What s the BEST Spigen case for the iPhone XS and XS MAX? Tough vs Rugged vs Neo Hybrid vs Thin Fit

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“Spigen did make me a little sad with your iphone tennis lineup. They left up up my favorite cases so in the next few minutes. I m gonna give you quick rundown of speeds tougher cases. They re thin cases.

They re clear cases as well as their screen protectors. If you re way too. Impatient. If you re looking for a tough case get the tough armor you can do a thin case to delegate the thin fit 360.

If you re looking for a clear case just go with the neo hybrid crystal now after all that if you re still watching this video. I m going to tell you which cases. I wish they would bring back and then end it all off with an embarrassing question. I ve got a dirty secret to tell you i ve got a fetish for speeding cases.

No i don t but i have used a lot of the products over the last few years just look at 2013. Aaron little did he know that in five years. He d be doing the exact same thing now before i go into details about each specific product. I will add that despite the fact there are many brands that mimic the look of speakings cases.

Most do not match the build quality speaking cases are designed in california. But are made in south korea. Which is the home of well known brands like pyaar hai yung die the manufacturer failed iphone killer samsung and bts i ve been paying a lot more attention to what comes with products that i review. And i have to point out that speaking includes things like glass wipes with your clear cases to ensure that you have the best chance at keeping your iphone fingerprint free.

When you install into the case your 10 amazon case isn t going to have stuff like that how about them tough cases. The tough armor this is number eight on my top ten cases for the iphone 10s. Honestly if you just need a good tough looking case that will protect your iphone from day to day mishaps. Just get the speak in tough armor.

Now the general design of the tough rumor hasn t really changed over the years as they ve added a software of coating back in 2015. But the kickstand was always uncoated until last year. I also noticed that this year the camera cut it on the tougher armor is actually smaller now that s smaller cut isn t going to have any effect on the operation of the camera. But i m guessing it s probably a good thing that more of your iphone is covered by the case now in terms of protection.

The tougher armor can easily handle drops from waist height and probably phone call height. I do remember making fun of egan s air cushion technology. A few years ago. As i thought you know this was just marketing fluff.

But now lots of cases now have empty air pockets in the corner. So i guess it actually does work if i had to be picky with the tough armor. I say that certain parts of case might be too angular for some people it s not you know it doesn t follow the nice rounded edges of the iphones and the edges of the case aren t as high as others so get a screen protector get their screen protector spigen screen protect onto the rugged armor now with the rugged armor. I ve actually grown quite fond of it over the years for my perspective if you need a no nonsense.

The rugged armor is a decent choice. It s thicker than your average tpu case..

But has enough texture that i won t complain about it all the time. But i feel that could use a little bit more i guess in that manner. It has the perfect amount of texture it doesn t handle like what bar soap like other tpu cases do but isn t that in your the texture isn t in your face like something from spec. Know one of the things i ve always wondered is what is actually tougher rugged or tough.

And i personally think the word rugged would be tougher this this product. But in reality with when it comes to speaking cases. The tough armors gonna be tougher so if you re wondering the rugged armor has the same pizza pockets i mean air pockets that you would find in the corners to protect your iphone. Personally i think this case will do fine with that corner drops with face first rubs might be a bit eeeh in my opinion.

The slimmer that you re looking at ces version. And it s an on to go wallet case. Like if it to card. Three.

If you feel like fighting. With your wallet case. All the time now. The word.

Slim is in the case name. But it really isn t when it comes to the wallet case version the tpu frame of the slim armor cs isn t as thick as the tougher more the buttons don t fully cover the buttons. I ll be honest lee. The slim or cs is probably the only product on this list.

I personally definitely would not get now to add to that the average darker colored speaking case usually has a soft rubber coating. But this slim armor does not which results in this thing just handling like a greasy wet bar soap. All right now just because thin cases. The thin fit is going to be a great case for people who don t drop their iphones much or at all because well the thin fit exposes the top and bottom of the iphone so if you drop it there it s gonna result in some damage the back of the thin fit is thinner.

