Will a $29 Action Cam from Walmart pass the worth it test? Vivitar 757 HD.

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“Germ. I d settled mini stroke and he didn t believe it was a little little weird. I don t know what happened to him. He had like this little so you want to talk about the limo.

Me just ready to get going on this thing. So. Anyway um. I m kind of having a little bit of problems with this this material here.

They re trying to get some good footage of something and some road grime goes up there. It s probably gonna get stuck in that material. I mean okay. I mean.

It s just it s a it s a worry of mine. We re gonna check out this video tire go cam and we re going to look at it we re gonna test it out. And we re gonna tell you exactly what you get for thirty thirty dollars. Is that what it is thirty dollars at walmart right now.

It s twenty nine ninety eight or whatever. It s and walmart money. We re gonna see what you get in the box. He s in dramas gonna do an unboxing on it we re gonna take it out.

We re gonna take it around with this and some more filming and we re going to see if some of you younger people or people that are just deciding. If you want to get into vlogging or recording..

Some action and starting a youtube channel or whatever if this is good enough camera to get you started okay so um. I m gonna do a few reasons. Why i chose this one there s two other ones to choose from as far as the vivitar brand goes at walmart this one it s kind of important whenever we re doing any of our kind of footage or anything like that what s important to me is making sure if you can get a zoom in on that the little would you call that what is the word for that well yeah. The mount you ll get some action camera.

Sometimes that have a mount and i m going to show the are you done with that i m going to show the the old the old style vivitar that we had this is it here and it s completely enclosed inside the box so in order to mount this this is the vivitar 917 hd. If you haven t seen the video on this one make sure you guys go and watch. It they kind of are a little. I don t know we did some work yeah.

One of our first videos. Some of our reviews on this little action camera. But anyway. I m getting that with the new vivitar that we got one of the deciding factors reason.

I wanted to get it was because you could record with it and the mount is already built into it so. And there s no need to take it out of a box or put it in something in order for it to be waterproof. Everything like it is supposed to be waterproof dustproof freeze. Proof and shockproof just like this kind of check this out first that s like a weird rubber keeper.

All the way around it strange huh. What s the reason that s for its pretty light. The front. I don t know how much i like that s cloth that s a little weird let s look at the back here decent sized screen and it s similar layout to the to the old vivitar camera that we got so those come with some power in it huh that s got a mini usb to recharge inside.

There and a little slot for the mini sd card. I don t think it s touchscreen not touchscreen..

It feels kind of cheesy on the back end there alright so it comes with the strap for the helmet. Mount and i m pretty confident saying that cuz. The other big guitar came with the exact same thing and from my experience. I tried it on my helm and that thing was flopping all over the place.

You remember that and then it comes with a little slide in mount for the keeper here for the helmet slides. And just like that and then of course you can tighten. It loosen it and adjust it that comes with the handlebar mount one of the problems. I do see what these handlebar mounts.

I just bought one for the gopro or our gopros. But some this here if you have a bike that has really big tubing for the handlebars you re not able to put this all the way around the tubing because it s so big like a my mountain bike. Luckily the gopro ones they re about 40. But they do they are wide enough.

But this here just does not have enough threads on the little balter to to fit around the really wide stuff so i m guessing more like a kid s bike or i don t know not definitely not a mountain bike. You know all the tubing sweets you big. So that s one of the drawbacks. I ve seen as far as buying the vivitar stuff kind of like the adjustments.

There you know guess i decided nothing down with it it comes with that and then it comes with a a little usb charging cord and booklet on the vivitar. A little warranty certificate. And then a little troubleshooting booklet concern with is how good the camera is going to record and i m really concerned about the audio to me people will tune out faster for bad audio. That anything it seems like if they wouldn t learn so if you re watching a video about something you re interested in and the audio is just god awful and you cannot walk you can t listen you can t hear whatever it s all muffled or bad you just can t power through it.

But if it s got really good audio and the video might not be the best. But the audio is really good you can hear someone describing it and talking about it you might power through that bad video..

Because you wouldn t learn something about an item that you re interested in i m ready to find out what it records. Him says hd. It doesn t say what just hd. Here we go well.

It s got white balance and metering and just movie size just have no touchscreen and no touchscreen all right we re gonna charge it up for a few minutes and i ll be reading the book on it cuz drew my doesn t read and drew might be playing with it and you know doing all that stuff and trying to figure out why i m actually reading the book on it that s the way it usually goes and then and then we ll come back hopefully with some video well now we re doing the audio from the vivitar and so this is the difference in the audio from the vivitar and the audio from the shotgun like that i think it s up like up to cheap brand. But it s really works really good we might compared to this when i m thinking something that was close to its price range. This is a little bit older. It s i don t know if it s currently being sold anywhere.

But it was what we bought this last february this when we started our channel. We ll put that one against this one which says right here. It s the nine one seven hd. Same thing dvr so i m just according to the numbers.

This is a higher model and according to the functions to higher model. Now remember this one s retail price. But we got it for 35 on sale. It was though what 80 or 85 dollars.

So we got it really cheap is it best buy on sale this is not very stabilized does that one claim stabilization. Yeah okay it doesn t claim it all right does it feel stabilized. I don t know the screen turned off like in two seconds. Oh recording.

Only enough being the holeshot right now oh max not a touchscreen. I can t like tap with my finger..

That doesn t turn back on i m kind of worried about hitting any buttons on it now yeah all right well. We re gonna have some test footage. See how the audio is talking normal volume so the conclusion on the vivitar 757 hd. Is it s not a bad camera for 30 and if i m on a budget and i m starting a youtube channel.

I m a kid or a adult that doesn t want to put too much into it i might go ahead and i might do it if i have a 30 budget. I do believe though there s other bargains out there that can be had that would make a better more sense. The things i didn t like about it is the it has you can see where it s adjusting that is so when you re using it for a dash cam. Which excelled at better than a video camera a regular handheld video camera.

The adjustment for the iso. It was you could tell whatever it s adjusting it it has like a step process that s very obvious and it s not very streamlined. If you all are fluid. I didn t like that again we re not filming movies on it.

But it needs to be wider. It needs the wider angle it needs to have stabilization and it needs. I think it needs true 1080 30 frame and then i would be able to fully recommend it. But if you re on a strict budget and you have 30 and you have walmart and you don t want to find something else online.

I would say yes. But i would say for a few dollars more you might find something better online. All right well thanks for watching and make sure you like and subscribe and if you want to throw a comment you can if you don t want to don t so make sure you watch our upcoming video on this little sucker that got for twenty dollars on black friday and find out if this can do what ” ..


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