#1 Headphones on Amazon Worth it?? – MPOW 059 Review!!

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“Is going on everyone my name is jason and these are the best selling bluetooth bluetooth headphones on amazon happy new year. Everyone welcome to 2019 and you may be off this year thinking. It s about time to pick up a pair of bluetooth headphones. Which is a smart move because bluetooth headphones are pretty awesome.

I mean the idea of having the ability to listen to music. Wirelessly. Is still a technical marvel to me. And the good thing is it doesn t cost a fortune to get a pretty decent pair of bluetooth headphones these days take for instance.

These these are the m piles zero. Five. Nine. Bluetooth headphones.

And these headphones are special for a couple reasons. First and foremost they were the number one selling pair of bluetooth headphones on amazon in 2018. Which may come to a surprise because fl isn t exactly a household name and audio like both are sony. But don t let the unfamiliar name throw.

You off these have a crazy high. 45. Star. Rating with over 18000.

Reviews. Now. If that wasn t..


Good. Enough the n pile is zero five. 9s only cost 3999. A price that fits almost any budget.

Now considering these headphones are pretty cheap and apparently loved by most of their owners. I wanted to give them a test to see if they live up to the hype in case. You guys were thinking about scooping up a pair now before we get into the review. If you re into checking out the latest consumer tech products before you buy them or if you re just.

A tech head like me i make a video like this every single week. So make sure that you hit that subscribe button and turn on that val icon. So you can be the first to know when a new jsr review is out and you don t miss anything that being said. Let s get into these headphones okay.

First let s go through the unboxing experience. The box is pretty basic. Which is kind of to be expected at this price point so no surprises. There and when you do open it up.

What you have are the headphones themselves some paperwork and cables and a felt bag which i m assuming can be used as a carrying case now the paperwork is pretty standard with some basic instructions on how to get the headphones operational and paired up to your bluetooth. Device you have two cables here one is a 35 millimeter auxiliary cable which could wire into the headphones themselves. And it also comes at the micro usb cable for charging the belt. Carrying bag is actually quite soft and will probably be helpful in preventing the headphones from getting all scratched up.

But obviously it won t provide a high level of crop protection like a more standard traveling case. Okay. Let s jump into the headphones themselves..


And let s talk about build quality right off the bat. They reminded me so much of the original beats studio headphones. And i can t help. But think that mpow was quote unquote inspired by them as clarity s are kind of on can you let me know in the comments.

If you guys agree now majority of the zero. Five nines is made out of a hard glossy plastic. Which is common in over the ear headphones as it s important to try and make these as light as possible for comfort purposes. And the zero five 9s come in at just over eleven ounces.

Which is pretty light. The piano glass like finish is pleasing to the eyes. But it s easy to smudge up with fingerprints and though i haven t gotten them yet it may not be the best holding up to micro scratches. But it does have an anti uv protective coating on them which is nice on the right ear cup you have the control panel in which can power the headphones on and use the adjacent buttons to control the volume skip tracks.

Etc. Though maybe pretty basic and may not look as cool as some of the other modern bluetooth headphones. The buttons are tactile and clicky and easy to get used to in terms of use on the bottom of the headband you have on one side. The microusb in to recharge the internal battery.

Which has an outstanding 20 hour battery life and on the other side. You have the auxiliary line in where you can wire in your headphones. In which the headphones are then powered by the device itself not require any battery at all which is really nice. You do have some metal being used particularly in the headband adjustment slider.

Which from a functionality standpoint is well executed simple to adjust. Without it being soft. Where it constantly changes in use the headband is made out of a faux leather material that actually looks pretty nice..


And it s really quite soft. Which is good to see as it plays a big part in how comfortable these are gonna be in use probably. The area in which these headphones. I m the brightest in terms of build quality are the ear cups.

They re made out of a very soft protein leather that mimic the premium material used on higher end headphones and they have a memory foam. Like quality to them. Which help them shape to the side of your head for optimal comfort. When in use the oval shape opening on the drivers helps ensure the cuffs themselves create a seal around your ears rather than having them lie on them and overall.

The zero five nines are pretty comfortable to wear again. They re really light and the headband does a good job relieving. Any discomfort on the top of my head and the ear cups provide a really strong seal around the ears. I will say that they are a bit snug and they are tighter than other more premium headphones.

I ve tried i mean this is great for creating a really tight seal for passive noise cancelling. Which they do a great job at but after a couple hours of use you can start to get a little fatigue around the side of your head. And the jaw line now. It s not something i would consider a deal breaker by any means as overall.

These are very comfortable and well executed from design standpoint. But something you should keep in mind if you intend on wearing them for extended periods of time. Okay let s get into the functionality and the sound quality the zero five nines come with bluetooth 40. Technology and pairing these up are super easy you have nice voice prompts that tell you when you re in pairing mode.

And what devices are connected to which is a nice touch at this price point the headphones also come with the ability to make and receive calls. Which is really convenient if you have them paired to your smart phone. The controls are easy to use and it s nice to be able to change the volume skip tracks and answer phone calls without taking the device out of your pocket or bag to do so okay so onto the big question..


How s the sound quality and to jump right into it overall. It s pretty good. The sound is full the volume could get quite loud without a lot of distortion or the sound. Getting all crunchy and probably the thing that stands out the most is the clearly pronounced bass.

That the 40 millimeter drivers are able to produce i mean the low end on these guys is deep and listening to hip hop. Edm. And other bass centric music is really enjoyable. Again.

They re. Very reminiscent. In how. The earlier generation.

Beats headphone sounded when they broke into the headphone market with that signature bass enhance sound. I will say though that the sound isn t as well balanced as some of the other high end headphones like those made from audio technica or boasts which depending on the type of music you listen to can impact how much you enjoy these but overall especially for the price. I m not that surprised at why these have such stellar reviews and are selling like hotcakes that being said. I do want to get your thoughts on the m50 five nines do you guys think that these headphones.

Give other headphones like beats and sony a run for the money or do you think that there s still a pretty big gap between the two and the significant price differences are indeed justified. Let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments down below. That s about it for this review. Don t forget to leave me a thumbs up if you guys enjoyed it it really helps me out.

If you guys have any questions about the headphones leave them in the comments and i ll be sure to get to them thanks for watching. And i ll see you guys in the next one ” ..

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