128GB SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive Review

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“Name s michael. Today s the 19th of august. 2019 it is down to five five nearly 5 30 am in the morning. I m going to do a product on the the sandisk usb thumb stick drive if i can get this stupid.

Damn phone camera so focus come on focus and as you can see i m gonna plug it into the computer on the door a run a speed test on it as you can see i m gonna plug it into the usb port right now using a crystal disk marker and i m going to begin to select there it is then i m going to test it three hundred and twenty six point one it was advertised 420 let me double check that yeah 420 as you can see and then so that s the read speed. There are men to be getting that s approximately 90 free megabytes a second less and what it says on their so called site al express website. I think i paid what 60 don t really remember but i m gonna click on it anyway well that s just peachy yeah i pay 65 this or a number. There as you can see 420 megabytes a second.

I m ninety three megabytes second less false advertising. Not impressed so i will be doing a given a star. I m going to do a screen shot of this i m going to send it off followed by the video and maybe refund me half the money or i don t know i m just not happy with it actually that s just my security camera alarm going off my cats just jumping in and out of the window. If you re hearing that beeping sound in the background.

So i m just ignoring it all right so you can see the reading. They re not very impressive now my next step is i m going to test. And see if i have corrupt file or just want to see if the actual usb thumb stick drive is corrupt or not so i m going to select english. I select.

The drive. There..

It is click ok write. And verify. Oh yeah. This the message pops up doesn t really ignore.

It doesn t really matter. It s not importance. I m just going to go down to here. So.

What this pros program is doing is it s writing. The files in the memory from stick drive the soul state drive. So that s basically what it is it s a hundred and twenty eight gig sandesh soul state drive fun stick drive. And if there s any problems.

They will show up some error messages in here in this little box this file may be corrupted or whatever kind of message. Let s wait and see what happens i mean don t get me wrong. It s still pretty good. But it s not very accurate when it comes to testing.

It maybe that they should be advertising. At 320 megabytes per second set of four hundred twenty megabytes per second..

It s at least that way it s not so misleading or maybe. It s faulty. I don t know who knows but i m gonna give them a free star rating. Because the fact is that they lied about that the performance speed on the site and this video.

Proves it and if they stick from stick sauce. They drive from stick drive sandisk would call it is corrupt. Then i will know because it will sharp in there let me just put this honest and my arms are starting to hurt poor me i know i m gonna drop my keyboard in a minute slowly add in my left a little bit okay now it s on the stand. I don t need to worry about holding it and that s what you should do guys every time.

You buy a micro sd card. Or a usb thumb stick drive. If it s a solid state drive. If it s an end to drive best is to test it or any memory isis that you use for camera okay.

Very important the unit tests it because there are a lot of fake ones out there all right let me show you the two main fake ones that you should not buy all right before i go any further. I m going to get my stuff. A pair of tweezers okay back now i ll just get the camera to focus on that oh boy. This is so interesting you recognize that guy s i m just trying to get this stupid.

Damn phone here we go to focus if you see something like that do not buy it on ebay or amazon or any or or even or express well express. Why things l express..

If you have a look on the back of it. If you just turn it around little rock way around yeah. Anyway. That s one of them so i ll show you in the other one another ebay job now you notice that there the white and their orange coating in between that they re supposed to be a black line let me try to explain i was coming here to pick to show it to you what i mean by a black line.

They re meant to be a black line across there alright and what so he knows. There s nothing written down here class. 10. Information or whatever.

So that is a fake one this will eventually will cause problems so again do not buy this if you come across anything like that do not buy it because it s not the original the first one. I showed you also it s got to have a black line across there my word advice to you guys do not buy any of those two. I ve just showed you is you will be ripped off. Then you are going to experience struggles.

Oh you might be on x files access. The files for a while but eventually to the point. Where you won t be able to access anymore. Then you ve watched your files forever.

There s no point taking it to the data recovery because they ll charge you heaps asli. You re our friend or boss..

Just to get all your data out of it. Which is not worth it as you can see it s nearly done. And it doesn t appear to be corrupted. So that s all good now air is not we re not found you see that now the other two if i do have it in here.

I ll skip that now this is what you respect to get if you do buy it and this one is a 32 gig. One i showed you or the last one i showed you actually see that information. The media is may might be to be defective so right maybe deep beef might be defective. I can t see that word very well we just bring it up even more.

Yeah. Yeah maybe to be fact effective alright. That s what it will look like and for the hundred and twenty eight gig. The first one i showed you again the proofs in the pudding.

The media is may look to be ineffective you can see it s lost a quite a few megabytes of data apparently it s 67. Gigs worth of data lost anyway. Guys please scribe to my youtube channel and hit the bell icon. And yeah let me know in the comments.

Tell me what you think alright so yeah thank you for watching please describe and hit the power button cheers for ” ..

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