Zelda Breath of The Wild On The Wii U Gamepad

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“So as promised that i said i d do a video of zelda. The new new zelda rough for the wild on the wii u. On the gamepad. So i currently using it awful camera.

But it s all that has and it should be good enough to film the wii u. Gamepad. Currently on the tv monitor and here is the gamepad so this is what it shows you when you re playing wartime just says tap here to play on the wii u. Gamepad.

So this is hard to do we have one hand or put there quickly tap. It and then it will go go to it. And then it says on the big screen cap touch screen again on the wii u. Gamepad to play on tv.

So press. It again and then you go it back on there. So gotta go on to the wii u game. Play.

Where you gamepad right now so. Here. We are we re in kakariko village..


Which is the first place you try and get to after you ve done the opening stuff so i m just going to wander around a bit. I m not going to do any like all in the east anthony quest stuff. I just got wonder around the nephites in bacau bling. And so yeah you can t charge.

When young your horse in the village force. It a little bit a little bit hard to control as you can see it if we re going off if it wants to go where is it going what are you doing what are you doing come on you certainly ain t nice going horse. We can play it out for that going down to a stable should be a stable working over the bridge tricarico bridge. All right the source of the mind of its own here.

We can find a goblin. I m going to call goblin. There are there bucko brings up in goblins. It known as why it s not cooperating very well i need to send it by shrine here.

I can t get to you i think i have to jump off of a cliff and paraglide down into. I ve got some like spikes around it the person here would kind of ex. Hey. Now what you re playing on hey.

There. What are you planning on going with my ax. It s okay you can have it sorry for hollering at you like that it s just the times..


We live in no one s going to get mad. If you pick up something that s just lying around. It s always important to someone they wouldn t let it out of their sight. By the way.

I i m a traveling merchant name s jiro. Nice to meet you i ventured into the forest to get my wares. Oh. But also buy them from travelers like you so do you happen to have anything rare you be interested in selling no well okay.

That s fine. There s anything i can do for you no ok got it thanks for spending. Some of your precious time in the road. With me even the areas near civilization are full of months of these days.

You re strolling through the woods can be dangerous. You d be careful you hear that the epochal blinn up here probably nods. No of course not the big tree. That s fallen down hmm could paraglide them how over there.

I m sure we ll get over there eventually put that tower over there power sonia and taylor down here. And then there s a shrine down. There which i put a thing on put a little tag so it s glowing..


Okay and how do i call my horse. I forgot they down on the d pad. Here we go you coming. He s coming.

There is hello you do love me i love you till. Now i ll listen bakker bling finally some actual gameplay right side do this properly got when you got six hours left. That s a good shot. Nice my buckling the crepe.

Oh dancing about today. I could use my magnet. Thing do something with them. I ve tried this yet.

So i ve alerted them. Oh. Smack smack cornea. No thanks.

No no na nananana nanana. Look cancel run away. I haven t mastered that yet got a big bat sounds good..


There you go nice well with my shoulder broke not the chest now very pleasant game. This is no i you know if it was said it was difficult i don t know maybe i m not far enough in the game. Yet i ve only only just got it yesterday because i couldn t get it i didn t preorder it anything so it was out of stock everywhere. But it s not that difficult yet hope all right oh god the big one where you re a big danger zone.

I need a bit of solder two handed on it yeah mmm boomberang get this need a better shield get the rusty shield out right. Hello. That was that went down pretty easily veneer wobbling plumber s no bone over there. The chopping down trees apparently.

Some reason. Maybe that you want to get more back. Oh probably go away. Oh.

My goodness get out of here laughter. Okay. So how s this a little bit of gameplay on the wii u. Gamepad.

Didn t really want to show much just in case. You haven t actually played much fit yourself we haven t got it so i ll say ” ..

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