Voices and Accents – Part 5: Monstrous Voices: Demons and Devils..

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“Friends and fellow gamers and welcome back to our voices and accents. Series. Today. We we re going to take a look at voices.

You can utilize for various outsiders re going to look at some of the main playable races the tea fling and the azemar. But also move into a little more sinister of an area with devils and demons and lastly close at least this one with taking a look at how you could utilize in elementals. Voice and the four main kinds of elementals now taking a look at the flings you have a really huge variety of voices. You could use for them given that they kind of follow a similar pattern to the elf in that they re they re a mix of cultures.

But don t necessarily need to emulate one or the other the tiefling has a demonic heritage. But it may or may not be apparent the same thing with the azemar celestial heritage. But it may or may not be exhibited one way another so since people asked i ll just share kind of how i utilize the tiefling voice it depends again on their alignment or their class. But my tiefling alchemist who i play frequently in pathfinder society.

She s got a bit of an attitude in her voice. And you might have heard her right dear father. The adventurers today were just awful. I i don t even know what to do with them they re just fools idiots and well most of them and one of them was a bit dashing.

I could say what that didn t comment. My voice and i i meant simply has uses of course uses yes. Unlike the elf that will still utilize..


Our british accent. This one s a little more pompous and has a little bit of a deeper breath enos that might happen at certain accents. They don t have to be evil. But it s still one way that i would approach it for azemar.

I do pretty well the same voice. But i kind of make it higher and a little slower kind of trying to be like err. It is so good that you ve come i am blessed to be in your presence. Please have a seat.

What can i get for you it is grave in dark times. Indeed. But you needn t worry i hear firsthand the stirrings of the celestial plane. You do not need to fear you have allies more than you can see now this is playing up there good and evil a little more heavily if you have one that doesn t fit the mold.

So you re playing in azemar. Who s evil you might just want to flip flop those accents. But you can go in a variety of directions. I find the the russian eastern european accent works well and a more commonly 40 flings and for as amar s i ve occasionally done.

But that causes swedish accent. This is one where you basically any times as and as it sounds like a z and you make this emphasis. Most of the time and for the halflings..


I might also do zzs and you can just change. Some of the pronunciations such that it is a bit more like this and not so much like this but then longer longer moving on to the demonic sinister forces. There isn t really not a huge difference between the way you might portray this voice between demons and devils devils have a bit more of an organization. So you might have them being a little more smooth talking or more confident a little more manipulative.

Where demons are just chaotic and a little more violent. So really the pace and the tone and the amount that you accent will be different between them. So let s take a look at devils first the classic wealth thinking devil they sort of archfiend ah you can definitely put on your british accent as well he s quite dashing and debonair of course sell your soul you ll gain the world i promise you but if they get mad you might find their bit more crass and posh and you initially thought you re going to want to get down into the hand kind of things we re not fully on that second one. There.

We re less sophisticated devils. Like the bearded devils or the ice ones you can move it down. Even further. And this is going to move into more the demon voice.

Too and it s going to start with your voice like this the batman. One. But even you re going to make it even more kind of like make that noise first to kind of queue in to what voice you want to do and then start talking with that voice it s going to hurt you re gonna want to practice this if you can end up doing it for a long time. I am the darkness.

You have come to the bones whoo and that will definitely drain your voice. Very quickly. But take moments and when you re speaking..


You can have the smaller demons maybe muffets don t necessarily have to do that they can be higher pitched. But still have that sinister quality. Yes master. I would go and attend do it at once it should be remembering in the meta video.

The whole time. That s really going to showcase that more may be classically evil approach or at least sinister moving to demons. They may just be more of that chaotic thing. The whole time and for a really large demon like a demi gorgon or one of the other kind of princes of hell.

Those sorts of guys i find talking a little more slowly. But down in that deep register works well and then for a more fast paced or kind of a foot soldier type of demon you speed the pace off a little bit. I am beautiful if you can get lower than that i m i m just about to take off on this. But if you can maintain that with some practice you can really bring out some great voices just make sure your players can understand you that s why i like to do it a little more slowly welcome adventure.

Pointing the head down. Seems to help with this and then if you re doing again the little more fast paced yes. Ether grab them perk them to bones. I don t have my lettuce cabbage.

Those kind of things will work well for for that listen to kind of death metal. Would work really well for this voice. But again one of the problems..


I find with death metal is i can t understand anything they re saying. So you want to make sure that you re at least enunciated or speaking slowly enough that they understand because the death metal block. We really find retirees up above oh yeah. And i don t know any of the words.

They re saying maybe they because they re doing it more quickly so lay off the the gutter illness just a little bit. When you really it s important that they hear you if you just want to do it kind of noise. That s really good to kind of end a speech or beginning. We will value and put on it and with your face too that will really make the voice come forth.

I like to preempt my my voice for demons or devils. Either with hey. Which is the hydralisk sound from starcraft. I liked using that one for this or oh.

And i use the disturbed sound. That can get into the voice. Too getting down with the sickness. How those will all be good for for initializing.

The voice now to take a step away from that and hopefully recover a little bit ” ..

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