Zelda BOTW New Light Shading, Grass Render Distance & Easy FPS Boosting Upgrades [Cemu 1.15.4

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“Guys. What is up and welcome back to the channel in today s video i i have some absolutely awesome graphics pack updates to bring to you as well as brand new finding in relation to boosting your performance in the legend of zelda breath of the wild honor this awesome emulator first off. We re going to be taking a look at a brand new update to the cel shading a graphics pack thought to be honest i myself really believe this should have a graphics pack and be a setting all to itself so many of you who watched many of my previous videos will already be aware of this cell shading option. Which we ve have for the past month or so in a cmu emulator and at the legend of zelda breath of the wild this pack itself removes any cell shading from a link and many of the npc s in game.

However this brand new mode known as light shading has now made its way into this graphics pack. And when i turn it on you can see it just how awesome it makes lynx character model and any of the other npcs or enemies character models look in a gameplay toggling it on and off you can see exactly how much of a difference. It makes obviously and not only to lynx character model with the entire world around him it s almost like it makes it an even more stylized version of the legend of zelda breath the wild and to be honest it looks a very very similar to the style of a graphics. We had in the legend of zelda wind waker hd to get this a brand new update to the cell shading a graphics pack all you have to do is click the download button in the bottom right hand corner on the graphics pack window and it will download extract and install all of the graphics packs you need for this pack now if you thought that s all i was going to be giving you in this video you haven t seen anything yet.

We are now going to take a look at a brand new addition to the too many options graphics pack that you re going to be able to download from the description of this video this brand new resize graphics pack is going to give us what a lot of breath of the wild players pose on the wii u. Switch and cmu emulator on pc. Have been asking for for a very very a long time this is the very first implementation of a grass or a foliage render distance and render size graphics back using it is really really simple all you have to do is turn it on like you ve seen me do or right here. And then all you have to do is select a different preset that is different from the default of one in the legend of zelda breath.

The wild then just hit the reload shaders button. As you saw there setting it to two didn t do too much. But when i set it to a value of five you can see that all of this grass off in the distance. When i toggle it on and off is now rendered in a much further a radius to the player character model and that s only part one of this new graphics packs first implementation when using this grass setting.

It s going to allow you to individually change the size and height of any of the grass that is in a lynx direct proximity as with grass pack. One you simply have to choose which preset you want to use as you can see when i change it to a one point two from one you can very very easily. See what it is adjusting in this pack. Now you can set it to higher values for example.

When you set it to the grass around a link kind of gets to a a ridiculous size and to be honest. I would probably just recommend for this grass to setting let you set it to a value somewhere. Between 12 and a value of a. 15 sometimes even when using a 15.


In areas that are very very grassy like this one here. The grass can be a little bit too high so for areas like this i generally like to set my in to 12. As with these stock grass in the legend of zelda breadth of the wild and this longer grass is also fully physics interactable and if you thought the good news stops. There think again we now have individual color control for these shaders on every single type of grass and tree in this game now obviously when i m just using the default values that these come with it kind of looks terrible.

So i m now going to do a little bit of shader a color editing and try to find a nice balance of different colors in the game as you see. When i turn each and every one of these individual packs off it just sets it back to the default of the game. So for now. Let s just scroll down this list.

And here my a list of greens. Let s try it dark green. And see what that looks like when i select dark green and select reload shaders. We now get this very very nice dark green shade for all of the long grass in this game.

Okay. So next. Let s try to find yeah. There we go we have the short grass shader color change.

Let s just select. This and again. We re going to need to scroll down through our list find our greens section. And let s again set this to the same a darker green color that we set the long grass to and look at that look how awesome this grass and now looks with the edited a shader color.

Now you can see that we do have a color control over a grass types that at least at this point in time. We don t have height and density control over. But i do believe that ultros the creator of these graphics packs is working very very hard to try to find the control method for these other a different alternative types of grass finally for the grass colors. We need to change short grass and number two and again we re just gonna scroll down through our list find our greens and again set this to the dark green color.


