Vankyo 510 Leisure Projector: External Speaker Hook Up (How To Video)

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“Hey guys i wanted to do a video kind of playing around in my garage. Garage. Because i got a new outdoor movie set up so i was just playing with it to get it ready. I got this new pa system rockville.

You can see my review on it too this is phenomenal and watch that review great speakers. But i wanted to show you i have a new projector. I got it is the van keogh leasure 510 now i have built in speakers and i ve used this inside a few times and it actually sounds pretty good. The speakers built in are like surprisingly good they would never be loud enough outside here in fact.

I have my kids brought this out for me to use spider man. So what we ll do is check this out. Here is the volume. And it has a remote here so i ll turn it up you can see the volume hopefully on the screen going up.


But you ll be able to hear how good this sounds actually so not horribly sound. They have the lights on in here. So why it looks a little dim. But i m going to show you how to turn this down a little bit.

I m going to show you how to hook this into external speakers. So there s a couple different ways. This is just a regular dvd player. I am gonna i do have a blu ray that i plug into here.

Because this is a high definition let me turn that down load bar high definition deck projector. So it does have you know the hdmi outputs right now it comes with this where you just plug your a v settings and plugs. In and you can run it right from a regular dvds. This is just an old dvd player i access playing around so there s two ways you can do it.


If you are using just a regular av you can just plug the yellow. One in then you would take your cords. Here. And you would have to get an extension to run the red and white one over to your speakers.

Or your amp. These have these speakers have a built in amp. In them. So.

The you know use whatever you have with these ever built to them. But i ll show you an easier way to do it and you can buy this cord. This cost. Me eight dollars.


It s a 25 foot cord and on this end. It has the two av. Outputs red and white and then this it just has a 35. Headphone jack and as if you can see there there is a headphone jack so i ll show you how to do that real quick all you got to do is let me get my cord here and we ll plug it right in there and then let me i need two hands hold on a second.

Okay you plug it in there. And that shuts off the sound like you have headphones. So then you re just gonna take this end down here. And you re gonna run this to an amp or wherever you have it in this case.

These have the built in amp. So my cords caught hold on a second let me get on tangled alright. So i m gonna take my ends here and then in the back. There you can see i have some plugins.


I m going to plug in the white in the red and i m going to turn this on and you can already hear it on here coming out and this is your volumes. If you want adjust the volumes and i like this too because it has the base and trouble write on it so we ll turn it around so that s what it sounds like and like i said just a headphone jack look let me get to a headphone jack and if you re doing outdoor movies. Or something gonna want a 25 30 foot cord. It was eight dollars on amazon that plugs right back into your you re gonna need a receiver.

This has built in receivers. But i m very happy i was very impressed with it i just actually the first time i tried it was tonight. So i was you know had my fingers crossed. Who would work good so if you re looking for some external speakers for your van keogh projector easy easy fix right there so hope that ” .


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