Xenoblade Chronicles X Back To The Future! Part 34 (PC – Cemu, Let s Play, Blind)

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“Back in the previous part. We were looking for a lost little cutie mathias is is kitty. Oh and there we did find it. But it costs just been a.

But trouble or thanks to biases. Did you see i think that s best way of putting it glad to see isis home safe. It s all because of you that you are so much just try and make sure she can t put out i m afraid. That s not really an option just as we have our missions lysa has hers.

It s aromas. Great land of mira. One piece at a time collect your data. Exactly i need her in one piece from my research has that she s on her own.

Oh please. This was only about gathering data you could have used frontier. Now admit it you were worried sick hey. There goes kitty cat stay safe little friend freedom seems to suit her well.

I m almost jealous. I look forward to the day i can run around in my real body. My question is does the cat have a real body or what let s go. What s going on with the cat.

I don t know anyway smile and nod. Quite a shock. When that thing what does that mean what does that mean that s you can t be that vague huh can t do that that s not right no mmmmm. They only start to come in now.

It s like is it gonna be like you knew. But is there gonna be babies. Let adjuster screw me bodies instead around it like is it just our dna rather than our bodies or something like that hmm thoughts going through my head now anyway we carry on moving around looking for i think she stopped there s jim right jim all right jim seems to be alright. Those jim s all right i feel like a bit you can t just stand in the middle of the road.

You idiots anyway. Let s head down this road and dale may move me. I love that negativo. I saw a man getting into a tangle.

Oh. I was reading that that will actually seem like it could be a quest can i start it again. They re really true that the whole interior of the manor ship. No that s completely different would have been a quest through the car good job cars don t hurt like it mean caused me serious damage alright.

So what we got here is it can i cut. This machine should cut a party exceed the maximum potty size it s chapter 6. We need now where the hell is allow that s the question. I have no memory of where lao is i was hoping that was gonna be in like the house sometimes out here busy yeah.

What fozzy existed young can be found there wow. Now again. What it needs is just a little thing to point out. Where people are we found that now face yes.

Yes agree 2016. You instead of winch and for pump. Some changes wrong. Sir i should district mmm that seems to be the closest.

Where are we well right there yeah. One two three. Oh. I know it s crazy.

Ah. It seems the maxima party size our restricted members lao. I could have just keep thinking our there date. It s fine.

It s fine. It s fine. It s fine. It s fine get lost now get lost there we go begin what i ve complete chapter six you could have told me just sitting down in the comments.

Not telling me so rude. So rude are we not telling me i m an idiot. Sometimes. He now just got a missing group set up the yellow thing gays being like hey.

There s a thing over here you go here then then this stop don t see anymore around again could easily miss some i ve not been here. Alright. Then who s your mouth how much wandering around. I ve done babban better mmmmmm.

Nothing to comment on what that s a problem with this wandering round safe nothing to really comment on listen yes..

I feel like we re we re done in this area then we can t do that one doesn t just can t at this point. Okay. So let s head over to the industrial district. Start up here you so just looking for anything again.

I know nighttime is a factor as well so obviously as i keep saying that s that keeps me used to inform me if i miss anything so. Here s the question. This is the deal. I went to the sunshine cafe or especially can t make the one that gives the machine s broken right professor b you were there assassins after what happens at last to the last guy and press.

You had that freaky to try me the hell yeah. What was the strange word. I m not here to give lessons people try to kill me i ll fry you tryst same as your friends from before what all right you re a that s right look what you re no ii mean why aren t you attacking me your blade. Yeah good look at this guy alright you look very different hmm.

No i get a better look at you you do the robot. Interesting yes and since of evans. Practically useless. Maybe this person can help get to the all right then you like it bitch and she my name is professor you re looking for work i am true yeah i have a truly amazing offer for you that s the professor book means.

People don t say that hmm. I ll put it in this strange sight with that again with this translation like there s something translating. It. Which is probably the planet itself.

