WE BETRAYED EACH OTHER!? The Ultimate Pals Betrayal! (Roblox Murder Mystery)

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“This is a this is a very good reception. The like i feel like that that glass needs to be fixed please flame cats anyone. But me i know i not i can t i m not the murderer. Oh okay.

Thank you just flame gun. I am. The bad if you re the murderer then prove it she s poisoned oh sam oh drink you drink it poisoned. It was poisoned with no fake milk.

It was real. It s time for you to die over there. Oh. He s got like a cool lair opener last night is this now you must die.

I was the murderer all of them believe you betrayed our sketch betrayer. I just hate plain cat you can teleport no he can t be okay crazy s crazy fun cats gone now that fighting cats gone. Nobody could stop me. What s from just because of you everybody to shake someone s eye hello.

No that s not what that sound is that he s not dying. He s just microwaving a potato. He collected a little bit too long a little bit sizzle yeah. I definitely heard someone die okay.

I was told that it was a potato sizzling. But i don t believe that for a single second. What s i don t know you re whispering into my ear right now she probably publish your book you ve seen too. Much you know too much i have to take you out.

I m sorry hey. Come here come here. Give you what some in return for what you just did to me yeah. It is the use of i never want you be so disgusting ever again.

Okay your booty is something like that mmm disgusting you know it s not that you stopped the the booty sizzling..

Oh stop it so i am actually the murderer guys. I m sorry why would you tell us that well i just thought i would be open with you now because i know that lady you re gonna come for me. Because of what i did what i did not know exactly you can t do the status status look. I have all this money over here you see all this money watch in my hands.

I don t see any money okay well i mean just imagine that there s money okay. This could be yours just. Don t. There s a crazy psychopath on the loose.

Yeah get back here get back you re alex psychopath. With you i could be the psychopath. It s not it s a high chance. I am a psychopath.

But yeah. But now that really no cuz. It s not me really hard sub so many like probably has to be you probably has to be me let me just prove that to you like okay. We re gonna go over here right okay.

And we re gonna do that they go. It s not me not privity no no that doesn t actually prove anything really okay well. I ve got another way of jamie scooby. I just wash.

Some numbers into this 1 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. Okay.


I m is it i got it i pwned. But it s upside down whoo. Some reason. Oh wow.

This is good one i like it no i was i was contacting the spirit realm. I specifically told everyone that it wasn t you and you backstab me we should kick him out of the bath. Where s sun. There he is oh i m sorry.

That s a joke as a joke. Okay here lavoie. It s we got to be nice to each other we can t keep betraying. Okay.

He ll be nice okay. We should probably try our best to not betray each other. But we differ. I have if we have to kill sub you know yes like if we have to kill somebody subs.

The only one that dies wink wink. I don t think anybody would mind. I think yeah. Yeah.

Everyone meet up in the kitchen. You know what i will cook. You guys up a little snack. Because i m sorry today.

I m feeling yeah exactly thank your good friend invincible yes. It s a windy screensaver. Yeah you monster. I guess this calls for what a watch that why are you in the fridge boy.

Did you see something spooky that you re not to see something spooky..

I did i did i did what did you see joey show you it wasn t me show you what it was it wasn t never sketch holding a knife was it no it was something far worse look it was over on this wall right here hey hey sub sub stop eating that dog oh my god we win i figured it out i mean. What sane person would eat a dog in a bun like that wow. No no steven don t normally. We specifically said that we would kill sub and so he got mad and wanted to kill all of us.

And he thought he could beat and the dog and the dog in the dog. I m not the murderer. Though why would anyone say that nobody said anything yeah right nobody good wais. What i heard that you might be the murderer.

Though so happened subs got a god subscribe god. He s a crazy person. Oh. My gosh.

What s our talks. No. No these are my kids nice okay right there okay i m gonna i m gonna kept you were some griffith baby okay if i cook you up i mean i m gonna literally cook you up chop you up into pieces it ya know that sense robot robot as a joke is a joke but you drove a crab on your shoulder crab. What you want me to eat the crab hey oh.

No you don t i cured. The betrayer. Yes. Betray.

Anyone you betrayed yourself for not know you has betrayed me you stabbed. Me well never thought that was different though because i was that you deserve that you deserve it how is that different just know you fung lady. I m at what get back here get that angle hey get back here hi. All i hole in the wall shop you sell cheap goods for cheap can i buy a dead dennis daily please just vandalizing my car hey no i m not i ll spar with you what the piss up you show each other nice nice i got to be a murderer a mud runner that s true sequel to maze runner yeah you guys want to open this box of knives with me know what sure it s just a bunch of knives water marcos with all these knives.

Oh. Yeah. You want to throw them at you seized. It.

What my sister..

Oh. My goodness. No of course not what the bar. You how dare you say these things come here come.

Here no. No you don t want to find me you know that i am the murderer and i am going glad i know you re lying okay. I m gonna do it have a shower. The shower and dennis is good stop that you die no time you dead no it s time you die.

Why did you just walk into alex did you i thought he was waiting from the camera at the corner. You had the high ground wait a second subs just taking a shower. He hasn t moved where the showers. No i m akin.

I don t know where the showers are all day find a nice shower wizard hey like that reference our wizard where are you no i didn t you re lying. Yeah. I think you did actually some it looks like he just read higher. You can t just read on a tire.

No rehear. Please. Oh. I am sorry goodbye.

Alright. Everyone needs to take a bath. You re all gross come on there you go a nice bath. That s a sub sharing wasn t enough to wipe all the gunk that was all over his body poop.

I m back oh good. But now i was still battling out we actually know i m an innocent and i assumed the rest of you as where would we are going to have a fun time as friends you guys are my friends. What don t make a big deal out of it right humble please that s disgusting jealous you re gonna die for that hobbit you sub wins ” ..


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