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“This is nick with nick s computer fix. Comm and here s a video that that i m doing on a brand less wi fi repeater slash extender review and that i got off of ebay for twelve dollars. And it s capable of doing wi fi 11. B.

11 g. And. 11. N.

And 300 megabits per second. To start. With let s take a look at the packaging itself up top. It says wireless in wi fi repeater.

More range for your network on the right. Hand side..

That says laptop pc wi fi and high speed 300m and on the back. We have some good information that basically gives two diagrams. One for a repeater and one for an ap access point and it describes. The features that this wireless n wi fi repeater provides okay let s go ahead and open this up and see what we have inside.

Now the begin with let me tell you it s nice not to have to use a razor blade or scissors to open up the hard plastic okay. The first thing out is the users manual for the wi fi repeater. We ll need this in a few minutes for setup and installation so let s put this aside and see what else is in the packaging next item is a lan cable of rj45 type and we ll use that to set this up and we have a plug here that attaches to the main unit here. I guess.

It was convenient for them to separate it for packaging. Reasons and let s go ahead and take out this uniquely shake wall unit wi fi repeater it has a very unique shape to it and i kind of like it let s take a close up look and get this in focus okay there we go up top. It says wi fi repeater no brand name on the right we have four wi fi indicators and we have a wps button right here and on the left side. We have a socket for an rj45 cable and we have a reset button on the back we have a bunch information or not a bunch of information.

But it says wireless n. Repeater..

Part number. And some other stuff and basically. It s clean all around and we go ahead and grab this part now this pushes in and twist is i believe let me figure this out there we go. And if i turn it it should snap yep.

There we go and let me double check. Yep is tight okay. Let s go ahead and plug this into the wall. And we will get a green power light come on which indicates that it is ready to be set up so now let s go over to our computer here and single click on our wi fi icon down in our task bar here and when we do we see our available networks and we will also see our new wireless wi fi repeater and it is called wi fi repeater and it is open but before we do anything with it we need to disconnect from our existing network.

First and i m disconnect from ppyou router. Here that s the one i was connected to and once i do that i can connect to the wi fi repeater network and i m going to do that and this takes a few seconds and we ll make a connection and it comes back and says wi fi repeater no internet open that s because we have not set it up yet so let s open up an internet browser. I m going to open up chrome and on the address line. I m going to type in the ip address of the wi fi.

Repeater which happens to be. One ninety two dot one sixty eight dot 101 hit..

The enter key and that allows me to type in the default user and password of admin admin and then once i do i get a choice of language. I m going to take the default of english and then go ahead and click on the submit button and i ll take me to the home page of the wi fi wireless end repeater and it gives me some information and it s set up to go for our set up to run as a ap access point. But i want to repeater so that s why i click on the repeater and i m using the wizards to make this quick and fast and then it scans. The available networks and it found mine.

And i put a checkmark there and then down below by default. It s using the same name as my router that i already have on my network. But i don t want both of them to be the same name so i m going to change. It to ocean one and type in the security key here and then click on apply and then it comes back and gives me the information that s it s set up with and then i can close this and i can go down and click on the wi fi icon and as you can see i can see ocean 1.

But i can also see pp router so that way i know which ones. Which and as you can see i am connected to my wi fi repeater. Which is secure and it is called ocean 1. Now i can open up an internet browser and in d.

I am connected to the internet and my home page is google alright um. That s it for the install setup and review of this wi fi repeater slash extender..

However before i end this video. Completely let me make one final note. I ve been using this wi fi repeater for about two days. Now it seems to work just fine it extends my network an extra 50 feet.

And i can use my tablet or my phone out on my porch. Which is about 75 to 80 feet away from my main router. So yeah for 12 bucks. It s not a bad investment and if it only lasts.

A couple months. I m not out a large amount of money okay. That s it for this video subscribe and like my ” ..


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