It s the only thing that s persisted throughout other than our cell. But maybe it s the mimosa aspect. But no but then it won t explain no you know that made sense at first in my head like because we have robots maybe the robotic brain is translating everything because like it won t explain how other races are speaking to other races. So no again the only persistent thing really is the planet itself across everyone not just us.

Just. Everyone. The book has to be the planet itself is translating somehow. It s the only thing miles s like nano particles in the air.

But then i d still can that s part the atmosphere in still count as part of the planet. You know why is it not translating these words is what i want to say in plain english. I d say it s something like well let s just say eager to help the language barrier is getting to be a real hassle pop the words from the pad. I came from money who pronounceable in your language.

I didn t properly introduce myself around here that s really nothing for it yes just just professor b you won t have to do for now then about this job. I have for you a few things from my current research and i appreciate if you could secure them should be simple enough rush. If i paying you for your trouble alright. Ask about needs straight to the point professionalism.

I like it when i you to head west to the waterway tangle and collect some dickies app. And the project is highly time sensitive so please do make it past a racket. I might have it all ready for luna well great. I knew you had a to her about you i mean short handed lately.

But with my assistant eleven wasting his time repairing that silly spaceship anyway. Thanks about wondrous through space stranded on this rock. But a helpin out well. I bought another audi.

What to be sap. Okay. I think we should just carry on exploring down here. First it s like clearly.

There s a new there hmm chapter 10. Though that s probably not anything else to do all right. Then hey listen well we re right what happened. There s a darkness before me.

I thought. It was the end. It s come for me. Atlas.

Ess head down to this little bit first strange. It s like music so all the times. But it s just just just just true correctly. It s good it s got a theme a theme x2 it you might say you see you see what i did.

There. Oh yeah. I listen to the soundtrack on youtube. So i know the names of stuff.

He makes especially. I know that s a new one must be accepted at nighttime. He s going to some valium. So we re not doing that not yet don t head to places me have been feeling yet just the story we get knowing that it s i can t miss stuff.

It s like well that s fine sir i did hear quite a lot of things now he seemed to be alright..

We seem to be done from the looks of it after this request. There s the cat. One who s just chapter 10. And we know there s the one down there as well.

Which is corresponding to another quest as well they re just so i m saying let s we re done in terms of all this stuff. Which means we can carry on with the story. So know about that one now um okay. So we want to head out finish this quest.

Without the presser be you know something new the commercial district. Where what that yeah hard to heart still need to see the first ones and i just know where some of them are okay. It s good stuff down. Yeah go dad.

Probably the closest. Oh sure no i don t know about that direction water h. Handling. We re gonna have to travel through the cave.

If we do that actually give up that point my bed. I don t know there s no pink yellow thing he s around as well and this might be the correct way because the waterway you know just swim. There it s fine window brush without actually enjoying my time with this so it s like no need to rush it upon the shoulder watch out might we don t want to fight if we don t have them no need to have a little bit of a argument about these things it s their beach. It s never 11 though own i have him on like you co.

Op portal for pets die. Some balloons lovely okay. Maybe jumps. That stove now i have not been yet all right fair enough summer places.

I ve just not been i like that set the security system. But even me and it s seen its explode around it s never too the book definitely haven t seen that before forty six back real okay because. But my level when are we after you here um got it now house by asked a few questions and give me specific concise answers. When your mouth will try to lie and we ll have to try again in it setting you ll find a lot less comfortable.

Nice mas. We don t want any needless trouble mister everyone involved you just cooperate so question. 1. What did professor b want from you just the stuff no does he one with glass.

I swear the big guys technology makes theater dem sense to us man 2 question. 2. And comprehensible to all right. What do you know about the professor s research dads are truthfully ok figgus he s a pretty cautious guy wouldn t let anyone into easy yeah.

