Warframe – New Twitch Prime Drops [Prime Orbiter?

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“Can t believe it did that i recorded this whole thing and went to edit edit it and for some reason. The program had the microphone needed so yes. There a new twitch prime drop as you can see it is going to last pretty much until october next year. Going.

December january. February. April. Skipping march for some reason may june.

Skipping july august. September. Then october. You will have to come back every month to claim it you do have to have your warframe account linked to your twitch account and come back every month.

I m assuming it ll be near towards the beginning of the month to claim your reward you cannot just sign up for this and it will give you it every month. You do have to come back and manually claim this every time. And i am aware that this the first drop for this is normal m bar. With a slot for normal m bar.

And probably the big thing..

That is enticing a lot of people to actually do this the filigree prime decoration. This is a orbiter decoration that adds gold in here it did yet again remove my frost. One as soon as it added in a new one but we re not going to go too much into that because i was taking it off anywhere to put this on because it does look pretty nice has quite a nice i nearly said prime feel to it it s got these gold bits in there. It puts them on the look quite nice around the terminal is probably the nicest part though they sent a console.

Really liking how that looks the bits around the window. Look really nice as well all in all adding. The gold bits in there. When i first seen as a kind of thoughts.

Oh really that there s a very fine line between this being completely horrible and being able to fit in there quite nicely of course. You can change the color of them to be any color that you want these gold accents to be any color whatsoever. And if you are having issues kind of getting it to work. I had this which is what took me till since it came out yesterday.

It was well over 15 16 hours ago now till now because it wouldn t work the account was linked. But it would not work as soon as i signed in at which it was telling me that i needed to link my accounts. I only linked them three different times. And it just would not work so i give up try it again this morning.

Actually i didn t even unlink it yesterday..

I tried again this morning went through everything that it wants with chrome and it worked perfectly fine. So. If you are having issues linking them linked to the wolfram site about this will be in the description below to read through how to link them if you are having issues linking them try using chrome. If that continues i believe they tell people to try going to the support section.

Because it should work i think it s just a firefox thing it s just annoying sometimes i probably need to update mine. Which is probably why it wasn t working. Which is also something you can try to do but to put it on its equipment orbiter orbit our appearance and it s the option at the top. There is the spring.

One there is the festive one which i just put on and i m already taking off for the filigree one because it looks quite nice. I think it would leave it looking gold that center console as i said earlier. I really like how that looks it does look better without the actual terminal. There that was done in capture without the big window.

There because you can actually say it better and probably looks even better without all of the decorations. There this is of course available on playstation. 4. Xbox one and on the switch.

It s every way i like the fact that it s in the middle as well..

But it doesn t go down. Here. It doesn t affect this this is the kind of the mean hole to the orbiter. If you want to call it that the wear and tear section.

Here doesn t work up here and the decorations up here do not work down here. So it s just up here and does it grew on me quickly at first. I didn t particularly like the the bits at the side here. There was just it looked too busy with the colors and everything else.

But kind of taking a step back realizing it in it was in the center console. It goes. All the way around this one bottom pcl goes. All the way around including the front of the big window at the front there it goes underneath.

It and is attached to the other side where as well even the bits on the side technically still attached to it because they do attach there it looks really nice for something that you basically get for free. If you already have amazon prime and link your twitch to your warframe account. Because that s one of the only the site kind of side effects of this the bad sides. You do need the twitch prime to be able to pick these up you don t just get it for having twitch.

You do need twitch prime two guineas and it looks like if this whole thing is gonna go on till october..

With more boosters and cosmetics to come so looking forward to see how they run it this time around but starting off with a prime landing craft decoration that i m also glad this wasn t something they ve added to ivar as prime accessories because if it was it would it wouldn t look as nice it looks more nice. Because you can start the free trial of twitch prime and it won t really cost you anything. And you can have this so i want to say it s free. But well twitch prime isn t free really is it so i m not going to say it s free.

But it s much cheaper than buying the prime accessories if it was locked inside of there it would still look nice. But just wouldn t look as nice. I ll just put it that way and we ll leave this off. Yeah for now thanks for watching and the caches.

the the rest of the case. If you re doing it while this is facing away from you you might not notice that and that might be an issue the indent either bend. The tabs or and have to take it all off and start again screw on that side done you need to be very glad i ve got magnetic tipped or magnetized screwdrivers even with those it s fairly difficult but without them it d be a pretty impossible right back to putting the end back on what back over puttin the wireless keyboard receiver. The sd card cover again a keyboard a mouse.

I m sorry plug in a keyboard and power there we go one repaired acer all in one computer bit of a nightmare to work on. But got there in the end and hopefully. This video has helped you achieve the same thing or get to the components that ” ..


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