Which controller to use? Exploring Fighting Games 20

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“Episode 20. Which controller to use hello everyone and thank you for joining us as as we explore the fighting game genre fighting games. Require fast precise and often complex to play your decisions. Mean little if you can t properly execute them within the game.

And exactly. When you need them this is why the controller you play on is a crucial factor to your success. And it s no surprise that you players are often interested in controller recommendations. But which controller should i pick is a big question.

Let s think about this from a new players perspective. All you currently know is that you want to play a specific fighting game right now and you need a controller that will allow you to perform the moves. When the moves don t come out is it your fault or the fault of the controller you re using. What if you buy a costly arcade stick.

And then find out you hate playing with it. What if you decide you are not even interested in fighting games. After the money was already wasted. If you are having a hard time adjusting compared to the previous controller you were using is it because you still need to practice more or because the previous controller was the one for you after all will you ever encounter techniques that are too difficult to perform with the controller you ve committed to these are all valid questions to ask as committing to a new controller means investing both money and a lot of time getting used to it before you start seeing results.

So. Let s untangle this mess first of all let s examine technical difficulty in fighting games for the sake of this video. Let s say there are two main types of technical difficulty in dishonor. The first is pressing a button with a very specific timing and a standard controller can handle it just fine.

But if you ll need to use an adapter make sure to buy one that doesn t add extra lag. The second type of difficulty is doing joystick directions and motions quickly and accurately and this is where the controller starts to matter while every game and character will pose. Different technical challenges. The genre as a whole has become easier to play especially special move command clec city and leniency.

So most of the controllers on the market should be good enough with some exceptions in the case of console controllers..

We are usually talking about the d pad. Not the analog sticks. A simple test should be enough go to training mode and try every direction. When you press up forward.

It should always come out as up forde not up and not forward try to execute circular motions for the game hassling in an actual match you may suffer a lot of input errors. But if you can reliably do it in training mode. Then the controller you are using right now should be okay. And there s no rush to buy an expensive arcade stick just to get better results.

But do consider that pads are played with your thumbs and arcade controllers are played with your wrists. So if you happen to have some known health issue that may impede or get worse from your play such as carpal tunnel. Syndrome. You should go for the controller that is best suited to your condition.

There are two well known exceptions. The standard xbox 360. Controller and the switch joy comes. These are known to be extra hard to play on when it comes to fighting games and will demand a lot of extra effort just to do what other controllers can do much easier what about arcade sticks.

It would be best to try at a meet up before you buy if you like the feel of playing with them enough to be worth the price then go for it. But don t expect to do well at first. It will take some time to get used to them before you re able to control your character properly so be prepared for several months of subpar performance as you adjust what about hand pain. If you are experiencing any pain or physical discomfort from playing a fighting game.

Or any video game for that matter. The first thing you should do is stop and address. The source of the problem. A very common issue is that players get so absorbed in the gaming session that they don t pay attention to their body during a tense match you may find yourself pressing buttons with excessive force or sit with poor posture fixing bad habits should be your first priority so start making an active effort to press.

The buttons lightly and sit straight..

Even at the price of focusing less on other than that the usual advice of ergonomics limited playtime and taking frequent breaks applies. If the problem continues consult a doctor it should be mentioned that some specific games are already known to be so execution intensive that you should pay extra care to this aspect. If you decide to pursue high level play lastly. Let s talk about edge cases regarding controller choice.

Some games will have characters with techniques that are much harder to perform on some controllers a good example is zato in x art which requires button juggling that s much harder to do on a console pad. But these cases are extremely rare. Nowadays remember that you can set up shoulder macros when needed and even play with a claw grip in some games. So to conclude.

Most controllers are more than enough pick the one you like the most and stick with it until it becomes second nature in the next episode. We ll talk about one of the many causes for a tournament. Pressure and how to mitigate it until then take some time to think about what we presented and if you liked this video make sure to subscribe for more episodes. wrong with her she s been poisoned tell me what do you know of the man.

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