It s a huge pain. But it looks like i ll have to kidnap big guy if i want to crack it ting. Why all right you ve done you re doing great so far a real chump just got one last question for you jammed in the sea your food little holes here and now how would you rather die i m gonna choose holes holes hey let s go with a bang. I like it got it boss.

I ll put so many bullets into you your dear don ma. Won t even recognize you we re robots. Remember i can be repaired my honor. And you one time social situation we can do keep i know in terms of budgeting.

These guys stovl rhonda that s us go back to professor b. Now that doodoo that s from as your name swimming. That s right it did yes. No everything else we re or just was i know i can jump high enough to get on stuff so i was like that move then i know that s weird now we just cook wristlock.

What s taking me so long oh you re back not that the keys are for me. Great. Now. All i need is a body frame.

And i can get this up and running was that somebody named goddess act. You why are you looking for this my fault. It s better my technology for a while now mister realized he was no match for me directly and decided to pump you for information instead. I m in quiet right this way the stop inside my brain would make him a nun s head explode.

They re still banging rocks to give her by comparison. He s after the triple like also i could make a special exemption and tell you who i am try to hang on to your socks. I came from the terminus of time and space. I am from the future maybe what you humans will look like a few hundred years down like so you re human right laughs off professor bees impossible claim as a joke leave me or don t that s your call kid women left even harder than you and i told him.

But the changes the fact that i need to get back to my own time as soon as possible and to do that sir i need you to find me a car to serve as the rain is this gonna be back to the future exactly what i is that s right who doesn t come across an english house to describe it yes. Parisa device that overcomes the absolute wall of temporal causality. Her name is terms. It s a time machine.

I ve done word that a fellow named graham is selling cars at a discount. There s some cash good try to talk to him into selling you the best vehicle for the money. Good luck amari off doing that a grep. Another part i need for this experiment.

I d love this if this is gonna be back to the future temporal causality..

Be damned. Yes. Commercial district has comprise some cars two three see i m closing in now mm hmm yeah yeah well by the red one if it s secondhand goods at ridiculous prices you re after grams your man. I ll give you details the retail guy and give you deals that retail guys would you dream up why can t that just suddenly pop in pop hmm recipes since you know i seized one of my best customers well wise.

I ve got a few options signed up for you what on the left. There you got a blues standard. Model with one s a junkie and then we got the real beauty. What s your pleasure whichever you like okay took off the price for you use a luxury good eye.

But i for the line taste this babies. The switches right amira or anywhere else out in the most. Expensive but you tell me is there a better use for 100000. Credits.

Yes. Just know by the way. That s it. Thanks.

Man. Thanks. Macaroni. Thanks.

Much shall deliver to the press. Bees. Players for you free of charge good job. I found all that money playing for the money they lose the side effect of funkiness.

Any district district. So is is like he professor is doc says doc be doc brown is gonna be back to the future. Eleven. You can get to become a cornerstone for the next dusting.

Chapter science. The surface of science aren t you now stop your whining and get in the damn car. I professor bean but i think this is more of a tombstone than a cornerstone you know and i m probably too young to die. Damn.

I finally get a test rig up i m working you re going to pull this crap on me. I ll have it go absolutely. Nothing. That s the problem.

I am authorized system d avin. Here to play guinea. Pig for me. But he s gone chicken.

Thank you buck the honor of riding in my mirror mobile time machine. And if it pays we were silly tantrum and after that she went to the trouble of getting as this sweet ride. No more excuses of evan. We re trying to pull all the.

But all this poor woman s hard work to waste. I don t want to do that but time travel seems pretty dangerous doesn t it. But it s dreamed about sciences anyone live. Only got one life to give to it you know not you be able to trust me.

If you re so confident maybe you should be the one to take it to a ride professor. Where the insistent. I be the one who tests it you know of course. I got sucked into a string have you torn to shreds instantly even of me.

It s fine. I didn t say i think that s probably the opposite of fine either way i m not getting in that paper when their peers. We are at an impasse here together. We talk some sense in this world you use logic to appeal to the incise.

