12 New Apple Music App Features in iOS 10

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” s happening everyone it is andrew here from i download blog today we re going going to take a look at the new music app inside of ios. 10 on iphone. Ios. 10.

Brings. A ton of new features including a wholly new revamped music application. When apple music was launched. It was a bit confusing especially in the native app.

So apple has reworked it from the ground up making some pretty big changes and new enhancements to make it a lot better. So. Let s go ahead and get started and the first thing up is there is a new widget on the icon. So if you have a newer phone you can use 3d touch.


You ll see a few options like search and play beats. One as well as some recent music down here below widgets of course is not a wholly new thing for just music. It s on several icons. But that s a story for a different video now inside the music app.

The first half has now became the library tab. Before you has now been moved over to the second position. This is any of apple musics recommendations. You do have to be a subscriber that to be here.

This is also where the apple music connect feature has been moved to the third tab over is browse. Where you can see a lot of different new music and created playlists from the itunes and apple music. Editors. Browse and for you our two great ways to discover music for you are obviously ones that are tailored fitted for you.


And then browse you can see a lot of different creations. Like the disney music group. And see what music that they recommend the next tab is radio. This actually replaces the that itunes or apple music.

Connect. Which has been kind of still there the service is still there inside of for you. But it s no longer an actual tab. What s really nice inside of radios you can look at all the different stations that there used to be and just the itunes radio that they used to have but also you can see all the different beats shows.

So if i hit explore beats one. I can see all the you know the live music. Now as well as all the upcoming shows and the different anchors and other shows they have so if i want to look at elton. John s rocket hour.


I can actually go back and play his other music or other shows on demand. So that is a really awesome feature if you ever miss any of these shows live and the last tab is search allows you to actually just search both apple music as well as your local library. So i think the big emphasis here is making a clear split between the apple music things with radio and for you and your actual library. Which is now its own tab.

So now let s take a look at the now playing screen. So i ll play maybe. I m amazed by paul mccartney and if we now scroll up on this now playing screen. I can view up next as well as lyrics lyrics is a new feature and it s supported automatically on any apple music tracks.

But it ll work on your own personal tracks. If you add them manually so if you have an application or you menu add them those will still show up if you hit that little dot. The more icon it ll allow you to automatically view the lyrics you can like or dislike. A song you can add it to a playlist remove it from a playlist and if you tap on the actual album artwork at the top.


It ll take you the album it did navigate me there if i close the now playing i can see i ve been navigate through the album. However. I was there to begin with so overall. There are a lot of great features in ios 10.

I m really loving it so far and the changes to apple music are fantastic. I really like they ve split out my own personal music from the actual apple music service. That makes it a lot easier to listen to the content that i want to listen to if you have any questions about apple music or ios. 10.

In general let us know down in the comments and check out all of our other videos on apple s new os ins to debut this fall. Please go ahead and subscribe otherwise. Until next time this ” ..


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