Warframe: Farming Nyth & Sentirum + All Other POE Gems

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“I finally decided to take my time farming gems in the plains well. I really really need them now considering the fact that i m creating a video on the setup for operators to be effective in the idul and hunt specifically. I need rare gems like the center arm and knife to craft. Some arcane s and stuff for my operator.

And i think it s pretty useful especially for new players that i share my farming method for these planes of edelen resources. I know some of you have their farming method already and think that this video is too little too late but stick for me within a minute as you may find some information here that you haven t heard of yet like my quick and easy route to farm gems in the plains before we start. Seeing my usual route on farming. These gems.

Fast let s talk about the things you need first so you can mine conveniently first you need a really good mining laser. If you want to get those sent ireland knife. You need the tier 3 mining. Laser or the advanced an awesome cutter not only that it has advanced tech like the mini map radar.


But it s the only mining laser that can extract idle and gems. Basically you need to be ranked 4 or surra to purchase this laser with 20000 standings just a friendly tip for those new in warframe you can get this mining laser for free once you rank up tessera just select. It as your free reward. And you don t need to purchase it another good tip is bringing a stealth warframe when you re mining in the plains in this way you can focus on mining gems and take away those enemy aggros in my case.

I usually bring a shawl loki when i m mining in the plains preferably loki. As his invisibility is longer than nash. Now you could bring ivara too. But the thing about this warframe is her movement are slow when invisible.

I really consider fast moving frames in this task as it s more efficient that way just what your stealth frame with lots of duration and you re good to go now let s talk about my usual mining route in the past. I always roam around the plains looking for these gems. But that seems to be inefficient as it costs a lot of time which is why i device my own mining route. So my route starts from the gate.


Then up here in the twin horns. Where you spot that geezer and big pond. I usually don t see gems. Quite often here.

But i included this route as sometimes i get set a swiss pin here and then i ll go down and look for gems in this area over. Here. There s a small grenier camp in this portion here near the cave. This is usually one of my good spot for getting some rare gems and then i ll head all the way down.

The here. Where you will see that dead weird looking fish and go look for some more gems in this area close to the shore lines until i get to this spot right here now this spot right here is my gold mine you usually see lots of gems right here. And most of the time this is the place that i get sent ireland knife. Okay.


Let s take a quick look at those places that i ve mentioned so this is my usual mining route. Most of the time it would take 13 to 15 minutes without archwing to farm those minerals that i want and i usually gain 6 9. And force antyram in average. Provided that i have a resource booster.

By the way i highly advise that if your mining. Some gems try to equip a resource booster and a smita. Caveat. As this will give you more gems.

It may not increase the chance of getting knife and cent hiram. But it will increase the number of gems you get from one mineral. So i hope that you find this video informative. Now.


I have enough resources to craft the things that i needed to make my operator riddle and ready in the past. I usually depend on my friends to take down the shields. But i finally decided to change that i always post frame videos and i would like to make something new. I m now investing a lots of time and resources on my operator.

I hope to post the video soon but i m currently short of seven more arcane s i got the standings. But the daily limit is a bugger so i need to wait for a couple of days before i can max the final arcane needed by my operator in the meantime. I will be posting more planes of it ll and videos until we get to that sweet spot again hope that you find this video useful. Before leaving please do me a favor and hit that like button.

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