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” s up everybody eats in tibet. Here for another ginger runner. Calm review today. I i m very excited after years of using this product.

I finally get to review your buds inspire pro series. As well as the signature series headphones. These are both the bud style with the little silicon caps on the end and i m stoked. I m pretty sure i have freakishly huge ear lobes.

No headphones or ear buds have ever fit in my ears. They always pop out from my iphone or walkman or whatever i ve never been able to keep headphones in so i knew when i started running and started riding my bike. I needed some sort of headphones that would stay in there i tried using the over the ear. Sticking the hole type things.

But then you have sunglasses and a hat or a visor or helmet on top and that just becomes too cumbersome and actually gets really uncomfortable so thankfully. I found out about your buds. What makes your butt so different the little silicon cap that goes over the end of the earbud. It seems like a simple innovation.

But i ll be honest. It made a world of difference for me thankfully the fine folks over at your buds sent me a couple of pairs to review each pair is a little bit different than the same price. But we ll get into some of those differences and weaknesses and strengths here in just a second this here is the signature series it s the black headphones with the grey cloth cord a cloth court actually helps prevent tangling which i think is a kind of a cool feature makes a little bit thicker. Too so it s not a vendela pliable.

The silicon covers themselves are a little bit different they re smooth on the outside. They don t have the ridges that help kind of lock it into the ear. The inspire pros obviously come with the ironman logo on the outside of the ear. The silicon cover on the ear.

But itselves a little bit more flexible in the sense that you can use this on other earbuds..

If you have your own set that you have spent a lot of money on and you want to use these covers and that she makes it pretty easy to stuff it on both sets of headphones come with the mic track forward answer. Volume type thing on the signature series. You don t get the volume choice as much as you get the answer. The phone choice now i ll just start by saying both sets of headphones are pretty awesome.

Compared to your standard earbuds that you get with your iphone or other smartphone. There s a lot of things i like about them just a few things i dislike let s just do this. Things that i like the fit now these earbuds fit into your ear. And if they don t with the provided silicon covers they will send you new sized covers all you have to do is take a picture of your ear and they will size it for you automatically and send you new silicon caps for free.

It s pretty awesome they fit all ear types and will really keep the headphones. In there they stay in place. Once you fit these in turn. It and lock it they stay in it doesn t matter how hard you shake your head.

They ll stay in there i had a couple of issues where they slip out if i m really sweaty in my ear. But for the most part they lock it sound quality now this is where the your. But headphones excel over your standard earbuds. The sound quality in these things is it s better you re gonna spend a premium 5999.

For either set of the signature or the inspire pros. I m no sound expert. So i don t want to come across as some sort of audiophile. But i do appreciate a headphone that sounds good and the bass will up thump and that s a positive features now both sets of these headphones come packed with features we have the cloth cord of the signature series there s a three button mic on the inspire pros the single multi function button on the signature series.

I mean they come with enough features. Where you don t have to worry about what you re doing you can answer calls you can track forward. You can pause start the music loaded the fabric cord with the signature series it keeps them from getting tangled. Now.

I really haven t done much more than just shove these into a bag and getting them out they re not tied in knots..

They still are wrapped around each other but they re easier to get untangled that s an honest opinion this particular fabric has some reflective quality. So it is also a safety feature for while you re running at night. And that s a yes as i mentioned earlier the covers work on other headphones. When about my first pair of your buds.

I actually used the silicon covers over my iphone headphones and they work just fine and if they begin to slide around a little bit you just clean them off and boom they work again and my final like and this is a big one customer service. There s a lot of companies out there that try to take advantage they sell you a product and then that s the end of the communication between customer and company. I ve reached out to your buds. A number of times to get replacement covers a size up or size down and they have been more than responsive.

I ve met them at expos and swapped out silicon covers not a problem customer service is top notch. And that speaks bounds about a company now regardless. I use these headphones every run. There are a couple of that i dislike price both steps ahead touch with signature and it s firepro.

5999. That s kind of a hefty price to pay for athletic headphones. However you will use them for a very long time and if they break slip off the covers and use your old headphones they also have a number of different models that aren t at that 5999 price point you can check out their website. For more info.

And those other models and stuff like that i think they re worth. It it s kind of a big dislike a noisy cord. So where the cord. Actually goes into the headphone earbuds.

Part can be noisy. When you stick them into your ears turn and lock. As you run. The cord will dangle in this particular case that dangling clicks and i can hear it it s less so with the cloth cord.

However you can still hear the clicking the only headphones..

I ve ever had that don t have that clicking noise are my iphone headphones go figure hevy the signature series can be a little bit heavy because they are wrapped in that fabric. It just adds. Weight and weight hanging from your ears. Can add a little bit of comfort over long long runs with the inspire pros the weight doesn t come in the core cuz.

It s obviously very thin. Very light it comes in the three button mic. It s pretty heavy pretty cumbersome and unfortunately just pull down your ears as well not all covers work on all headphones. The signature series.

Silicon covers have a different attachment apparatus. Than the other silicon cover. So. Unfortunately.

You can t use these on other earbuds. They re kind of designed specifically for the signature series bummer and that s pretty much it for dislikes since i ve been getting the question all the time i just wanted to share with you guys what sort of products. I use in these very year. But it s a simple product.

But it s something that i ve been using for a long time. And i can t believe it took me this long to write a review. I appreciate your buddy sending me these two sets of headphones to try out and kind of compare the differences the fact that they don t pop out of your ears. While you re running or doing any sort of athletics is a huge plus and their main selling point the signature and the inspire pro are not the only series that they do have available for consumption.

So you can also go to your buds calm and check them out now let s get on with the points quality. I have to give the headphones four out of five. I haven t had a problem with either set of these headphones the covers. I ve been using on other sets of headphones as well and those lasts for a long time quality is four out of five comfort since i ve been wearing these non stop for years now and they haven t once become an issue five out of five one of the few products that i ve used and i can actually say with how a doubt five out of five on comfort love price three out of five now.

I m docking them some price points one because they re 60 for just a set of headphones and they don t offer just the silicon covers if they did that would be amazing and they could sell millions of them..

But the fact that you have to buy a set of headphones with the silicon covers can be a bit of a burden especially for sixty dollars and finally looks four out of five it s not really applicable. But i would say four out of five only because they re not fluorescent colors. So that brings our total to 16 out of 20 for your buds. Now we have both the signature series and the inspire pros don t forget about that now remember if you guys have any questions about your buds.

Please don t hesitate to ask them in the comments below. If you d like to check out more from their products. Please visit your buds dot com. I appreciate them sending me these two pairs.

Which are awesome. And i use regularly every single athletic activity that speaks volumes so check them out if you guys enjoyed this review. Please let me know like and favorite this video share it with your friends i don t care what you do just enjoy it i am releasing youtube videos every single week so do not forget to subscribe to this channel youtubecom. The ginger runner.

I m on all the social networks you can follow me on twitter at the ginger runner over on facebook facebookcom. The ginger runner instagram at ethan newberry and of course. Ginger runner dot com. Where i have all my reviews.

All my race reports. And all that good stuff right there. In one complete pie for you to enjoy. So that s it for today.

Guys. I hope you enjoyed this video in the meantime get out there train race and party. Because that is what you are supposed to do good words english. ” .


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