Which allows you to i wanna. Speak ins. Q and mp magnets. Which acts mean every mounting to the case.

But nullifies the incredibly useful qi charging of the iphone and i m being sarcastic. There with an incredible useful qi charging on the iphone now with the newest iterations of the thin fit speaking somehow figuring out how to apply the soft rubber coating to lighter colored polycarbonate backs the champagne colored case now handles just as well as the dark one without all the grease marks. It s a tiny change. But in my case.

Reviewing world. It s a big deal. The liquid crystal is one of the thinner cases on this list. And is actually one of the better handling ones.

Because it s just a tpu sleeve. There isn t anything terribly special about this case..

As fingerprinting is going to be an issue like the average clear case. Although the liquor crystal does have a series of dots on the back which breaks up all that grease enos a bit stand up feature of this case is the fact that once you put it on a flat surface it s not going anywhere depending on your iphone model spigen also has several unique designs for the liquid crystal on to the liquid air. Which is basically a liquid crystal that isn t clear or a rugged armor that s lost a few pounds personnally liquid air is one of my least favorite cases. You ve got the slimmer cs and right on top of that is the liquid air in terms of favorability from my perspective.

Why because it doesn t have any of the great handling of the liquid crystal. Nor does it have the texture of the rugged erm the hatching on the back of the case looks like it will help with handling it totally does not i ve honestly been trying hard to figure out who d actually want to use this case. And i ve come a big fat bagel. The neo hybrid was one of my favorite cases for the iphone tens but i m not so sure about the iphone 10 s is why because the gunmetal case that i got doesn t have a soft rubber coating and that makes a huge difference.

It is honestly day night in terms of handling. If it has that coating or not now assuming that i got a bad case. I personally think that the neo hybrid is one of speakings best looking cases. There s just something about the texture of the case and the polycarbonate frame that just stands out the neo hybrid punches way above its belt when it comes to looks if you re finding this comparison between 10 cases useful consider getting your stuff through my amazon.

Links this video is not sponsored. Though. As spigen has been giving me cases to review. So you know props up to them but the 40 hours.

I m gonna spend making this video and pay for other than through supporters like you onto the spigen thin fit 360. And this is one of my favorite cases and one of the very few cases that can actually come close to offering a hundred percent coverage for your iphone the fit of the product is amazing. I m personally not a clumsy person. So i don t need a lot of drop protection for my devices.

But i really don t like using just the naked device the thin fit 360 fits perfectly into how i use my iphones. This case comes in two pieces with the front piece protecting corners of the iphone in the back. Part to all protects. The sides speaking uses interlocking teeth with their case.

Which is a step up from other manufacturers who have similar products now the best part of the product are the two screen protectors. The spigen includes so it s a steal of a deal and 20 bucks vegan screen protectors are mid grade so you know they re decent and they re gonna hold up better than the average group protector you get from amazon now like the regular thin. Fit. The 360 is compatible with speak ins.

Q. And mp magnets. So this tape makes their cases even more useful if you enjoy using magnetic car mounts oh and if you re buying it on amazon don t be a dumbass and buy the iphone 10 version for the 10s. It will fit onto the clear cases if you need a clear case the neo hybrid crisil should be one of the top cases you should consider why because of the polycarbonate back and bumper.

Most clear cases are just tpu. Which doesn t provide a lot of rigidity when it comes to face first drop protection as you can see it s much harder to remove the corner off the new hybrid crystal. When compared to a tpu version. The new hybrid is one of the better cases in this list.

When it comes to slide around on a flat surface and when it comes to protection. I think it d do a pretty good job of protecting your iphone from waste hype..

The case doesn t have the air pockets like other cases like other speed cases. But the polycarbonate bumper will add a bit more drop protection. But will also scuff up the ultra hybrid is basically the combination of the edge of the liquid air in the back of the new hybrid crystal. I do think this is a good looking case especially if you re using a white or gold iphone.

