UNO – RAYMAN DLC DECK! First to 200 Points! (Teams)

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“To oh no all right. It s been a while guys. It s been a a while we re all for card down last time around this game. Made us hate each other so we had to take a break been a while since i made ohmwrecker friend those were too good if we needed a head cap.

Oh. My god yeah yeah colors on me you know that s right welcome back to peach. I won t play the game. I m gonna play the game.

Everybody know the news game let s play the game right bitch you over the pond. Oh sometimes it s good to get fucked by a man cartoons were place for you nobody home would you do it i m gonna take a little break delay you get me cartoons. You want the same or you want a change. Either one time for change.

Yeah. This is bad. This shakes swap. Right.

Now are they one. Motherfucker..

One y all. Got a quarter of your scores got some big big. I got some goo goo. Yeah.

They they really want to put our feet to yourself thank you cartoon there you go you can have that what s gonna win this game. No one knows can i play the game please play by the way. I haven t really seen any of the new all right you know what to do you know what to do do i know you see that monster in the top left of the screen children turn the new cards on you you know what opie cards bullshit okay here we go it s green green zero in the field. I don t want to do this i get a lot of cards in there i got what cartoons is gonna be worth so much it s the perfect card too by the way guys if you use a new card explain what it does for viewers.

Yes. Mister no big deal. Oh just a little for all right. He s gonna play that night.

Don t say you don t put your own damn mouth right now fucking you put your home do what you have to do man do whatever you want right pay attention to what i got and then pay attention to what you do oh that s a clone one that s why i got a draw damn it i don t have he s got they re gonna win right here. There s nothing we can do go for it no i can t i can t right they fucking won just like wow good job to change the rules around you fucked up look at characters of course. So anybody likes rain man will probably know these characters new card is read at the bottom. It says it over here.

I can t read it but cuts. Cartoons and then one no i m not reading it we talked about we re gonna win this game of destiny..

The game of hearts the game of bridge. I m sitting here my leaf throne right now oh okay. Oh yeah. That s fine you know what curtsies we got scrappers scrappers look.

I m gonna win with this card right here don t worry don t worry don t worry he does a green. He s a head green. Just are your biggest one just in case fuckers do not do he does my gangsta. I forgot a challenge what button is the challenge.

But no challenge there you go cartoons looking very low do you think ohm has green rice price. I don t think he has a green. I don t think it s great oh you don t have green thumb doesn t have green. He might have it have it okay got those biggie biggie small cards.

I guess i ll just draw cartoon to you you could draw again okay yeah root sometimes i didn t hurt you you hurt me you hurt my bit. I d never hurt my feels my pills is never gonna be the same after today. I m brand new delirious. We need to have some counselling okay yeah.

We need when they re cartoons cartoons. He he hit told me he calls me name how does that make you feel he uh..

He told. Me my childhood was a piece of shit and he doesn t know we re gonna win rocky mountains on cocky mountain. It s only cocky mountain cocky everybody likes koppel fire and someone changes fuckin color. Please.

John three cards in a row and this game is going on for no derail where are those wild cards right here thank you for that for it s very wow i haven t seen the the punch card yet what the fuck. I want to see some more cards yeah. I want to skip cartoons munchkin. You guys dick dick licker yeah well no more dick looking for you your skin right you know what threw that not just drop that non deuces and nano jesus.

What you drawing on the deuce banana. Why do you think i drew you stood there for a second because the game lag. You know you re gonna draw some cards that s ok. This is actually really really bad pretty bad really bad.

Oh. You know what fuck this nice okay. Listen. I m not gonna send it back to bryce bryce has more cards do it no fuck.

I don t really know why he does but you know okay and the harder. The cards yeah..

We can get some around here do you like blue balls. No you see those you see the sperm in the background. Do you think is good good. Everything s good don t roll with this all be chill read it read it to us do it i don t know just use.

He was able to see their hands over your hand. Do a tiebreaker now or what like what the fuck right to fuck another game. I brick around all right this should be quick guys this round is the winner here. We go.

This is the time right here this is death looking set match. Oh you re gonna hand watch. It no no he s lying he s lying bryce. He s lying do whatever you need to do oh.

Oh. I think they won they just won the tiebreaker you call the market. I scored dropped it at reduce you in the next video motherfucker never call me son of bitches chained to ” ..


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