What is a Microsoft Family Group How to set up Microsoft Family in Windows 10

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“Family feature offers parental controls to help keep children safe. When using their computer. Online. Online.

After parental controls are set you can get detailed reports of their activity on computer. You can restrict what kind of applications they can use what websites they are allowed to visit how much time they can spend on the computer. And many more this tutorial will guide you on how to set up parental controls. Using microsoft family features to use microsoft family safety features both you and your child need a microsoft account parental control settings are only applied when your child logs into a windows device using their microsoft account if your child doesn t have a microsoft account you can get one during the configuration process.

So now follow the steps to get started first of all you need to add your child s account to your family group to do so log in to your microsoft account select create a family group enter the microsoft account email address of your child otherwise by clicking this link you can create a microsoft account for your child. Now send an invitation link..

So that your child can join the family group now to accept the invitation log into your child s email account on another browser. Login using your child s microsoft account allow the following permissions okay now if i refresh the browser. You can see the child account is added to the family group. Now you can set up parental controls for this account.

Once your child is added to the family group you can view activity reports and manage various aspects of the account in the activity page by enabling the activity reporting you can see the apps and games. There using the websites. They re visiting and the time they ve been spending on their devices you can also turn on the email weekly reports to me toggle to get a full report delivered to your email address in the screen. Time page.

You can easily limit the hours and days of the week your child can use their windows. 10 and xbox one devices you can use the drop down menu to select the amount of screen time for a particular day you can also block a particular day entirely now click the schedule chart to specify when they can use the allowed time for a particular date click the save button to apply the changes if you want to add the same schedule for more than one day..

Click the add time to multiple days link then set up the desired schedule. If your child is spending too much time on certain apps. You can set limits on the apps. You can set how much time your child is allowed to spend on an app each day and when they re allowed to use it on windows 10 and xbox one devices only microsoft store apps.

Are supported and if your child is using an android device you can restrict any app or game. That is installed in the content restrictions page you can set age limits for microsoft store apps. Games and media. You can even block or allow specific websites here you can select your child age.

And it will block apps games and media. That is not appropriate for your child..

The web browsing feature works as a web filter. It lets you block those websites and web searches that are not suitable for your child under the always allowed section you can add the links for the websites that your child can visit if you check only allow these. Websites option your child will be allowed to visit only these sites blocking everything else under always block section. You can add the links for the websites.

You want to block remember. These options will work only on microsoft edge or internet. Explorer browser. And bing.

As the default search engine turning on web browsing will automatically block other browsers such as chrome firefox and opera. And if you want to prevent your child from using another search engine you can add those sites to the block list including googlecom yahoocom..

And others if you want to allow other browsers you can unblock them from the always block list the spending page allows you to add money to the kids. Microsoft account so they buy what they want without spending too much from this page you can also view your child purchase history on the find on map page you can track your child s location on a map. But for this feature to work your child needs to have an android device running microsoft launcher. I am not going to details about this option.

If you want to know more about how to use this feature. You can read my blog post. The link is in the description below. I have logged into this computer using the child account so let s check the parental controls.

We have set is working or not ” ..

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