But the edges handles so poorly because it s made from the same materials as the liquid air why speaking why now when it comes to speaking products. I ve honestly seen most of these products before i ve seen the glass ters before in many ways. I basically repeated myself. When it comes to case reviews over the last few years as things rarely change when it comes to cases so when something actually does change i get really excited and it seems sad.

But that s just the life of a case review this year is a little you know bump of excitement comes with the glass through easy fit. Why because spigen has included an installation tray for the screen protector. But it s not like your basic installation tray where you just toss your iphone in the tray. And just slap.

The glass screen protector on it kind of sits between your basic tray and the smoke. And fire show that apple puts on when they do. The belkin invisible glass. Or the labor.

Intensive white stone. Domed glass. That that involves liquid glue. No.

I love progress. You know you guys know that and i love you know these small steps in innovation. Because it kind of removes the guesswork in terms of installing a screen protector on a busy basalis display. Lisa put the tray on the front press.

It down slide. And bam. Perfect screen protector install the screen protector itself is made from tempered glass. It s not chemically treated.

It has 9h harness and a decent oleophobic coating to it now. I m just gonna quickly touch on liquid screen protectors do they fill in clack cracks. Not really does that add back to oleophobic coating maybe it doesn t make the screen protector tougher definitely yes now in general based on my extensive review video. If you re looking for a way to make your smartphone screen or any older device a little smoother then the liquid screen protector will definitely do that if you want the maximum protection for your device slap down a layer of liquid screen protector before adding another screen protector on top of it because that tiny layer of glass.

Actually does add to the impact protection of your device. Now i don t think. A liquid screen protector is a full on replacement for a normal screen protector. But it s an extra option you know it s like an add on to a fast food meal.

The biggest benefit of the liquid screen protector is the fact that you can slather it on multiple devices. If you just buy at once there were two cases that i really enjoyed using for the iphone 10 that got cut from the iphone tenace lineup..

They were the otterbox defender and the speck candyshell. No it was the reventon and proguard. I d don t know where my pro garters. I know spigen marketed these cases as premium cases and while they were 50 bucks.

Which is a little steep. But they also came with two screen protectors. But these cases were just awesome. The reventon was basically an evolved speaking thin fit 360 and the pro guard was just a tough armor on legal performance enhancing drugs both products had incredible fit for the eye from the reventon hang roll handled.

Incredibly well and the pro guard was surrounded by so much tpu. It could rival the otterbox defender in terms of total weight of plastic used in the case. But apparently these cases didn t perform well for the iphone tencel speak and stop making them for the 10s. It s a very sad story now speaking.

They tell me that they are working on a new case called well i m not gonna tell you i don t think i m allowed to tell you but they are coming with something new. So you know i m pretty excited to see that so when it comes to cases. That s kind of a quick roundup for the 10s lineup now i haven t shown you all the cases like the crystal hybrid. The hybrid arm of the wallet case as the ultra hybrid crystal shell in the air skin and if you re interested in those products do check out the iphone 10 version.

Because honestly other than the camera cut oh that much has changed with these cases now. What s the embarrassing question that i want to ask you guys is that every single time. I come across a spigen case. I don t know if i m saying the brand name right wrong.

And it s been five years. No one has corrected me. But i ve heard people tell me that it s spy gin. I say speaking but my english pronunciation apparently is very poor despite the fact that it s my first language.

So what do you think. It is is a spy jen or spigen leave in the comments section. Below first time you re watching my videos. I do encourage you to click subscribe produce content on average now once a week.

But it s good content. I put a lot of effort into these reviews and you know all the extra bells and whistles. I ve added over the last few months to take up a lot of extra time to make into the videos. This is monty.

I was cursing at the camera earlier. Which is kind of why he s a little uneasy that s ” ..

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