What Consoles Play the Most Zelda Games?

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“Consoles can play the most zelda games. The question came into my head a few few days ago when i was thinking about the gamecube at one point. The gamecube able to play all zelda games with the help of an ad on the gameboy player obviously the gamecube can t play all zelda games anymore. But i thought it would be cool to see which nintendo consoles can play the mozilla games today.

And who knows maybe this video might be helpful to anyone only wanting one or just a couple of consoles to play zelda games. With there s a bit of criteria. We have to establish first when i say zelda games. I m talking about mainline titles.

So no spin offs and that means no cdi games either cuz that s just silly. And we re going to keep things strictly official nintendo. As well obviously. There are people who are going to be all like ah emulators.

But then you know if you know about emulators and want to use those then just use those you already know that you don t need a video. Telling you that to you i m going to go split. Things up into two categories handheld in home console. Let s start with handheld consoles first the game by only ever got one game link s awakening.

So if you have a gameboy game by pocket or gameboy light. Then that s it the gameboy color is a little bit more versatile with three zelda games being playable on it oracle s of seasons and ages are kind of paired games. But there are different so they count as separate games and if you have the dx version of link s awakening you even get to play that in proper color. The game boy advance has quite a few playable games in addition to the three already mentioned games.

There is an original gba game minish cap. We also get three re releases. The two nes games. As well as a link to the past.

A link to the past also includes an entirely original game called four swords all of those add up to seven different games. So far every system has been completely backwards compatible at least for zelda games. But things are a bit different for the nintendo ds. The original ds as well as the light are backwards compatible in terms of gba games.


But that s not the case with game boy and game boy color games for some reason. There were a bunch of people commenting on older videos. How it s possible to play game boy and game boy color games on the original tss. But that s just simply not true not sure how that bit of misinformation developed for swords is the only gba zelda game that can be played on the ds.

Because you need to have at least two players in order to play the game. And the ds has no link cable compatibility. There s two ts. Zelda games.

Phantom hourglass and spirit tracks bringing the total up to five games. That s two less than the gba. The ds is a good option though because in my opinion. It allows you to experience a bit of a broader range of games.

The 2d games are well covered with the nes and snes games as well as minish cap and the ds. Games give you a 25 d experience along with the wind waker art style. The dsi and dsi xl are interesting because they can t do the gba games. Except for four swords that was re released as four swords anniversary edition.

On both the dsi and 3ds. But right now. There s no legit way to get it so the dsi can only play two ds games. Unless you downloaded it at the time when it was available the nintendo 3ds is up next obviously it can play the ds game so that s two games.

So far the 3ds has two original games. A link between worlds and triforce heroes ocarina of time and majora s mask were both remade for the 3ds. This is one of the few times. You can say the 3ds has a better looking port.

If that wasn t enough the eshop also gives you access to zelda 1 zelda. 2 link s awakening oracle s of ages and seasons. And if you have a new 3ds a link to the past so that s 11 games for the original 3ds and 12 games for the new 3ds you could count for swords anniversary edition. But like with the dsi.


It s no longer available for whatever reason. The nintendo switch is worth mentioning too it s going to go on both this and the home console. List obviously. There s breadth of the wild.

But with the nintendo online service. You also get access to the first legend of zelda in other words you get the choice between playing the oldest or the newest games in the franchise. And nothing in between alright on to the home consoles. Now the nes has the legend of zelda and zelda.

2. The adventure of link that s pretty much it but then again you know that s the first console that has all the games. So what do you expect the super nintendo only has a link to the past. But if you throw in the super gameboy or super gameboy.

2. You also get access to link s awakening bring the total up to two games. The nintendo 64 has ocarina of time obviously and majora s mask. Which means two zelda games for that system as well there s a bit of a pattern going on now.

But that all changes with the gamecube like i said in the beginning of this video. The gamecube was once able to play all zelda games. There ever was that s not the case now but it s still a large amount of games. The gamecube has three original zelda games wind waker twilight.

Princess and four swords adventures. The legend of zelda collector s edition includes four past games. The original legend of zelda zelda 2. Ocarina of time and majora s mask so that seven games so far.

But if you make use of the gameboy player you can get access to all the game boy. Game boy color and game boy advance games. Link s awakening. Both oracle games.


A link to the past four swords and minish cap overall that s 13 games. Currently the gamecube is able to play the most amount of legit physical copies of zelda games pretty impressive that s actually the reason. I bought a gamecube in the first place next up is the wii. There s two zelda games that came out on it twilight princess and also skyward sword gamecube.

Compatible systems. Allow wind waker. The proper version of twilight princess four swords adventures as well as all the games in the collector s edition to be played so that s eight games and the virtual console brings that up to nine with a link to the past pretty good. The family edition.

We without gamecube goodness brings that number down a little bit no wind waker or four swords adventures. But you can still play the nes and n64 games. Because those games are also available on the virtual console. The wii mini can only play physical wii games.

So it s just two games for that one something worth. Mentioning is that the virtual console on the wii is set to shut down on january 24 not 21st january 31st. 2019. There we go numbers are hard apparently the wii u.

Only ever got one original zelda game breath of the wild. But it did get hd remakes for the wind waker and twilight princess. Which are awesome. Additionally.

It can also play all the games. A family edition. We can that brings that number up to nine on top of that you can also play games available on the wii u. Eshop.

So if you add all the games up you can play the legend of zelda zelda to a link to the past ocarina of time majora s mask minish cap wind waker twilight princess. Phantom hourglass and spare tracks skyward sword and breath of the wild which makes 12 overall. Only the gamecube can play more at 13 games. The main difference is that the game queue can play more game boy.


Games. And also the four swords games. But with the wii u. You get the ability to play the ds games.

As well as the modern home console games and hd. Remakes so in the end. The gamecube is on top at 13 games. Because of the game boy player second place goes to the wii u.

But there s a few good reasons to prefer it over the gamecube hdmi output is a good one the d pad on the pro and tablet controller is just you know they re just nicer and the gamecubes d pad. And you also get to play every popular zelda game from the beginning up until right now the gamecube can t play anything newer than twilight princess. The 30s rules the handheld world with 11 or 12 playable games depending. If you have a regular or new through yes.

It s definitely a good choice. A game boy advance isn t that either and it allows you to play almost all 2d zelda games. And there you have it i thought it was an interesting topic to look at there s no console that can play every zelda game these days. But some do get quite close.

I hope you found the video. Interesting and maybe even helpful just so you know i do have a second channel. Too i post some less edited stuff there as well as the occasional video that doesn t quite fit the main channel. And everything else i do is on the screen.

Now and also in the description. Thanks for watching. And i ll see you again in the next video. ” .


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