Xbox One S Fan Noise – Should You Worry?

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“Guys. This is steve atronics fix now that this xbox 1s has been out a a while we re starting to hear. Some reports of the fan making noise. Kind like a ticking noise.

And so today we re going to take it apart and see if we can get to the bottom of it so we have our xbox 1s here and we have it powered up and what we re going to do is take a listen to the fan and see if we can hear the ticking noise. People talk about when i first did the unboxing of this video and set it up and played it i did notice a little bit of a ticking noise in the fan. But i didn t really pay too much attention because those of you that have the original xbox. One know that that one also the fan on that one also has some ticking now on the original xbox.

One it almost seems like maybe. The fan ran a little bit faster. So it wasn t quite as noticeable. But i m not really completely sure whether it s that or whether this one just runs quieter and so you notice the ticking more i m not really sure but we re going to let you guys listen to this fan.

And then what i m going to do is just take it apart and we re going to see if we can figure out the source of it so i m going to just lean my microphone over the fan and so you can hear it and then we ll get this thing taken apart. So we ll go like this and as i listen. It s not quite as noticeable as i noticed when i first unboxed it and got it out so i m not sure whether we ll find very much in this or not..


But we re going to take a look and see what we can find you so here. We have the fan removed from the xbox one s. What i m going to do is spin. The blades.

I m going to hold it up to my microphone. So you guys can hear it so hopefully that hopefully that was enough so you guys could hear the noise that i m talking about so. What i m going to do is there s a sticker on the top right here. So i m going to take that sticker off and then there should be some sort of holder.

The hold of bearing on if it s anything like the xbox one so we re going to take this off and we re going to look inside. I m just using a dental pick for that part and i m just slowly peeling the sticker off okay. I m going to stick the sticker over here so we can install that when we re done. And i ll hold this up hopefully i can get a good shot right in there.

There s a snap ring that holds on to the shaft of the motor. So i ve got some snap ring pliers right here what i m going to do is i m going to see. If i ll be i can get in there and get the snap ring off looks like i think i ll be able to okay..


So what you got to do to remove this is put your finger underneath and push up on the fan. And that will push the snap ring up and that will make it a lot easier to get out so i ve got the snap ring on my finger. Hopefully we can get a good shot of that i know it s kind of hard to see it s pretty tiny. So i m going to set that aside now what i m going to do is lift the fan out so we re just going to lift it out of the case right here okay so in here.

You can see the coils. So these are the coils that make the fan spin. So the power goes in through this connector and then that will energize these coils and there s a magnetic ring right here and you know any of you that know how a electric motor works. It s got the magnets here and the coils here so once these are energized that ll make it spin.

So that s how it works down inside. There there s a bearing in there. And there s also a bearing right here so i m going to pull this bearing off so we ve got this tiny bearing right there and then also in here we have this spring. So let me get a better hold on it so that s the spring that s inside so these bearings are sealed bearings.

So unfortunately. There s not going to be like a really good way to lubricate them or anything. And i honestly i don t think they actually need lubrication..


I don t think i can get a good enough view of this one. But they re actually is showing a little bit of lubrication on the outside. I really doubt these need lubed because it s a brand new system. It s a sealed bearing.

These bearings are usually good for a long long time so. What i think is probably happening is i don t have an exact guess on this but i m guessing between this spring. And the bearings and just how this motor works. I think that s probably what s causing noise.

And honestly i really don t see anything to worry about with with the noise at all i see you know these parts all look like they work fine together. And i don t see anything bad at all. It all looks really good the bearings rotate really nicely and freely so i think what the noise is is just a normal noise of this fan motor working and spinning how it should so now we re going to get this put back together and then we ll get it back inside our xbox 1s. So the first thing we need to do is put the spring back inside the spring.

Just goes over this shaft. And it is a tapered spring. The small taper goes at the top..


So i m going to put that back down there and then the bearing goes on there and then all we got to do is make sure this shaft goes through the hole in there so we re just going to put it on like this and then all we got to do is push it through so. The shaft is showing enough to get the snap ring back on it so we re going to get the snap ring back on and then we re going to the xbox 1s put all back together so there we have it it looks like the xbox 1s ticking noise on the fan seems to be completely normal i don t think it s anything to worry about now obviously there are some cases where if the ticking is extreme or the fan seems to be not working correctly or if it s overheating or something like that you know there s going to be cases where that could be a problem. But overall. But the vast majority of ticking noises.

We hear i think it s just completely normal. It s part of the design of the fan and while annoying. I don t think it s anything to worry about thanks again for watching keep an eye on our channel. We got some great new videos coming up and as always if there s any videos you guys want to see or if there s anything you want us to investigate on these newer consoles.

Please just let us know in the comments. We re happy to do it and thanks ” ..

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