Warframe: Which Syndicate Should I Join?

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“Everyone. It s your buddy sutton. Here once again coming at you with another warframe warframe video. Now today.

We are going to be talking about something that i did a little while ago. But we re going to go ahead and answer another aspect of the question now for those of you who don t remember i did cover syndicates in another video that you guys sharing. 3. You re hired join them.

But today we re going to be discussing which one should i join a lot of people ask this and what people are like oh. Well i have no clue what to do with them and whatnot. So i hope to answer this question now when do to your little menu in your list you have these. 6.

Syndicates here now as you guys can tell i am quite a member of cephalon sudha and arbiters exes cephalon. Sudha and our buddies practice are aligned. So makes it really nice as far as level 2 those up now here s the big question..


Which of these do i join. Because you can see a little bit of a synopsis for each of the syndicates and what they stand for now a lot of people also want to think about what rewards they offer so we re going to go ahead. And take cephalon suta as an example suda will be popping up here sudo likes me and i like her she s cool. So you have these levels and you have all this other stuff so what you re gonna wanna do is go to offerings now.

There are some common rewards. And some uncommon rewards. Shielder store blueprints. There are a lot of restoration.

Blueprints and specters that you can make in addition. The fact that every single syndicate gives you a void keypad that you can get for 25000. Standing. Now what a lot of people focus on are right down.

Here. The warframe augment mods. Now a lot of people want to take these into account..


Because if they play a certain frame. A lot they are going to want a job to join the syndicate that comes with their frame in mind say for example. The fact that i am a frost main and i ve been playing frost. Quite a lot since i ve started playing the game cephalad sudha had frost now in addition to the fact that i like cephalon student.

I like who they are given the fact that the very intelligence based it would just kind of see the deal the fact that they had frost and hydroid in it and they just had all these frames that i really do enjoy playing so them having frosted mint kind of sealed the deal but say for example that you are something along the lines of a me one second here. If you re like an ember or a low key player. I know a lot of people play low key a lot of people like to like mesa nekros. All these you d want to join red veil just because they give you offers that you wouldn t be able to get in a lot of other places.

Now this is not to say that you can t find a certain mod in no other places. There are certain mods that are shared between syndicates. I don t necessarily know a lot offhand. I think it s parent sequence.

A new loca might have one yes a greedy pole. The old mag augments. I think it s offered by both new loca and yeah..


If she doesn t like me. So yes. A parent sequence and new loca both have greedy pull. So each of the warframe.

Augment mods are offered by two of the six syndicates. However. There are none that are just shared across so give actually go in and check. Which of these do i want to join they re all worth a joining trust me these are all worth joining.

But you know what sealed the deal for me was deceitful on suited with the frost. But is say for example you know you main pro. My room agar one of the cases that you ll want to join another syndicate now. There are two schools of thought for joining it which i ve kind of explained at this point and i ve touched on but school number one would be i like what the syndicate stands for as far as the lore of the game.

If you just want to play it for fun. So if you want to join like the whole battle hardened rebel group then go join steel meridian. If you want to be all honorbound join the arbiters of exes..


If you want to be intellect. Elegent based and focus on knowledge. Then you would join cephalon sudha. If you want to be kind of a merchant type of guy and just kind of like oh i m going to work for profit parent sequence.

If you want to set everything on fire. Join red veil. And if you are a believer in pure humanity. Then you join you lokah.

The other alternative would be to do it for the rewards. Which is a completely viable school of thought if you have the rewards in mind then join depending on which one would offer more to you and he who that about wraps up this video. So if i ve given you something to think about i ve maybe helped you learn something on syndicates. Please leave a like in the video and possibly hit that big red button down below and subscribe to my channel that helped me out a whole lot we re really close to a hundred guys.

I m really excited anywho this has been spent i ll see you all in the next video. ” ..

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