Your “Waterproof” Phone … Isn t

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“You only need nto drop your phone off a boat or into a puddle or or nyes into a toilet. Once to wish for a world. Where all nsmartphones are well the good news a lot of them are at least water resistant. The bad news.

They re probably not as nresistant as you think i m mr. Mobile and today we re gonna learn how do decode ip ratings to find out how much water your ngadgets can really handle. And we re gonna talk to the grand marshall of all gear destroyers himself nmr jerryrigeverything to learn how water wrecks your gadgets and what you can do about it if it does long story short. .

Oh. I m sorry. That s you re line. Zach zach.

Long story short. It s best to keep your electronics. Nas dry as possible. But yeah thanks for nhaving me on mr.

Mobile let s do this mr. Mobile yes. Let s okay so if your electronic gadget claims that it s water resistant..


Odds nare. It carries and ip rating. And that is one of the most nmisunderstood things in mobile. The ip stands for international protection and it s a huge body of nstandards covering everything from power outlets in your nhome to street lights.

But basically. It s all about keeping harmful stuff from the outside out of the insides of your product in 2018. Most phones that are nadvertised as water resistant care. An ingress protection nrating of ip67 or ip68.

You notice. How i said neach number individually instead of 67 68. That s because each digit nmeans something different the first number has nothing nto do with water at all this is all about keeping solids out in this case. A six means the phone is so well sealed that nnot even dust can get in that s important to protect the components and also to keep things like ncamera lenses free of dust.

If you see a number lower than six here. It s not dust tight. So you ll wanna take care not to store it in areas with a lot of nsawdust or fine particulates. Like i imagine.

Zach s workshop. Is zach fun fact even nwith that protection. Earpiece..


Speakers. Are magnets attracting metal. That rips nwater resistant speakers to shreds so accident scan still happen. Mr.

Mobile. I can t decide nif that fact is fun or scary anyway if you see and x. In neither part of the rating. That doesn t necessarily nmean.

It s unprotected. But it does probably mean it wasn t tested for that category the second number of the ip rating is where the waterproofing comes in the scale goes from dripping nwater to spraying water to fiercely spraying water to a total dunk. And then various depths of a dunk. And what that boils down nto is if we look at a phone with a 7 rating at the nend well that should be able to survive while submerged nunder one meter of water for up to 30 minutes that doesn t mean that it ll nstart leaking after 31 minutes.

It just means that s how nlong the test goes for a phone with an eight at nthe end of it s ip rating. Should be able to survive in nup to three meters of water. But the exact time and ndepth of the test can vary. According to the manufacturer.

Zach the deeper you go nthe more pressure there is on the device and the bigger chance that water will get inside and do damage. Mr. Mobile..


That s right now as with all numbers nthe ip code can be confusing first off the water nrating is not cumulative. What that means is that na device with an eight at the end of the ip nrating is not necessarily also certified for the same nstuff that a five or a six is those ratings use powerful jets nto blast water at the phone from every direction. Which is a very different kind of stress than just dunking. The unit underwater.

If a phone is rated for nboth spray and immersion. You ll see both of those called out on the spec sheet separately like sony does with its xz2 smartphone. But no matter how well you know the code there are still lots of reasons. You should keep your nphone away from water for that zach take it away teach us something.

Thanks. Ben first thing to keep in mind. Is that all of these ip tests assume nthat. It s fresh water salt from the ocean.

Or nchlorine from the pool can cause near instant corrosion. You ll notice that after scuba divers get out of the salty ocean. They ll rinse off their ngear with fresh water. So that salty corrosion doesn t nhave a chance to set in also let s say your nphone is about a year old and has been dropped a few times experienced temperature fluctuations all of which can compromise the adhesive and the ip rating over time also even if the phone ndoes have an ip rating almost no manufacturer nwill warranty water damage you might ask how do these companies know that the phone has been wet before well there s these little white stickers attached to the motherboard nthat turn pink when wet i ve shown them a few times on my channel and they re inside every smartphone finally you ve probably nseen the youtube videos that dunk a not waterproof phone nin the sink for a few hours and then pull it out nand.

It s still working even though it s working it suddenly does not get nhonorary waterproof status. Corrosion is probably already happening inside of that phone. It just might not show up instantly water damage is an inevitable cancer over time it will kill the phone..


So like i said before it s better just to keep your phone dry as much as possible and only rely on that nip rating for accidents. Mr. Mobile thanks a lot man and i can testify to that last point i used an lgb30 to film nan afternoon of snorkeling in the pacific followed nby tomfoolery in the pool. And though i carefully nrinsed it with freshwater its display flickered out near minutes after i got out of the pool.

But my producer justice npride open that sucker using tools we borrowed from you zach. We found the culprit. A tiny nand. I do mean tiny salt deposit on a pinky nail sized ncomponent right here where water probably snuck in nthrough.

The speaker membrane. I m not salty about this. I shouldn t have been swimming nin. The ocean with this phone and i know that but in this era.

Where a lot of phones are advertised as water resistant or even waterproof well i wanted to share the ncautionary tale with you so you ll know not to make nthe same mistake that i did folks if you dig videos like these be sure to subscribe to nboth jerryrigeverything and the mr. Mobile here on nyoutube and please share. It if you know someone who should know more about how waterproof ntheir phone is or isn t also let me know in the comments. If you like these kind of collabs maybe next time zach and i will tackle another misunderstood naspect of phone ratings military spec durability zach i m totally in thanks for having me on mr mobile mr mobile thank you man and thanks to you our viewers until next time ” .


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