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“Has a sprint. Seed speed even of. 095 sauron has a sprint speed of. 095 095 even frost has a sprint speed of 095.

We ll concentrate on the prime of frost year because rhino prime and siren prime both got his sprint speed buff frost prime you know it s like the i want to see the original prime because he was the first prime you could actually get in the game never had a speed buff this just it makes him the slowest frame and the variant of him which is the prime one still the slowest frame. I was asked the other day how come i could keep up with people who were running around with loki s and nova s and every time they would turn around i was already a front of them was the reason for this my frost has a one point four nine sprint speed. That s because i m running all my agility rush and african name of the mod speed drift. If i remember rightly and that adds up to a one point four nine sprint speed.

Which i ve had to sacrifice duration and strength to be able to do but it made him so much more usable. I m not going to show his build because honestly the build. I run round with him all the time is just health shields armor and sprint mods. I think i ve got streamline on there.

And yeah..

That s pretty much it streamline and stretch and the other day. I actually showed a picture of basically this part of the window with the. Health shields armor sprint speed on there with a 18. It sprint speed.

Which is just incredibly nuts. Which belonged to nova prime that s when i realized nova s not actually the fastest character in the game. So if i was going to play with this mod. There was really only one person.

I could put it on and well that falls down to loki prime with a 196. Sprint speed. I i don t mean just the ability to run that quick is not there s a lot of different places. This will first be usable and silly things like capture missions be great because you ll be able to get to what you re trying to capture keep up with them and pretty effectively take them out deception missions same kind of thing.

That s pretty much it just basically in fear or if you are a speedrunner who has to run to the objective do it as quickly as possible and leave 196..

Is going to be really useful i use it for frost. Because frost is ridiculously slow frame to kind of keep up with everybody else because i think a 196. Sprint speed well it s just massively overkill. Even in something like a survival mission.

Where you re about to run out of oxygen sending somebody like a low key who can go invisible is a hell of a good idea especially if he s got a sprint speed of 196. But that s not the only plus side to this mod using it on other frames is also useful because speed drift. Doesn t just add 12 sprint speed. It also adds 15 casting speed which though by itself isn t really that much it is still ridiculously useful for things like mag trinity.

Let s say anybody who has a fairly long casting time on their abilities. It helps and then seeing amount course fitting. It is going to be a massive problem. Which is why i m i still kind of hope that a primed rush turns up because hopefully that would have 55 sprint speed.

Which would make it soar so much better for frost..

Pois frost frost prime. Knows people anyway. So the casting speed side of it is also ridiculously useful i mean even on loki. It is still useful.

Because his has a radiating disarm or radial disarm. Even i get there eventually. It s revealed disarmed is yeah. Well it doesn t take that long the cast.

But it s still short anzac down even the switch teleport decoy. It s any ability it will shorten. But it s basically i use this thing for the sprint speed more than anything else. And though.

It s not that hard to get this mod..

Because you have to do the on the rogan moonbase. You have to do the sprint test to actually get this and though they re not really that hard they can be a pain to get to spawn in and the only way to get to the orokin moon base is to a first done the second dream quest. Because that unlocks the orokin moon base part of earth of course. That s all going to change with the spectres of the real update.

Anyway because the changing the solar rail and rumor has it the moon s gonna be its own place got more moon more orokin moon based missions would be so much fun. But going there getting a hold of one of these mods can may a bit tedious. Because you ve got to try and form it but they are actually ridiculously useful the sprint drift. I keep forgetting the name of this mod.

It s ridiculous. But speed drift is just one of those that is underlooked. ” ..


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