“You” Season 3 WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR

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“Laughing could you could you do this for us could you go from charming to to creepy. I could do that yeah audience laughing narrator he s creepy. He s and he s coming back for round three penn. This is where i had to be to meet you narrator here s what we know about in its first two seasons.

The underappreciated lifetime series turned breakout hit on netflix has taken stalking to the next level no matter how hard you fight me i will always make sure you password protect your devices. Narrator last. We nleft. The obsessive and obsession worthy.

Joe goldberg. He had met his match in love quinn. We re soulmates joe narrator..


The kind nof girl who makes all your problems and exes disappear. After discovering love s true colors at the end of season. Two joe and bae settle down nin the suburbs with a literal love child on the way. But old habits.

Die. Hard as evidenced by this cliffhanger. See you soon. Neighbor narrator.

Who that neighbor is has been the topic of fierce debate. With many fans speculating that it would be joe s mom until actor penn badgley dispelled. Those rumors in an interview with bustle..


The books on which the show is based might reveal some new clues when caroline kepnes nthird novel is released. But it s too soon to tell plus. The second season really deviated from the sophomore novel in and joe went to jail by the end. Kepnes has said her upcoming book will focus on joe s burning desire to become a better person so we ll see how much the latest season on netflix sticks to that actor penn badgley.

Thinks. It s only a matter of time before joe pays. The price. What does joe need joe needs justice.

But what does that mean does that mean prison. Does that mean death. I don t know intense music playing narrator as of now nthe..


Only cast that s been formally announced nfor season three are these two soulmates. I woof you i woof you too narrator ever since. The former actor penn badgley has gotten good at compartmentalizing. I struggle greatly with the conflict of playing such a guy and him being partly.

So likable and people having such a as we say thirsty response to him narrator actress victoria pedretti who plays love quinn may wanna take some cues as her character appears to be getting darker and darker loud screaming as for the rest of season three cast we can only speculate show runner sera gamble suggested that jenna ortega who played joe s old neighbor ellie alves could be back remember ellie has dirt non. The quinn family knows the truth about henderson and took money from joe to start a new life gamble also teased the idea of bringing back dead characters to haunt. The living saying quote. Everybody s favorite characters.

So maybe we haven t seen the last of beck candace and delilah after all we could very well get na. John stamos. Sighting in season three too after doctor nicky s nsurprise re appearance at the close of season two he could be in prime position to make joe s life hell..


God bless you narrator co creators greg berlanti and sera gamble will return nas executive producers for all ten episodes of season. Three upbeat music playing netflix is famously mum nabout. It s release dates. But we do know season three is coming sometime in 2021 season two dropped the day after christmas in 2019.

Which was a delicious boxing day treat. But doesn t necessarily nmean the streaming service will make you wait to indulge have you been naughty. ” ..


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