VR – How To Get Your Oculus Quest Games Cheaper

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“Lundy s why i m here for my xbox 360. I ve been doing a a lot of testing and playing with the oculus quest. And i m looking forward getting a review up to you but before i get a review up to you guys i thought about jumping in and make it quickly know about something i ve noticed in the pricing of the games and apps on oculus sport and for you guys to have just received offers kris and i m looking to buy a few new games. Here are a few tips for you to make sure that you get the best deals when getting those games.

So what i ve noticed is that before you purchase the game for your quests. It s always wise to check you became you wanted to buy somewhat crossfire or not and if so check the price of the game on both the quest and rifts store as sometimes they re priced differently in order for you to check the price on a riff store you won t be able to check it with in the quests and will need to check in on the computer or on your oculus app on your phone as the op ra store within the quest will only show you the games in the quest store. Only so for example. I was checking out various games between the stores.


The boxing scene creed is priced at 46 99. In the australian oculus quest or. However. The same game is priced at 33 99.

On the reef store. I ve known that this game support cross by and actually say that the game support the quests on both the rift and the quest or so this really is no reason to pay the high price. Another thing that may be worth doing is to check games. That are confirmed for a quest in support cross body.


They may be just cancel them now with i m sure when they re released on the quest that will initially be set back to full price. So it may be worthwhile. Buying now and waiting for it to be released. My final tip is that the reef store being a more established and the fact that it s been around for quite a little while now their bundle deals which often provide a great discount when you purchase model games together and instead were found for this is the game the climb which will be supported on the oculus quest and cross by but it s not currently ready for the.

Question this is priced at 4999 by itself. But i found a bundle with this game in bonfire. Which is a game that can be played on request already and usually cost 1499. By itself.


It was bundled with the client for only 46. 99 which. Means he actually saved a few dollars from the 4999. Before buying decline and you ve got a bonus game as well for it.

I suppose the overall team in general to save a few dollars here is to check the multiple stores to make sure that the price that are the same and if not take advantage of it and also if you re waiting for game. That you know will support crossway. And it s coming up and quests. It may be worthwhile to be patience and keep checking the rif store and buy it when it s on sale before it comes out on the quest.


So there you have it do my people to help you save a few dollars in there for buying games and apps on oculus quest now in the future and maybe you ll save enough to buy a few extra games so your quest hopefully. These tips have been useful you guys and please subscribe to our channel and come back again when i get my full review of the opera s quest on in a few days. So until then is one people maybe expose 360. I ll see you in my next video.

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