Waterproof Phone Case Water Test And Review With My Goggle Nexus 6P Phone

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“You having a very dry day and today. I am doing a review on this this waterproof bag. I m a little nervous because i will be dipping my phone this water but first i will do some testing just to make sure there s no leakage. But we ll give it a try and share with you a couple other neat little highlights that i understand that this bag offers were actually glow.

So i ll show you that a moment. And it does come with ear plugs and a nose piece as well as a free gift in this plastic container. So let s go ahead and get started. And this will definitely come in handy with me.

When i go swimming at the pool. When i do swim laps on a regular basis in the morning. So if i ever do need to take my phone. There i could just make sure it stays dry all right so it s uh.

It s a it s a flexible plastic. But it feels like a good thick plastic. So very nice it does also come with this strap. That you could put into place here.

It s actually i put a wrap it around your neck. So there you go it has very easy functionality to open it so it basically to open and close it so right now. It s in the close lock position now. It s open again closed and then open.


So we ll go ahead and open this up and see what the instructions say inside because i think they do want you to test it just to make sure. There s no issues with the product. Okay so you just snap that open like that and let s see it s the 20 meters. Waterproof 100 waterproof calling touching photos on the back.

So you will see if i can touch with this screen. So we ll put that to the test as well product feature is professional lock design. Super waterproof effect. Super.

Waterproof. Mobile. Phones placed in order proof bag use barrier free underwater camera. Photography is clear and bright mobile.

Phone is placed in the waterproof bad. Communication is smooth before using this product. And this is what they suggest check whether the product is damaged load. A paper towel in the water for at least five minutes after if there isn t any wet paper.

Then it s continued to normally use if there is what paper. Then you should not use it. So let s go ahead. And do that it s suitable for use under 45 degrees celsius after you need to take the mobile phone out air drying after water can take out a mobile phone cell.


There s some instructions there on the back all right so let s go ahead put this paper towel in and we will dip this in the water. See if it does stay dry while submerged for five minutes in the water. I m just going to keep that lanyard on there and i want to dip that all the way down see. If there s any way that i could we ll keep that in there for about five minutes.

See if any water gets in there. But i ll be back after about five minutes. You okay so five minutes is up let s take it out and see let me dry it off and well then go ahead and put the phone in there and we ll give it a test let s see it looks dry to me. But let s see and that was dipped in there pretty good so i wish i was it didn t have to hold it this whole time.

But that s okay so let s take the paper towel out not not a single bit of dampness at all i can definitely feel confident in putting my phone in here. So i m going to go ahead. And do that now and time to also well first. I want to go ahead and put my phone in here and i want to see with my phone on if i kid one press the buttons let me go ahead.

And i ve got the google nexus 6p phone and i d be curious if i have to take it out of the case. But let s see here oh. It is tight. But you could see there i can t press the buttons.

So that s good that s a good son let me actually just there you go my phone fits perfectly in there. So i can i can easily touch the screen. So that s good let s just see how clear it is there you go give you an idea through it i m going to take it out just to see the quality of that photo well it s out now one thing. I was recommended is when you are going to be pulling the phone out when you do get it wet is to pull it downwards.


So the water drips down rather than flowing over so good point that i saw that on one of the reviews. There you go that will give you an idea not not too bad for through the plastic all right. So let s go ahead next. I m going to just in case.

I m going to take my phone out of my case. And i am going to actually start shooting video and want to put in the water. So let s do that next. It is locked up all right fingers crossed everybody it passed the water test with the paper towel.

So no reason why it shouldn t do okay with my phone. But here we go and i m going to dip this down. There. I am oh.

I m a little nervous here we go all right. That s in there take it back out. And there you go so i just want to dry this off. And then i m going to turn this cover over there is a little bit of water there on that lip.

But i think it s okay and let me go ahead and take it out of the bag not a drop of water okay there goes in the water. There you go the video from in the water and then back out so one last thing. I wanted to share with you with the bag. Which is very cool and i got to turn off the lights.


But let me show you that next and you ll see something pretty neat with this strip around this bag. There you go look at that it closed in the dark. It s got the glow in the dark plastic around the bag. So that s kind of cool.

And it s actually embedded into the plastic. So you got a neat little feature for at night. So you can see the bag very cool all right i definitely would have to give this to thumbs up if i had more thumbs. I d give it more i d give it this over 5 stars really impressive you know i was really nervous to put this in the water of my phone.

But i said i m going to do it and the fact that this was in the water for five minutes. And not a single drop of water on the paper towel. That s fantastic so let me know if you have any questions. Five stars to thumbs up all that good stuff and definitely go out.

If you re looking for a waterproof bag this one will not disappoint alright. Everybody hope your phone stays. ” ..


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