009 – Christmas Wallpaper & Snowy ScreenSaver

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“This is a site called pixel resort. And it s the home of designer and and icon is to michael flare. Up hope. I ve pronounced that correctly michael and only found this today and i was just sort of browsing through with this there s all sorts of wallpapers.

There s a new one 409. But i ll show you the one that i picked before which was the one from last year. But you know he s just developed a brand new iphone application all to do with the weather. Which has got some stunning graphics and stunning animation.

But to get to the wallpapers. If you go to the goodies section. Okay now on this particular page. And there is all sorts of things here not just wallpapers dessert.

Some fantastic icons while the icons and text edit icons replacement icons for applications really nice stuff. But term in fact let s go to the wallpapers section..

And that s the one that i had before which is at christmas. Oh. Wait. He has a full screen and a widescreen option.

So i m going to go with widescreen you know christmas wide zip. Which is that download pop open it and find her to install this as our desktop. We can just right click or control click. Under snow leopard and say set desktop picture.

And there we go that s it done now. I ll actually come back to his site to have a look at the the xmas onine. There s a really nice time that was really on how actually created that wallpaper. Let s just pop that down for now right.

There s our nice background. And what i ll do now as well is to install a festive screensaver..

So let s just go back to safari and i ve got an option here for snowfall. This is a quartz composer screensaver for the mac. So what we need to do now is just download. So that s the disk image downloaded.

It s auto mounted. We ll just click to expand the folders let me just make that a little bit bigger and we ll put this in listview and i just grab that drop it to my home directory library. Then in library. There should be just there not the screen.

There we go screen savers drop that in there rid of that get rid of that in fact. We can pop safari out of the way finally go back to system preferences desktop screen saver and then click on the screensaver tab and down at the bottom. We should find under other i just did the disclosure triangle there we go snowfall we can test it we re currently we ve got a red stripes background let s change that you can actually change the color. If we go into options you can change the background color you can take off the stripes.

You can change the speed and a snowflake count one lapse. You re going to do is to set a background image double click on the box let s go to my downloads folder and i m actually going to select the jpeg file that we have for our desktop..

So we ll say open to that we ll say done there we go. And if i say test there we go we get our desktop background. Plus. The snowflakes on the top as well so just a nice a festive effect.

Okay let s go back to michael s site and let s just have a look at that other desktop background that he had so this is back on the goodies page now for each wallpaper. There s an iphone version fullscreen and widescreen let s try his new one which is a christmas oh nine. We know have a look at that so we have two white screen resolutions at nine twenty by twelve hundred and two five six zero by 1600 these will scale to smaller screen sizes as well so i m gonna select that one which is a which is roughly the screen size i have right or control click. It s a desktop picture.

And there we go now this one is particularly interesting in that on his site. He s actually put a time lapse video to show how this was actually created this is actually his house in sweden. But check with michael he s give me permission to replay it here just as it s something different this week. And just thought i d play this quick.

Time lapse video. How he created this particular wallpaper..

Crazy for tea numerical. Here through all. My council had a spanish doing as that has an under we know it s almost christmas mark s lemay. The wall red time merry christmas from chiron beta.

Prime. Where we were did i say and protectors this much chiron beta on every corner. There s a giant metal santa claus who watches over glowing red eye they carry weapons and then better good not everybody s good but everyone tried and the rocks outside the airlock winter. One merry christmas from chiron beta prime while we re working in did i say i meant protectors merry christmas chiron beta prime that s all a family knows it we re 11.

We really hope you i mean we re early begging you to and make it quick before they smell such productive now it s time for chris. Thank. The robots so thanks to michael for allowing me to use his his artwork. I really would suggest that you check out his site.

There s tons of goodies there or ” ..

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