And just check that out look how awesome breath well now looks. When we have individual control over all of these different elements of the game. Now obviously you don t have to use greens you can use luminous red or luminous blue. If you want and obviously if you don t want to use anything and it just use the stock colors of the game you can simply disable all of these different settings and do that also on top of all of this you now have individual control over the different colors of the different trees in the game.

Let s try a different shade of green at this time let s try this a light green. No i m not too much of a fan of that it s a little bit too light. So let s scroll down and try this one no not a big fan of that one either let s try this one no that doesn t really work with a grass either. So let s try something a little darker.

Let s try a tan korean again. And yeah. There you go you can see you can perfectly match your colors or if you wanted to do you can make your game. A horrible and mismatched mess.

Okay. So now that we ve changed the color of our grass. Let s see what the game looks like when we turn off this further render distance on the grass to do this all you to do is toggle these off and you can very clearly see especially off in the distance. The difference that the to grasp acts make especially a grass pack.

One and i am super super excited to see what advancements we get in these graphics packs in the future. Okay. So now that i ve shown you how to edit your game. Let s now improve your performance in breath of the wild on scene.

Um inator. The gameplay footage you re watching her right. Now is me playing a breath of the wild on my low end system that system it contains an i. 5 at 2500 k.


And a gtx 660 at this point in time. I am also currently attempting to play the game at 1440p resolution. And as you can very clearly. See i am not doing so very successfully only being able to run the game at 21 or 22 frames per second this kind of performance.

I would have to say is probably fairly and normal for a computer of this kind of specification. However there is a way you can really really easily boost your frame rates and all that you have to do is to simply download the better fence version of fps that you ll find in the description of this video and use that instead of the warner that comes with sam you okay. I m gonna quickly switch over to this a better fence version of fps reload my save and get myself back into this exact same area of the game and into the exact same combat situation and boom. Through the magic of video editing.

I m back in game back into the exact same type of fight and on the exact same system at the i 5 2500 km you can see that using this better french version of fps my frame rates have gone from a 20 21 and 22 frames per second all the way up to 27 28. And sometimes even over a 30 at 1440p resolution. These performance jumps can be even bigger on stronger cpus. So if you have a faster cpu than a 2500 k.

And are experiencing some kind of a bottleneck in your system. I would highly highly advise. Downloading and trying out this better fence version of fps. We had in fact previously covered this on the channel.

But i myself didn t see any kind of performance improvements on my own system. The only reason i retested stuff with this fps plus version was because when i was trying to play a breath of the wild at 8k resolution and while i was only able to achieve around 12 to 14 frames per second on that pc using this better offense version. I was able to achieve a stable authority. Even at lower resolutions when i was trying to get higher frame rates closer to 60.

I am seeing a better performance. Especially so on this 2500 k. Based cpu and even at higher resolutions on my 8700 k. Based main pc.


I am getting a better performance when using a better fence and running at much higher resolutions. As i ve previously said 4k. 6k and 8k resolutions. Now obviously.

Not everyone is gonna want to play at these high resolutions. And i understand that but having found at this very very easy way to boost your performance. When you re running into a system and based bottleneck. I just wanted to make this little update video and make sure all of you guys who are suffering with performance issues.

Just like this one are getting at the very very best out of your computers over on seenu s official reddit and on youtube itself. I ve seen literally at countless videos. Where people have shown gameplay footage of breath of the wild and where they re standing still that their performance is 30 frames per second or above. But as soon as they start moving around they re getting and drops and lag spikes.

I genuinely believe that this could potentially be a fix for that so please do let me know down below in the comment section. Whether this better fence version of fps plus plus helps with stability and framerate. Improving in a breath well wild. Please.

If you re an amd a gpu user also attest this out as from user reports in mighty scott over the past two days of testing. We have seen very good results on at that end also as i already said anything you need or i ve shown off in this video can be found down in the description in a download link to use the better fence version of fps plus plus in the same fashion as updating the cel shading pack all you ve to do is click the download button in the graphics pack window for a cmu emulator then simply select the a better fence option hopefully everything i ve shown you in this video is going to be to your liking and will indeed. Help you a booster performance levels for now. That s gonna be it for this video cheers for checking it out remember to like it.

If you liked it dislike it if you didn t and as always subscribe to the channel. If you want to see all future videos from me. ” ..


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