I don t do it okay in our time travel as far as you seem like a smart person. But that my scientific mind may be medstar. I hear what you re saying but none of it proves that i ll be alright. If i get in that time machine.

If that makes sense like that you know the test fails press b. Will eventually succeed they just need to jump back. It s in the moment before this test in that way the machine from the successful trial. Replaced.

This initial failed prototype meaning our it actually died in the canonical timeline hmm. I feel like this i m sorry no reasoning in there somewhere. But i think i m warming to the idea all right professor. I ll write in your time machine.

I have another practice we will do it that is magnificus remain tripping merrill assistant..

Nice work with the smoot or bear mouth alright. Now that we have a test subject. Let s get this party started hurry up and get in the mirror. mobile done.

I m ready for you to send one of the dark aura history. You want okay is the meaning raja that nick is online sitting destination for 3000 years in the future. When are you ready to slip the bonds of time and take flight into the bright and distant tomorrow. Absolutely.

I think yes here i go devon found himself travelling through time tried to put things right that once went wrong and hoping that it the next time is next leap. Neither leave home now my precious me reveals smashed through the walls of the fourth dimension. And rewrite the laws of the universe. Mysterious summit that didn t sound good yep professor.

Bean is recession. Having the industrial district. When the names. Isaac h.

Mutant. So it hasn t moved an inch wide. Damn it it ll i more than a thousand years. But this is a first what could have gone wrong image oh doing three thousand years in the future.

You perhaps follow me here and another time in another of the professor s time machines. Thank you for coming professor. How do you folks ready to go explore the future. No me no no schumer him play along the total lack of charge and change in scenery after three thousand years is robber remark will don t rip it east one wonder what happened to civilization in all those years doesn t it how will you stop talking already clearly trusting.

You departed the machine was the biggest mistake ever and the numbers were there i hit the trash hold that wasn t enough then i told you to counter you know maybe the only option left to us theory that should allow for even in a spatial temporal axis. Yes. It sure is sorry to bother you again kid. But could you bring me some of that too has wine dropped by the primordial creatures called consumes give me that and i ll try my machine through time.

I swear it on every speck of my science in my brain. What that changed didn t it look at that that states clearly clearly now there s knowing rather. That s clearly it back to the future reference look at it like a freakin delorean. Well you didn t get the topes wine kit.

It s the last thing i need soup up my imagination that might match ancient magnificent tomato mobile let me go excellent work i ll install it right now and an behold. The cat navigation. Edition of my beautiful. Machine smelt was creation capable of overriding every.

Causal factor in mere and space time who s partying. Most astute question it s only contrast that shrimp to do it it s time. I ll drive to the future. Myself perfect pilot for the perfect machine.

So just never have a chance of failure just goodbye for now. But don t worry kid and made it a true be back before you know it i ll see you then i appreciate that kid emotional goodbyes make me pitch. Now then it s time for the triad one as in destination time plus. The far side of the future the time axis.

I once inhabited you bevin and the others in this time have been a great help hmm. But i could have done without the ones that attacked us thanks for everything it given my little girls take care and farewell and if this is goodbye forever. Know that i ll never forget you that s right tear through the girl were off to the future and sound like it went. Oh well alright.

Then that has implications no better profess be go ask me to buy these parts. He was running low on. But he went home to the future. It s like that we did everything together all that all this time and now.

He just takes off relay. A message infect. Me i wish you d said it in my to my face. Not for you was he planning to leave without saying.

A word man was a real headache. You know i ll just have to get to work. I m building a new and improved middle boom minima beyond mach. 2.

I suppose i write is the future and scared up my pants uh professor b that we re pretty funny right because i have a lot of studying ahead of me huh you just wait professor my that was lovely. I didn t expect to come back to the future quest here lovely no painting right so that s as done for this part in the next part. We ll get back to the story for a little while so we ll see them in the future. ” .


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