will be like like or you will have and seek. Plus somebody not doing anything in which case.

It will be as well as also including okay so final thoughts. Then so really practice using this if you go to say light that comb sir or in this way. They said man. Yet you could swap it francie.

Yeah. I wanted to do it. Like that was really that come sir you really live that fantasy if i start my sent into it and so ello i could swap that francie i see you know antsy donk. If i was to say like the teacher wanted to tell us you know come hop zeppelin or jia.

I could swap that for us ok or if i ve got you know as well as you know able co. He gave me we went to the park and we also went to you know the cinema on it a little back and seeker loosen him up whatever as well as the cinema. Ok so i hope these four uses of antsy or none and seeker are really useful for you let me know this was a response to a question by ian. ” .


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